Publix Aprons Cooking School Online: “Date Night”

Publix Aprons Cooking School Online: “Date Night”

– Emily!
– Hi, Jerry! – How’s it going?
– Good, how are you, Chef? – It’s so good to see you! I’m doing great. – I’m gonna step up
right here next to you, so we can start cookin’ together today. – I love it. We’re on the same level, right? – Yes, yes.
(both laugh) – I like it. Well, welcome to the Publix
Aprons Cooking School Online. I’m Chef Jerry from Winter Park. – And I’m Chef Emily from Orlando. We’re coming up on Valentine’s Day, Jerry. – I can’t believe it’s already here. – I know. So, today, we’re going
to cook up a date night to remember in just 30 minutes,
and if you haven’t already, you can print out these recipes at
and cook along with us. – I love it. If you’re tuned into this
YouTube premier of this episode, we have Apron Chefs standing
by in the comments section below to chat with you
live during the premier. So, if you’ve got a question, just ask.
– Just ask. – That’s right. Just ask.
– I love it! You ready to get this party started? – Absolutely! – Let’s talk menu! – [Emily] Let’s talk the menu. Yes, we’re going to start
off with a praline pecan arugula salad featuring our
Pompeian balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. – I love the acidity of that. – I do, too.
– That sounds so great. – Oh, yes. – So let’s move onto the
main course where we’re going to prepare a pan-seared beef
tenderloin and shrimp scampi surf and turf with an
oven-roasted asparagus. – [Emily] That is wonderful. – [Jerry] On that asparagus,
we’re gonna feature our Kerrygold garlic herb butter and a lessy kosher sea salt. – Sounds like a big mouthful there! So, wait! We have dessert. – Oh, that’s the best part! – I know, I can’t wait. We’ll end our meal with some
warm chocolate hazelnut crepes featuring our McCormick ground cinnamon and Melissa’s Crepes. – Yummy. – Yes. – So we’ve got our stove turned on. – Perfect! – Our cook tops are ready. – Yes!
– Let’s party, man! – Let’s do this!
– Let’s go! – Alright, we’re gonna make a vinaigrette first for our arugula salad. I have some balsamic vinegar here. I’m gonna add three tablespoons of that. In just a moment, Jerry, I’m gonna have you help me out here. – Can I do the extra virgin olive oil? – Oh, yes, definitely.
– I love it! – I would appreciate that help. – How ’bout I steal that from you? – Do you want this?
– I do. – You’re gonna put it away for me? – I’m gonna put it away.
– Thank you. Cleaning together is so much better. – Cleaning together, those who
clean together stay together. – [Emily] That’s right. (both laugh) I’m gonna add a tablespoon of honey. Hey, honey. – [Jerry] Hey, honey! (both laugh) – [Emily] And also our dijon
to kind of emulsify that ’cause we’re gonna bond the oil and the vinegar together.
– We’re gonna bond! That’s right! – Yep, so add some of that in there. – [Jerry] It adds also a nice little– – [Emily] Like a tang. – Citric tang to it.
– A little tang? – It’s so nice. – Makes me wanna move my
shoulders when I say that. (Jerry laughs) – Cook with your whole self.
– And you should. – And I’m gonna add a pinch of salt. – [Jerry] Awesome. – [Emily] And a pinch of
pepper, but not too much pepper because it’s gonna go over some arugula, and arugula’s got nice
peppery notes to it. – And it’ll be nice, a nice balance. – So Chef, I’m gonna have you
Are you ready for this? – drizzle in some olive oil for me. – Alright, here we go. Drizzle, man, drizzle. – And I really wanna whisk
that together well ’cause, again, just like if you’re
making a hollandaise sauce, the egg yolk, which binds
that, the dijon’s gonna bind that, and we’re gonna whisk
that together quickly. And I think we should give this a taste. What do you think? – I think that’s the only
thing that we can do. – Taste, taste as you go! – Yes, if you don’t, you
don’t know what you’re making. You never wanna serve food
that you’ve never tasted. – That’s so true, good tip. Mm, that’s perfect. – It really is. – Here, I’ll take that from you. – Thank you. That sweetness is so good. – Delicious. – While I put this aside,
– Thank you. – we’re gonna talk a
little bit about garlic. – Oh, garlic, huh? – We’re gonna mince some garlic, man. – What’s that for? – This is actually gonna
be for our shrimp scampi, as well as our asparagus. So, I’ve got my knife here. I’m gonna keep my blade away. We’re gonna get some aggression out. – Oh, it’s been a rough day. – It’s been a rough day,
let’s get some aggression out. – We’re gonna smash garlic, huh? – Smash it, man. So if you’ll notice when
you’re smashing garlic, and you smash it like this,
it doesn’t really work, because, as you can see
here, there’s a gap. – [Emily] Yes. – So you wanna make sure
that it’s a flat surface. – Flat surface. – So go for it and just smash away. (knife smashes garlic) – Oh, wow, that’s freakin’ easy. – And if you do it right, it’s beautiful and smashed.
