100 thoughts on “Professional Chefs Play Never Have I Ever”

  1. That meat grinder thing was in some TV show. Probably Greys Anatomy? Except I think the ambulance was late or something and they had to dismantle it right there.

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  3. I see it,
    I click it,
    I love it,
    I like it.

    Edit- did u see the chef on the right’s knife clip (it’s in her hair)

  4. I remember being a waiter in the area's finest popular restaurant and when there happened to be part of a filet left, it was like a pack of hungry lions on it…

  5. If the meal gets sent back then I would of course taste it to see why they are moaning, im a chef and not washing your hands is hugeeee.

  6. In the begginin i thought both their hair was dyed,So i was comin to comment..Nd I realised it was the light😪😪

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  8. Im a chef, i never eat anyones left overs. Thats the nastiest thing that I see people do on a regular basis, especially the servers. Im not much of a germaphobe, but honestly, youd all be surprised by the things some people do while they eat. People talk over their food, cough and sneeze over it, touch it, pick their noses, have diseases and etc. Trash it and be done.

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  10. I think it's ok to drop certain foods on the ground and still use them if you wash them. If I drop a potato or carrot while making soup I can just rinse it off.

  11. Who tf made these questions…. “Never have I ever injured myself” clearly you’ve never experienced the misfortune that is called LIFE

  12. I worked at a pretty big and kinda pricey restaurant that is also a historic restaurant so a lot of people have events there, wedding receptions, graduation parties and a lot of funerals(historic restaurant that grandpa went to for 70 years kinda deal). Some law society rented out a room for an event and ordered very little food, realized their mistake and ordered a ton more which ended up being way too much for them. When they left the manager took it all to the break room and we pigged out.

    I have a friend who was a server who worked at expensive restaurant, she was on her last table and somebody sent back a sandwich without touching it. It needed to be remade because one of those clearly made up allergies. She rings in the order for the new one and boxes the returned one to take home for dinner(it was a $20 sandwich). Next day she gets fired for stealing because all returned food should be thrown away.

  13. She saw a mouse in Michelin Star restaurant and she had worked for Gordon.. hmmm interesting 🤔 seems like a connection

  14. I've eaten left over charcuterie boards and pizza from customers from a private dining party.. better in my tummy than in the compost lol 😀

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