100 thoughts on “Pro Chef Learns How to Cook Ostrich Eggs | Bon Appétit”

  1. Not sure when y'all started adding manual rather than auto-generated captions but just wanted to say thanks! The auto-generated ones were so bad and it's really helpful to have accurate closed captioning. Appreciate it!!

  2. I still can't believe Americans say emu as "e-moo". This is the first time ever I'm actually hearing it. It's- it's e-myu!

  3. Claire: Guys please don't make me do this. has to do the thing
    Molly: Guys, imma do my thing. derails the whole show and does what she wants 😎

  4. According to my ostrich egg math, Bon Appétit spent about $600 on a dozen ostrich eggs… this is the kind of dedication we watch for.

  5. Can we pretty please have a special month where everyone does an episode of each others’ series? Maybe Brad goes on Molly’s scavenger hunt, Claire reverse engineers another chef’s dish, Molly tries gourmet makes, Chris does back to back chef, Carla does It’s Alive?? 🙏🏻

  6. I love how they keep telling us who Tuna is, like yh we know who that glorious lil pup is, Tuna is forever in our hearts ❤️

  7. why are the people freaked out by this on the video it's just a really big egg I don't get it, shouldn't chiefs be interested in trying new food to see what they could do with it instead of being squeamish??

  8. I NEED a Molly and Andy collab, they're by far the two sassiest BA chefs and I absolutely love their annoyed sibling energy. Also this is the best episode of Molly's series, it's so much more fun to see her explore an unusual ingredient rather than having her just remake something like the stupid raindrop cake.

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