– It comes right out. – It’s awesome.
– That’s so easy! – It is easy, and you know the fun part is is when it starts going everywhere, (Emily laughs) that’s even more fun. – It’s okay, you can mop
the floors later, Chef. (both laugh) We’ll clean it together. – It’s not a joke.
– No. (Emily laughs)
– I probably will. Yeah, there you go. – Well, while you’re doing that, I’m gonna chop some strawberries. – I like it. Let’s do it! – Strawberries are gonna
go with our dessert a little bit later, – Perfect.
– so just taking the tops off of those. And I’ll get the green tops set aside so that way we can get ready. And what are you doin’, getting divided? – I’m dividing your
garlic between you and me. – Perfect. So I’m gonna give these to you over here. – Thank you. – I like it. A little bit for the shrimp,
and I’m gonna take a little bit for the asparagus and put
that right to the side. – [Emily] Nice. – Nice. So you’ve got your strawberries going on. While you’re doing that,
we’re gonna talk some parsley. – Oh, what do you do with the parsley? – We’re gonna make that parsley go up, and we’re gonna put it right on our (Emily laughs) board here. We’re gonna talk about this. I like to take this off,
just a little bit off. You can take the leaves off.
– Picking off the leaves? – [Jerry] It’s so great. – And then you can use this actually – Oh, the stems?
– As a stem for your stocks or soups or
whatever you want to do. – Stocks, soups, and some pesto. – It’s awesome.
– Definitely. – So, I’m gonna put this in here. I’m gonna get my knife
going, and we’re gonna mince. – Quick chop.
– Quick chop. – [Emily] I like how you put
your hand on top so it’s safe. – [Jerry] I do! It also adds a little bit
of weight to the blade so that it comes down and
goes all the way through without bruising so much. – Yes, and you know if need to sign up for some of our knife skills classes, we have those quite often at our school. – Absolutely, we have them
at least twice a quarter at every one of ours schools,
which works out very nicely. – It’s nice.
– We’re making sure that we’ve got this nice and minced. Check it out! What do you think? – [Emily] Oh, it looks good! – [Jerry] I like it. – [Emily] Quick and easy, that’s
what I like for 30 minutes. – [Jerry] Amen. – So I’m gonna go ahead and add
my strawberries to this bowl – There it goes.
– and set this aside for a little bit later. – Actually, can you turn that off for me? – I can, is that for your– – We’re just gonna go up to
a medium-high on that pan. – Okay. – There you go.
– Perfect. – And I’ve got a little bit of olive oil that we’ll add to that when
we get back over there. – Okay. – Perfect. – Awesome, and now, I’m going to, I know I need to do one more thing before we move on to our vegetables. – Oh, we gotta do that. – I gotta zest our lemon
– Nice. – and juice our lemons. We’re gonna do that in just a second. We have our asparagus here looking nice.
– Beautiful. – We’re gonna clean those and– – Check that out. – Literally, the way to prep these is you just wanna hold this part here and just snap where it breaks naturally – Nice.
– is the end that you’re not going to use. This is a little bit more
woody, so it’s not easy to eat, so you can put these in your stock, make a soup, or something like that – out of it.
– A soup would be delicious, especially now that it’s springtime, and this is the perfect season for strawberries and asparagus. – Oh, I love it. Spring veggies and fruits. – That’s right, it’s
time, I can’t believe it. Here in Florida, we
have such a great season – We do.
