100 thoughts on “Professional Chefs Guess Cheap Vs. Expensive Steaks”

  1. It's no secret that the most expensive steaks are gonna be made of higher quality meat (i.e. more marbling, better cut).

  2. Watching your forks go In,, Why not cut in half with a steak knife?? If Forks told you Alot, Plus your trained Eyes!? Just Wondering,, TY

  3. Should have gone by price/pound rather than total cost of the steaks. Also would've been nice to see what they looked like before they were cooked, even if not for them for us cause it was hard to really see what they looked like.

  4. Yall will write the price but not a single description about the cut of beef? Seriously?! Trully a BuzzFeed content if I’ve ever seen one

  5. Yolie has been incredible in these videos. Her eye, palate and nose is spot on. I’d love to visit a restaurant that she is a chef in.

  6. steak fries are you sure I can get him for some reason or what I can get for you to pick it that up at your moms and I can pick ya guys ps4 I want you and you guys can do you have to do a little thing to pick my brother up for me and then I’ll be there I wanna was a nice night and you can do that I wanna is a way you to get

  7. Little critiques. Good concept but the only information we got was price points. We didnt get to see how each steak looks.
    "See those grill marks?"
    Me: no… no i dont.
    We dont know what part or cut of each steak was or what dictated their value. All we got were. Here are some plates with indistinguishable pieces of meat on it and these are the price points from two judges that cant form interesting sentences.

  8. So, we're just copying video concepts from Epicurious now? Only making them worse and zero production value? I'm so depressed at what Buzzfeed has become, all of your various channels are just awful, regurgitating the same videos over and over, or copying videos that other channels have already done better than you could. You literally learn nothing from this video, they give almost no information as to why the good steaks are better, and make no attempt to guess at the cut. In the end all you do is reveal the price, you don't even explain why the steaks were more money or what cut they were. Just a waste of steak and our time.

  9. Listen I don’t know what you guys identify professional as but these just seem like two regular ole ass bitches eatin some steak. They’re using basic terminology for cooking that literally any home chef knows. To me that just gives off the impression that they just some regular ole ass bitches eatin some steak.

  10. Man, this video really reminds me of a certain channel called Epicurious, its not like they're copying the exact concept of the Epicurious videos.

  11. I think if you invited the chef for tasting like this, it would be way too easy for them. Try to invite like ordinary people without cooking skills (or at least not a professional chef) so it'll gonna be more challenging for them 😀

  12. this would be easy for anyone with a palette, plus they shouldve cooked all of them medium rare, the cheapest one was overcooked compared to the other ones

  13. First off, I can see why BuzzFeed is losing money. They didn't even have the wherewithal to zoom in on the meat so we could see the fat they were talking about. I disliked the video for just that reason because even if they forgot to zoom in while filming they could've zoomed in while editing. This was just lazy and/or poorly thought out.

    Also, those two girls don't look like professional chefs. I'm guessing that's on purpose though seeing as this is Buzzfeed. Blah blah call me racist even though one of those girls is white

  14. So we all gone pretend like this isn’t some bad family dollar version of basic to Bougie.. buzzfeed all those people who work for you and nobody can come up with new ideas 🤔

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