Project Extreme Brewing: “The Alstrom’s Puddin’ Wine Recipe”

Project Extreme Brewing: “The Alstrom’s Puddin’ Wine Recipe”

Sam: The Alstrom Brothers and Dogfish have
done a collaborative brew for the EBF pretty much every year since we’ve been a sponsor
brewery. And we don’t front it, it’s not like it’s
a call or an email, you guys come down every year and you’re there. So, let’s have this year’s collaborative beer. Jason, why don’t you talk about it, cus’ this
really came from your, this year’s was your brain child. Alyssa, thank you for pouring us our beers. Jason: So, Christmas Pudding, it’s based off
of that decadent desert over Christmas time. Sam: What are your core ingredients when you
make a Christmas pudding? Jason: Lot’s of nuts, dried fruit, a health
amount of booze, a little binder like flour or granola, and some eggs.

One thought on “Project Extreme Brewing: “The Alstrom’s Puddin’ Wine Recipe””

  1. Three years ago I brewed a 13.5% ABV christmas pudding stout, & for a 5gallon batch, I used almost 8KG of christmas fruit, & I also aged it on Sherry Orlosso barrel chips. It smelled EXACTLY like a Christmas pudding & glasses of it with pudding was a 'sleepy time' instant event LMAO

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