– for fresh fruits and vegetables all year long. – You don’t have to throw
parts of these away. I mean, you really can use them and utilize every part of it, so– – That’s right. And don’t forget to keep
those questions coming for our chefs using the
comment section below. – Below.
– Down there. And if you’re tuned into
this YouTube premier of this episode, if you want to know something about these recipes’ techniques, oh, there you go! (both laughing) Just about anything kitchen-related, please send it our way and
we’ll take care of it for you. – Definitely.
– Nice. – Here, I can finish
the prep for that, Chef. – Alright, do you wanna do a little bit of zesting?
– I got some zesting. Some zest in my life. – Let’s get zest! – So for your asparagus, I’m
gonna zest and juice a lemon, so that can go for that,
and the rest of the juice is gonna go in my scampi
recipe a little bit later. – Nice. – So if you see here, I have a microplane. I’m just going to pull that
in the direction to pull the zest off, and you see
how quick and easy that is. You just have to be careful. It’s sharp, but it’s so easy to use. You can grate cheese with this. You can grate chocolate. So all those things, this tool can do. And then you can see I have in the cavity built up, that zest. I tap that right in there.
– Beautiful. Beautiful.
– Oh, what are you doing there? – I’ve got a little bit of olive oil that I’m adding on to this. We want to season these
steaks with salt and pepper, and we’re actually just being very simple today with our salt and pepper. – Simplicity.
– We’re not doing anything crazy.
– Simple. – [Jerry] We want the flavor of the meat to speak for itself. – And I absolutely love tenderloin. It’s so lean, but it has great flavor. – It is. It’s so wonderful
– Unlike a ribeye that has, you know, more fat. It still gives that great flavor. – [Jerry] It does, and
it’s so, well, you know, tenderloin has its name for a reason. It’s the most tender part of the cow, and it does a great job of
staying nice and tender. – [Emily] Yes. – [Jerry] It’s the part of the cow that doesn’t exercise as much. (Emily laughs) Seriously!
– Yes. – So that’s why it stays
nice and tender for us. – Oh yes. – So we’ve got that going on, so let’s put this on over here. We’ve got our preheated
stove. (Emily laughs) It’s a stove top.
– I knew what you meant. – Yes. – So we got that going on. I’m gonna pop in our olive oil now. And you can tell, I don’t
if you can see this at home, but the olive oil is already
nice and hot right on in there. – [Emily] Mm hmm. – So we’ve got our steaks here. We’ll add that in. Ah, let’s see. – Uh oh.
– Here we go, Chef! – Oh, that’s great sound.
– The sound. – Great sound.
– It’s so great. I love the sound of a sizzle. It’s music to a chef’s ears. – It really is.
– It’s absolutely perfect. I’m gonna turn that up just a little bit as I sat this aside. We’re looking for a little bit of caramelization going on in there. All of our meat products have
a little bit of sugar in them, and it’s the rising of
the sugar to the surface – Oh, I like that. – that causes that caramelization. – [Emily] That’s a good point. Mailland reaction,
– Amen. – which is caramelizing
those sugars in the meat and your vegetables.
– Absolutely. – Yes.
– You got that caramelization that goes beautifully. – It’s all science to me. (Jerry laughs) So, Jerry,
– This is great. – Those look like they’re gonna
take a little bit of time. – Why don’t we do our
asparagus while we’re at all. – That sounds good. – Alright
– Our asparagus, because that’s going in the same oven. Oh, you got your lemon juice. – I got my lemon juice. I’ve got my zest, my garlic. We’re gonna go ahead and
toss this together here. I’ve got all my olive oil. My olive oil has a great
cooking point to it. – Yes. – It’s a great– – Smoke point.
– It doesn’t smoke as much as others, so
it’s got a much higher– – Like butter burns really quickly. – Butter burns quickly, and so does our extra virgin olive oil. – Oh yes, yes. – So want to make sure that we’ve got our regular olive oil going on in there. – [Emily] Oh, see, we’re using the zest. – [Jerry] A little bit of zest. – [Emily] It’s the
underutilized part of the lemon and the orange.
