Project Extreme Brewing: Shorts Brewing Co.

Project Extreme Brewing: Shorts Brewing Co.

Sam: “Dear Joe. This is Sam. I had a blast brewing Bloody Beer, your
Bloody Mary inspired beer, with you. I didn’t want our time together to end. Like ever!” Sam: You can make a great beer with just four
ingredients: barley, hops, water and yeast. But to make an extreme beer, those four ingredients
put together the same old way isn’t enough. This is Project Extreme Brewing. Sam: Hey, Joe, good morning! Joe: Good morning, Sam! How are you? Sam: Pretty great! You ready to do this?! Do some brewing? Joe: I am! Sam: So, here’s a couple options. Two if by land; one if by sea. It’d take us two hours if we drive to the
pub. But if we go by boat, it’s only one hour. Joe: Well, I suggest the quicker, the better. Sam: Quickest route! Let’s do this Michigan style. Let’s take you via water skis. You’ll ski, I’ll drive the boat. Joe: Well, I don’t have any of my gear. Sam: Well, what do you call that? Joe: Eh, I could probably throw my skis on
and head to Rehoboth. Sam: Let’s do it! Joe: Yeah! Sam: Let’s go! Joe: Whoooo! Sam: Oh, he’s making a drink? Yeah! Haha! Yes. Joe. Nice! High five, buddy. Sam: Why don’t you do the honors and make
our second Bloody Mary of the day. Post water skiing. That was amazing what you did out there, Joe. Uncommon valor. Joe: Well, it’s– it was my first time and I’m
pretty much awesome that way.
Sam: Yeah, you really were. Well, do you want to do the mixing in here
first? Or do you do that first? Joe: This is how I make Bloody Mary. Sam: Oh, shit, I’ll just step away and watch
this. What- what the…? And then it’s this. Joe: No, just a… Sam: That is a Joe Short… Joe: That’s how we do it. Sam: Bloody Mary. Joe: Nah, I’m just kidding. Sam: So how– did you have a specific way
that you used to drink Bloody Marys that influenced the Bloody Beer recipe? Joe: One of the key ingredient was a splash
of like just domestic lager. So in thinking about that whole beer going
into Bloody Mary, I was like, “Well, why can’t we make Bloody Mary go into beer?” So 98 percent of the product is beer, and
then, you know, the ten percent is the– small percentage is Bloody Mary. Sam: Not that small! We’re brewing over there right now. We have over 100 pounds of Roma tomatoes that
we’ve had to incorporate in this little four barrel batch. Tomato Can: Hey, guys, over here! I’m a can of tomatoes! You guys don’t need me. You don’t need that easiness. You guys got those fresh Roma tomatoes right
there. I don’t even know what kind of tomatoes are
in my can. They come from all over the place. You got those fresh Romas, you gotta use them. Use the fresh stuff. Use the fresh stuff! Joe: Talking tomato can is right, Sam. We can do this! Sam: Let’s do it, Joe. Joe: Ready? Sam: Yeah. Joe: We’re doing it, man! Sam: Totally doing it! Totally doing it! Thanks talking tomato can! Sam: The first time I met you was at an Extreme
Beer Fest in Boston, and you were kind of being maybe almost escorted out by security. Joe: We were asked to not start fires. But it was s’mores stout. What truly makes the s’more is the smell of
burning wood. Sam: Mm hm. Joe: My wife, Leah, was the person who was
like, “The true way to like finish this beer is to put a little marshmallow on a wooden
stick, you start a match, a wooden match. Sam: Yep. Joe: And then you burn the marshmallow, and
you set it on the glass, and you let it burn and fall into the glass. And so that’s what we were doing at Extreme
Beer Fest. Sam: Yeah. Joe: When Jason and Todd came over and they
were like, “Hey, give us two of those s’more stouts, and then stop doing fires.” Joe: We didn’t just pull, you know, Yellow
No. 5 off the shelf and like tastes like horseradish extract. Sam: Artificial Bloody Mary flavoring. Joe: We’re like– it’s a lot of work, essentially. Sam: And that process, I think, makes us all
better brewers, because when you’re brewing beers that have never existed before, whether
it’s with techniques or ingredients, and your curiosity in the science background makes
you do the research, you leave that experience better educated to even make a more awesome
straightforward IPA after that, because you’ve got just a wider learning experience. This experience of just having you here, I
mean, I knew you a little bit, but I feel like we’ve become fast friends here, Joe. I don’t know if I’m being presumptuous. Joe: Maybe a little bit, but I would have
to agree with you. This has been a fun thing– a more intimate
experience with you. Sam: A love of beer and a love of friendship. Joe: The love of each other. Sam: Let’s go! Haha! Joe: Yeah!Yeah! Sam: Oh, it must be closed. Joe: C’mon! Whee! Joe: Are you seeing this is awesome! Sam: Stop! It’s faster than I thought. We’re going like a 100 miles an hour. Sam: A day filled with bike riding, ice cream and beers got our appetites worked up. Worked up for s’mores! Unfortunately, our s’mores session was cut
short by a near case of accidental arson. But that traumatic event reminded us of another
one that was drawing near. We had to part ways tomorrow. Joe: Hey, Buddy. Sam: Hey, how you doing? Joe: All right. Sam: It’s the smoke. I’m not- I’m not crying, but I don’t want
this to end, Joe. Joe: It doesn’t have to, man. We can do this every year. Sam: You’re saying like an annual type of
situation? Joe: Yeah! Sam: Yeah, let’s do this every year. Joe: Let’s get the thinking juice on! Sam: So I had a blast brewing with my old pal,
Smokin’ Joe Short from Shorts Brewery in Michigan. And the beer that we brewed was a pretty faithful
representation of his famous Bloody Beer. Basically, it’s super tomato-centric. You can see it gets a little bit of a red
hue from the tomatoes, but really, really well-spiced, as well. Oh! Oh, that tastes good. Not just for breakfast anymore! And this was a beer that not only was the
beer experience great, but I can’t believe we just fit so much fun into a single weekend
with Joe. From biking to water skiing, to enjoying some
beautiful ice creams together, even s’mores. Man, that was a good time! And it shows in how beautiful this beer turned
out. Sam: So if you like the idea of brewing your
own breakfast-themed beer, whether it’s coffee-inspired stout, or a Bloody Mary beer, you’re going
to want to pick up the book, Project Extreme Brewing that I wrote with the Alstrom Brothers,
of BeerAdvocate fame, and you can find Project Extreme Brewing, the book, anywhere you shop
for awesome books, or of course you can also buy it directly from Get brewing!

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  1. I actually laughed pretty hard with this one. You guys went all in…authentic as the beer you guys brew!

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