100 thoughts on “Professional Chef Makes A DIY Fake Food Sample”

  1. I was at a sushi place and one of the soups were like jelly, I stabbed my finger in it and there was a hole in it

  2. Ok I'm pretty sure Ryan knew that was fake straight away but I still feel bad for him-poor guy .Now Rie owes him some Ramen

  3. You can buy one here!! I can't wait to make one and give a few out as gifts!!!


  4. Please go follow japanesestuffchannel! He has videos of him putting these together and it's so fun to watch. I really enjoyed this Rie!

  5. What is naruto…? I know it is an anime but in food is it that pink and white thingy??? … are those called fish cakes

  6. I thought masashi kishimoto was bad at naming but his successor is worse. What’s up with boruto, sarada, lemon and namida? I’m not even started yet..

  7. Rie:This makes me hungry.
    Millennial: You hurt my feelings.
    Old guy: That looks good. Awe , you got me. Remember revenge is sweet.

  8. Sooo, Naruto's name from Naruto Shippuden comes from a Ramen topping. I find it funny how anime charcters' names translates into objects or foods in English. For instance, the tough protagonist of Bleach's first name means "Strawberry" in English. Which sounds ironic since strawberries are sweet and Ichigo's personality doesn't seem to fit his name.

  9. When she keep saying the toppings of ramen naruto and menma I keep remembering my favourite anime which is naruto hehehe

  10. Hey!! Columbus Ohio has a lot of restaurants with different ramen bases. So you can try shoyou (?) ramen in the US if you ever go there.

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