– It is. – [Emily] And it needs to be used. – It should, and the reason is because that’s where all of your oils are. That’s the real essence of
the flavor of your citrus. – It is. – We’ve got a little
bit of garlic as well. – [Emily] Oh, I could always
use more garlic in my life. How ’bout you? – [Jerry] Especially on Valentine’s Day. – Oh, yes, yes.
(Jerry laughs) – I forgot, oh, the fresh breath smell. Don’t worry ’cause we’re
eating it together! – We’re all having it together! – We’re all eating it together. – So nobody cares. (Emily laughs) We’re just gonna toss that in. You want to make sure that
you truly coat this up so that it roasts beautifully in the oven. – [Emily] Uh! Those are
looking really, really good. – That does look good. I’m a little strange. I like to make sure that all
of my asparagus goes in a row. I don’t know why. (Emily laughs) It’s just who I am.
– That’s okay. Nice and neat rows is good. – And nice and neat rows. – I do the same thing (laughs) – [Jerry] It’s crazy. If there were hundreds
on here, I’d still do it. – [Emily] It roasts nice
and evenly that way. – [Jerry] It does. If they’re this way, it
does roast beautifully. – That’s true.
– Let’s go ahead and flip our steaks.
– Okay. – Let’s see if we’re ready.
– What are you looking for when you flip your steaks?
– I’m looking to see if they actually will turn
off on the bottom here. As you can see when I pull that off, – Oh, that looks– – [Jerry] we’ve got a nice caramelization. If it sticks a little bit too much, that means it’s not quite ready to go. – [Emily] Gotcha. – [Jerry] As you can see on this one, it’s a gorgeous caramelization. – Nice caramelization. I love that color there. – [Jerry] It’s a beautiful color. We’re just gonna turn
these over right away and put them in the oven without waiting. – [Emily] Okay. – [Jerry] You got the asparagus? – I got the asparagus. – Alright, I’m gonna
slip on around you here. – Sounds good. – On the bottom we go. – On the top.
– You can put that on the top. – Awesome.
– Beautiful. – And at the same time, I need
to start prepping my crepes. – Let’s do it.
– Dessert cannot wait. – Dessert cannot wait. – Let me grab this.
– Honestly, we should have started with the crepes because– – I agree. I agree. – A little snack during food preparation never hurt anybody, right? (Emily scoffs) – No.
– I like it. – And Chef, I’ll have
you open that for me. – I got that for you. – Got that hazelnut spread that’s gonna go in between our crepes.
– Check that out. – I know, and I’ve got
my butter and cinnamon set aside later, and the ice cream scoop. Can’t forget that. – Well, the ice cream scoop is actually the whole point, isn’t it? (Emily laughs) – I literally could just eat ice cream out of the carton like that. (laughs) – That’s right, if you don’t
have crepes, then no ice cream. – I don’t know why. Why would you do that to yourself? – I agree, I agree. (Jerry laughs) I like savory crepe recipes as well, like, I like shrimp,
like nice gumbo sauce. – Oh nice. – How ’bout you? What do you like? – I love crepes with all
sorts of different things. I used to live in
Germany, so we would go to to France quite often,
and crepes right off the street corners are so wonderful. – [Emily] Well these are
gonna be almost similar, except they’re just ready to go. – They’re ready to go. (Emily laughs) You don’t have to smear them on a pan and gets them nice and hot. – I know, this is good.
– You gotta love that. – It’s ready to go.
– Perfect. – You can see they’re
very thin and fragile, so you want to be careful
when we spread our hazelnut. – Well don’t worry.
– Hazelnut mix. – If you’ve got your hazelnut mix on there and you tear it, we can
just call it rustic. – We’ll call it rustic, see and that’s– – [Jerry] Nobody cares. – [Emily] Mistakes aren’t mistakes. They’re just rustic. – They’re just rustic.
– Yes. – [Jerry] And we can charge
you more money for it. – [Emily] That’s right (laughs). – [Jerry] That’s right. Yeah, that’s what we chefs do. – [Emily] That’s right. (Jerry laughs) See how easy that is, Jerry,
just spreading that on? – [Jerry] Nice. – [Emily] It could
definitely do a peanut butter version of this, peanut butter and jelly. – You could (Emily gasps) Wouldn’t that be great?
