Pro Butcher Shows How To Cut Up A Whole Chicken

Pro Butcher Shows How To Cut Up A Whole Chicken

welcome friends welcome back to the
kitchen I’m here again with my friend Jaime who is a butcher author educator
and today Jamie’s gonna break down a chicken I am yeah it intimidates a lot
of people it intimidates me and I do it all the time yeah understandably so like
I guess there’s a quite a few things going on but once you have the skills
and and I don’t want to like over complicate it because it doesn’t need to
be but once you have the skills to know where the joints are it does come apart
quite easily and it’s probably one of the most economical things that you can
bring into the home kitchen because the whole chicken is so much less than then
the parts that’s right okay so where do we start so I like to take the wings off
first so okay I’ll put the chicken breast side down and then what I’m doing
is is I’m just pulling the wing so I’m looking for like the armpit yep okay and
once I identify where the wing meets up with the breast
I just cut just deep enough until I can expose that joint okay so there’s a ball
joint there on the wing yeah so then what I’m gonna do is I don’t want to cut
into the breast I actually want to follow the shape of the ball tip on the
wing and I’m just gonna change my direction and come away from the body
like so so I’m left with a wing that doesn’t have half of the breast on it
yeah okay so there’s one wing second wing is gonna be the same thing I’m just
going in a slightly different direction because I need to obviously pull the
chicken around up so I’m looking again for that that between the wing and the
breast the armpit and again cut down until it pops
so I’ve exposed the ball tip and it very audibly pops it does yeah so then we’re
just looking at the differentiation between the ball tip and the joint that
the socket that it fit into on the breast so we’re just gonna follow that
around and now we’ve got our two wings off excellent okay
second thing we’re gonna so just a yep off topic point of interest when you
when you grill your wings do you leave the tip on I take the tip off do you I
do and I just find it’s for me personally it’s it has more of a use in
a stock than it does on the grill I agree with you is more of a use in the
stock but I absolutely love the crispy well if it’s a if it’s a flavor thing or
even later go for it’s a flavor thing for me but you know to eat your own
everybody’s got their own so you can either take that tip off and
put it with the bones in your soup stock and it is excellent for making soup
stock yeah I mean it’s just as simple as if I’m a yep
you just have to go right in between the red like that yeah and that’s it all
right and then that wing tip comes right off okay so those are gonna when you’re
buying a whole animal use it all yeah you should be using it all usually pay
for it you should be making soup with it yeah you’re throwing something in the
garbage you’re throwing your money in the garbage
okay so next up put the chicken back over on its back to take off the legs
I’m looking for and you’ll see them in these chickens in particular and and
most chickens I shouldn’t just kind of point fingers but there is a fat line in
between very visible right yeah so you just cut on that fat line and you guys
you’re just cutting the skin at this point right so now we’ve got our 2 legs
so you just open the skin you didn’t cut up any meat just open the skin just open
up the skin okay so from here now what I like to do is I’ll reach under and I
support my hands on the thighs and this is just so that I can pop the joints out
okay okay so now the joints have been popped out of the chicken yep okay so
from here this is where it gets a little bit more finesse
I guess so I’m gonna cut away the rest of the skin here so now I have a clear
line of sight at my thigh mm-hmm so I need to take my knife and just kind of
come underneath the back here so I can sets the ball joint at the top of that’s
right or the thigh that’s right and we just snap that out of the socket yeah so
I’m just gonna just follow my knife just a little bit around that backbone there
okay that’s it okay now I’m gonna flip it over and we
honestly have like a blueprint for how this leg is going to come out and since
I write this dark meat to the white meat of the back yep so it’s in this area
here so the reason why I cut along that backbone is so that I can pull that leg
back even further and now I can just follow that line so I’m kind of like not
making blind cuts I’m just gonna cut along until I can get this oyster out
which is this thick part of the thigh and I can just round around it like so
so now I’ve got one leg off leg and thigh together okay now I can flip it
around I’ve already popped that socket out and I’ve got that a clear line of
where that oyster is and I want to make sure that that comes with the thigh so
I’m gonna just follow me knife around that thigh and I’m gonna
take it on either side of the back now I’ve got two legs off okay I love that
little oyster piece yeah it’s really nice and again like if it stays on the
bone that’s fine too as long as you’re gonna be using it it’s not it cannot
stay on the leg so this goes part and parcel to merchandising as a butcher in
a retail situation or wholesale is that you would far rather have that on the
thigh then on the floor dollars okay so the next thing I’m gonna do is I need to
take off the breast off the bone okay we could always leave it as a bone and
breast and just cut it in half but what would the fun be there let’s let’s walk
let’s walk everyone through it so what we’re gonna do is we’re just looking for
another fat line here which is really visible there isn’t it that’s right yeah
so I’m going to just cut along that fat line right so keep in mind like this
this rib cage kind of works in a bit of a like almost like an oval right so we
need to make sure that we’re following right along that bone so what I’m doing
is is I’m just making sure that the tip of my knife is just following around
that rib cage and down lower so you can change directions of the breasts
whatever way you need to change it in order to make sure that you’re getting
the best line of sight at it I think that’s important manipulate the carcass
yeah so that you can you can it’s easier for you yeah some of the worst things
I’ve seen is when people try to perform a Cirque du Soleil type of acrobatics in
order to reach around something that’s gonna create more opportunity for an
accident happen right so the it’s small enough and light enough that you need to
change it around so that you can make it work for you so now I’ve peeled off the
meat from the bone we can see how that rib cage goes yeah right I’m gonna flip
it over to the other side so I’m not taking that breast off just yet I’m
gonna flip it over to this side and I’m gonna be going for that same fat line on
the other side yup so I’ll just take my knife like so and now I can just follow
that rib cage again using again the tip of my knife to follow along the shapes
of those bones this is where the wing came off so I need to just kind of
navigate around that socket a little bit and now I’m just following the meat
there’s the wishbone the meat on cut away the skin now this is where you
can take out the day’s frustrations if you really want to because from this
point here if you’ve cleared off enough meat you should be able to just pull it
out yeah right and now we’ve got some bones for our stock we’ve got a boneless
skin-on chicken breast that I would argue might want to remove this
centerpiece so we’ll go ahead and do that right where that bone rest we’ll
take a piece of cartilage in there that’s right there is a little piece of
cartilage in there and it might be there we can see it right there yeah
so I just want to pull that it will pull that out and now we’ve got two nice
bone-in skin-on chicken breast that’s a good-looking chicken yeah you know even
with us talking and me slowing you down that doesn’t take very long no not at
all oh and look at all like I mean everything again is useful we can
certainly get a you set of everything now what about breaking the thigh from
the leg okay good so from breaking the thigh so we’ve also
got when we look at the inside of it instead of the outer with the skin we’re
gonna flip it on so that we’re looking at the inside the skin is down so we’ve
got another fat line in here we can see yep
so ii-i’ll clean this and and and shoot it from the rooftops but I always say
the drum side of the fat line so the drum side of the line okay okay so we go
from the drum side of the line we’re gonna hit that joint every single time
would you like to do this one well yeah that didn’t why am i fighting with that
I don’t know you have to find the fat line and go
drum side of the fat line so there’s the fat line that’s right and so just on the
drum side of the fat just a little bit over I would wager right there you
should be pretty good okay I’ve struggled my entire life with
that cut thank you you’re welcome I have learned something today I’m very
very happy so by whole chickens buy the best
quality whole chicken that you possibly can I think that’s important too yep
the best that you can afford and use the entire bird thanks for stopping by
pleasure thanks everybody see you again soon you take like that that’s great you

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