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  1. nachos are both. you got your starter nachos using ingredients you arent sure will nacho but youre gonna give it the old college try, then youve got your meal nachos of the old faithful ingredients you know will nacho socks off.

  2. Clearly these guys have all been out of college for too long, because literally any of these options would be 150% more substantial than any meal I've had all semester…

  3. We make nachos (chips, beans, cheese) and hot dogs (not on the same night!) as part of my families weekly meal rotation. I watch BA for entertainment, I could never afford to eat the food. And…I guess I'm triggered….they were pretty down on cinnamon rolls…I grew up thinking that was a very special breakfast. I guess these people didn't grow up eating Lucky Charms for breakfast the way I did. And did she really say, she's never eaten a whole cinnamon roll? Like what planet do you live on?

  4. I enjoyed that! Also, the elitism is WOWOWOW strong here lmao "Meal replacement bar? I've NEVER had one!! UGHHH!!" Not everyone has the time (or desire) to make a 5 course meal bro XD

  5. Oh my god!!!! Lol. I think you might need to have a low income diversity hire. Lol. Hotdogs, you’ve obviously never had Mexican bacon wrapped hotdogs with slaw and pickled chilies and fries! Poor people can have good food too!

  6. Dumplings are a meal. Quesadillas are a meal. A loaded hot dog is a meal. The rest are snacks (or, with the cinnamon bun or the meal replacement bar, just inedibile). Hummus is a really healthy snack. I've not had empanadas often, but when I did order them, they served three large ones, and that was a meal.

  7. "Meal : an occasion when food is eaten, or the food that is eaten on such an occasion"

    With a definition this vague, any food can be considered a meal.

  8. All of it is a snack unless you're on diet or something to make it as a meal. Anything with rice or noodles is a meal. I only eat rice or noodles on certain days because I'm on diet. Else, I only eat snacks like these so I won't eat much carbs. Any meal containing rice or noodle is a very heavy meal. As an Asian, I have to avoid it because it is too much carbs. I prefer food with lesser carbs and healthier options. Just my own opinion. 😊

  9. Does Brad have time to cook a three course meal 3 times a day? He seems to think everything is a bad meal and that you have to have multiple sides and components constantly. That's just not happening for most people on an average day.

  10. As a college student I eat all of these as meals regularly :,( I want to know what these people eat in a day if they call these snacks!!!

  11. Thinking of things like pizza and hot dogs as snacks is just asking for bad health and weight gain. Snacks are meals and should be seen as so. I guess you feel better about your bad food choices when you call it a “snack”?

  12. 1) Depends. chips and salsa? snack. Chips with the salsa, cheese, guac, veggies, beans, protein, then yes it can be a meal. (not a good one, but still)
    2) Snack or side. I've never seen anyone sit down and eat a bucket of hummus as a meal.
    3) Depends. 1 plain hot dog w/mustard can be a snack. A couple of chili dogs with cheese, onion, slaw etc… can be a meal. (again not a good/healthy meal but still)
    4) A single slice of pizza is a snack. Multiple slices of pizza with all the toppings is a meal.
    5) What kind? Asian pot sticker dumplings, or chicken & dumplings. The first is a snack/side dish. The latter can be a meal chicken, dumplings and gravy.
    6) It's in the name. it's a meal. but a better question is… why?
    7) Sack. But i've only ever had sweet empanads. I'm thinking if you get a good savory one, you could make a meal out of it. (Filling dependent)
    8) Both. As a meal, a cup of coffee and a cinnamon bun. not the greatest of breakfasts, but i guess better than nothing? Saved for special occasions, such as on vacation or holiday.
    9) See #1. cheese and tortilla? snack. but put all the "fixin's" with it and boom meal.

  13. why are meals only related to dinner? isn't breakfast a meal? as well as lunch or brunch? meal by definition only relates to amount of food consumed.

  14. Here's a hot take, any food can be a snack case in point for almost every answer quantity was the main question. If you eat a small amount of any food it's a snack. All the foods in this besides the meal replacement thing could be a meal but like eating one slice of pizza or one cheese quesadilla isn't gonna fill you up so therefore it's a snack. But if you make a pizza for dinner it's a meal. So the answer for most of these really is both, meal and snack

  15. “a cinnamon roll isn’t breakfast it’s just sugar, like would you eat a piece of cake”

    uhm yeah. i would.

    this video makes me feel worse about my eating habits than i already did.

  16. I think this is hyper culturally specific. Watch how much Rick struggles with a couple of these dilemmas. I bet Gabby woulda said meal for quite a few.

  17. PLEASE list Rick's nail polish in the description. Everytime I see him in a video I'm always wondering what he's wearing.His nails are always an 11/10.

  18. as a person born in the rio de la plata seeing them saying that an empanada is a snack is truly hurting my feelings

  19. Brad, a cinnamon bun is a poor snack? I'll just assume that means something different than what I eat AS A BREAKFAST (treat)

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