Pro Chefs Guess & Make a Recipe Based on Ingredients Alone | Test Kitchen Talks | Bon Appétit

Pro Chefs Guess & Make a Recipe Based on Ingredients Alone | Test Kitchen Talks | Bon Appétit

100 thoughts on “Pro Chefs Guess & Make a Recipe Based on Ingredients Alone | Test Kitchen Talks | Bon Appétit”

  1. Next time get Claire to do it as well, it’s going to be interesting to see her train of thought as pastry chef, PLUS she’s amazing and we need more of her

  2. Hilarious they mention the alicin as Brad is crushing his garlic 🙏🏻🧄😂

    Also, maybe I’m obtuse AF but I’ve never made socca and it seemed to me that falafel with tahini sauce was the only option?
    I was excited to be correct but it’s not because I’m smart or savvy.
    I’m so basic 😩😩😩
    They had so many creative things there’s no joy in guessing correctly.

  3. Falafels are my favorite thing to make! I called it the second I saw that cutting board…also nice cutting board y'all got there

  4. i really love priya saying “yeah i had a feeling that’s what it was but i just didn’t feel like making falafel” and anyone who’s annoyed with that is too constricted by rules and it’s too bad that you can’t enjoy the art of cooking enough to see they all made perfectly good dishes with the information they were given and made it fun to watch. loosen up a bit.

  5. Yo can someone plz explain what they actually do in this kitchen other than youtube videos cuz i wanna cook and im very interested in what they do

  6. Delany's platting looked amazing but andy's dish looked tasty. Super points to christina and I've lost all respect for priya…

  7. I'd definitely watch a whole series of this. Fascinating to see what everyone came up with. Andy's dish looked especially delicious.

  8. Im just here to publicly acknowledge that Sohla is a gooooooregous human being and I'm obsessed. That is all.

  9. I heard the ingredients and immediately I thought Falafel and Tahini.
    Was the challenge actually to guess the recipe or go on do your own>?

  10. Priya is gross. She keeps double dipping and putting her spit germs all over the food. She does it EVERY.TIME. And not much of a cook either. Makes very basic nonsense dishes.

  11. I would say this seems like a fairly impossible task because you can do so much with a few ingredients but I love this. You get to see their sleuthing skills or just get to see them creatively go to battle with ingredients in a basket.

  12. I love this but low key I was wanting that back to back cooking type reveal where everyone gathers around, tries all the dishes, and break it all down, and then get the final reveal.

  13. Ah reminds me of when I went to pastry school. One of the test they did was give everyone a different recipe. it's just a list of ingredients (in order of how it's made(like if the first 2 ingredients were butter and sugar, probably creaming method) and the measurements. You make it then guess what it is. I got 50% on this cuz I guessed pate sucree but it was pate sablee.

  14. Delaney always seems like a college bro with a strong penchant for cooking who accidentally walked into this test kitchen and just casually ended up in a video. lol Such a fun vibe.

    I also love how everyone had such a different take on this mystery recipe and even the ones who were closest didn't nail it 100%. Andy's reaction tho. 😂"It kills me"

  15. Hilarious!
    Would have been nice to see Priya play the game and make something other than Indian food for once though. I’m starting to think she’s kind of a one trick pony

  16. Me, an intellectual with zero culinary expertise: obviously that’s supposed to be falafel you beautiful creative genius idiots

  17. Brad crushes up/chops garlic

    Bon Appétit: “Always release the allicin”

    Me: wow I never loved the editing team so much

  18. Priya is basically a fraud at this point. Nothing she does involves an ounce of skill or knowledge. The queen of: blend it all together and tadah-dah! chutney. It urks me.

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