Pro Butcher Cuts Up A Pork Belly || Glen & Friends Cooking

Pro Butcher Cuts Up A Pork Belly || Glen & Friends Cooking

welcome friends welcome back to the
kitchen we are continuing our breakdown of a whole hog with Jaime who is a
butcher educator author and who also works with Westside beef who has
provided us with this hog and today we’re going to break down to the belly
that’s right um so let’s get started I mean when I look at a belly Isle I see
bacon but there’s other cuts in here that aren’t merchandised if I understand
it that you don’t see at the butcher shop that’s right so first one that we
would be taking off in order to kind of make this or get it close to bacon would
be this diaphragm muscle here and that’s our skirt steak okay so this would be
the outside skirt steak and then we’ve got our inside skirt steak which is this
muscle right here but these are normal so this would be trimmed out this would
end up as sausage problems right yeah and this would be left on the belly
normally we’ll leave that on the belly yeah okay yeah and then I mean just for
point of reference we do have a flank steak here too so all of these cuts are
analogous to what you would see in beef right because it’s on four legs and yet
like you said but they just they they’re not cut the same in pork as they would
be in beef yeah it kind of boils down to merchandising and what we’ve been kind
of conditioned to see it’s nice to see that people kind of go outside of those
norms and and and kind of play around with the different opportunities I don’t
see too much going on with the skirt steak but I certainly see a lot more
butchers maybe doing bone and belly chops which is so different too right so
yeah it shouldn’t just be just black and white like this is eventually going to
be bacon there’s lots of other options options we can explore as well so if you
if you’re interested I’m terribly interested in cooking these cuts
separately because I’ve never had them and I want to try them yeah so can we
cut those out and and make them separately of course we can I wonder
does I want to try them okay but let’s let’s start okay so first thing I would
do is just hold the skirt steak up on a 90 degree pedal and just kind of follow
its shape along those ribs and then we’ve got our road side skirt steak it’s
very tiny it is right which is probably why it’s folded into other other things
exactly yeah so in order to kind of jokingly say
we probably need about four or five of those to feed somebody’s yeah anyway and
then we can seem out the flanks tinkles right here so once we kind of identify
where it is that we want to cut through it’s just a matter of seaming it out
you’re just following the fat just follow this fat the kind of the fasciae
that attaches that muscle to the fat so then we’ve got pork flank steak right
well I still want to that’s like one taco exactly so now you I think of when
you put them all together you’re gonna have a pretty decent meal let’s try this
let’s cut this one out and see yeah do you want to try this
sure so honestly you saw how I remove the flank steak so you just need to make
a cut just deep enough to kind of go follow along the shape of that skirt
steak okay go ahead so not very deep just
I’m almost just scoring it that’s right okay yeah there we go and then once you
get to that point you should be able to find the semen no right I just pulls out
that’s right so now what you need to do is I would run my knife just along that
top part too and goes just about as deep as you did okay
yep just on those ribs perfect so just pull and just you have to take the knife and
just score as you need and then you just pull it out no there’s a yeah they might
have a little bit of cartilage here from their face or the ribs okay there we go
yep you can you just hide you take that with it and we can trim out later and
just again here yeah a piece of cartilage there you go
I know this Christine cool um and so that’s just cartilage on yeah well just
take your knife and just run along the bottom of there just cut just like that
yeah perfect and now you’ve got to skirt steaks and a pork flank steak that’s a
meal who knew I did not know because I’m because you never see them exactly
okay so now we’ve got let’s do the the belly chops sure not a problem so what
we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna flip it around okay and then if you want I
don’t know I fold there might be a little bit of cartilage here that we
might just have to get through yeah okay perfect so once I remove that I’d like
you to take the steak knife okay and I’d like you to go simply right in between
that rib and just follow that shape of right in between those rooms bird so that is a belly chop that’s a
bone-in belly chop okay and you know I don’t know that the
cooking preparation would differ very much from doing it on a grill you could
either just do it really quickly or you could do a low and slow okay kind of
responds well to both those okay yeah um probably take the skin off before okay
not necessarily I mean the only thing that I kind of recommend any type of
skin on product because the fat will render out normally what I like to do is
I’ll just make a little bit of a cut into the skin okay and that just allows
it to keep its shape while the fats rendering out so you can cook it with
the skin on and matter of fact sometimes I prefer doing that because there will
be natural seems that just outdoor sort in between the skin and the fat that
after you cook it it’s kind of like smoking bacon we actually prefer to
smoke it with the skin on yeah because the skin is a heck of a lot easier just
to peel off through these natural seems than it is to try to knife cut them off
okay so if you can cook it with the skin on it’s just a matter of pulling it off
feeling it off yeah exactly okay and so there’s two or three in here
I’d say you probably get a another two out of that that would be respectable
size great and one more let’s do one more
okay so the rib here takes our angles oh right so what I like to do is just kind
of well just kind of follow the contours let the let the bones kind of speak to
how it’s gonna go so I would go somewhere in around that neighborhood
there so you’re taught starting at the tip of this next rib but you’re allowing
yourself face of exactly the base that I rip there there you go okay so this
still provides us with an opportunity to take these ribs away and still have a
nice piece for belly cool go ahead okay so what I’ll do is I’m just gonna come
in and run my knife under these ribs like so so I’m just making sure that my
knife is staying right against those bones as I make these cuts and then once
I can lift the bones up high enough I’m just gonna follow the base of them and
then I’ll take off that last a little bit of rib
so now what I’ve got is a nice piece of boneless belly which would still allow
us to cure at least this portion here so we’re still gonna get about four pounds
out of it okay cure it and smoke it or cure it and hang it with pancetta or if
we’re gonna put smoke on it then we would have smoked bacon and this section
here normally gets trimmed out as you can see like not all parts of the belly
are created equally we get a lot more fat in this area so if we can just kind
of fish out some of the muscle tissue that’s in there we can always add that
into the trim pile and make some sausage just goes into the sausage yeah and so
that’s the belly that is the belly so there’s there’s a few things in here
that I’ve never seen before which I’m really happy that we did this so that I
can I can give them a try mm-hmm this goes into soup stock yep the bones got
some chops which are gonna be great to try I I wholeheartedly believe that I’ve
had them on occasion and they’re quite tasty and some belly for bacon that’s
right so next up loin let’s do the loin excellent so come on back for us
breaking down the loin thanks for stopping by see you again soon
action bounine belly chopped boneless belly
inside skirt steak outside skirt steak flank steak you

23 thoughts on “Pro Butcher Cuts Up A Pork Belly || Glen & Friends Cooking”

  1. Thanks for watching Everyone! Has anyone ever had the Pork Skirt(s) or Flank Steak? We BBQ'd these and they were amazing, ask you butcher for them.

  2. a suggestion for the bone and belly chop. we usualy do that same peace but opened up. what i mean by that is, that peace cut from the bone side till the fat (we do it without the skin), but left attached not cut all the way through, so u get sort a butterfly rib from it, and a thin peace of meat that is great for grilling, it has some perfect meat, and aloth of fat on it.

  3. I bet Jamie is a great teacher… he sure comes across as that in these videos anyway… love all your videos, keep it up.

  4. In Australia, we normally leave on the inside skirt steak and the flank steak to make the belly more substantial as a whole, instead of the super thine super fatty piece, we have a lot more meaty belly/bacon.

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