– Yes. – A creamy peanut
butter, why wouldn’t you? – And I would definitely
eat this for breakfast. (Jerry laughs) How ’bout you? This doesn’t have to just be
– I have eaten this for breakfast, who are you
kidding? (Emily laughs) Little crepe Suzette for your crepes or just a lovely hazelnut
spread right on some bread. – [Emily] Right on bread. – [Jerry] It’s perfect. – [Emily] Mmm. – I’m gonna actually
put this off to the side so we’ve got somewhere to go with it.
– Thank you, thank you. – Nice.
– Now we got our spatula ready for later when we go to cook. – This is for when we cook. Let me put this over here. – I’m just folding these in half. You can see, gettin’ that ready. But, Jerry, what kind of wine would you like with this, I mean– – [Jerry] With this,
actually, this would be a great pairing to go with
something like a port. – Mm hmm. – I think a port would
absolutely be delicious. You’re looking for the cherry section? Am I doing, oh, fine. (Emily laughs) – You can’t have my spread. – Fine.
– Gosh. – I don’t care.
– I’ll share with you later, though, I promise. – [Jerry] Oh, you better. (laughter) You better. (laughter) – [Emily] But so a port would go. You look like a port– – [Jerry] A port would
really go nicely with this. You can also think about for our meal, you can actually do a pinot noir. – Oh, I like pinot noir.
– Or even a white wine if you wanted to. There’s no reason why you couldn’t. You’ve got surf and turf. – And if you enjoy these recipes
for a romantic date night, at home you can start planning
your next date night out. We offer classes. – We do other classes. – Almost every day. Our Aprons Cooking School locations ranging from demonstrations
to hands-on lessons with Jerry and I.
– Absolutely. You can work side by side with us, featuring different techniques, cuisines, wine pairings, and so much more. So just click the link below
– Below. – to to find out Aprons Cooking School near you. I really wanna lick this
spatula (Jerry laughs), but I gotta keep working. I can smell your steak. It smells really good.
– I know, it smells so good. – So I’m just gonna fold, oops, I ripped it.
– You want me to help you with this? – Oh, yes. We’re gonna put a little bit more on that. You already know. You already know.
– I do. – [Emily] You read my mind. – [Jerry] I did. – You just knew it
– We’re gonna spread – and you did more.
– a litte bit more. (Emily laughs) – [Jerry] It needs more. – It needs more, and I’ll do–
– It needs more. Why wouldn’t you add more chocolate? – [Emily] I know. (laughing). I love extra chocolate in my life. So some strawberries on each one. – [Jerry] Nice. – [Emily] They look beautiful. – Nice.
– That red color. – [Jerry] It’s so Valentine’s Day. – I know.
– That red color everywhere. – Almost look like little hearts. – That’s right (laughing). – Here, I’ll give you, I’ll switch you. Here’s let’s rotate the tray.
– I’ll trade. – Check this out.
– I like it. – Oh!
– You like this? That’s a little trick rotation. – It’s a little trick. – I’ll give you that.
– Alright. – And I’m gonna fold these in half. – [Jerry] Very nice. – [Emily] And we’ll spread the last bit on.
– Put those there, alright. – And we’ll cook these later in the butter and the cinnamon, right? – Right. – I’ll show you how to do that. I’m sure you already know (laughter). You know how to melt butter. – [Jerry] The butter and the cinnamon will add such a great
flavor profile to this. It’ll spice it up ever so nicely. – [Emily] Yes, cinnamon,
more cinnamon in my life. – Oh, how can you say no?
– I like it on a lot of things (Emily laughs) – I like it. – Is there extra in that
container for us to eat later? A little bit. – Oh!
– Not too, too much. – Well there’s enough for me to eat later. – Oh okay (laughter)
– How ’bout that? – So, I’ll have you fold that one. – Alright. – I’m just gonna add these in. – [Jerry] Nice. – [Emily] Very cool. That was easy. – Easy peasy. – I like easy, especially on a date night. – Especially on a date
night. (Emily sighs) – You got 30 minutes to make dinner and you wanna make sure
that it’s done right. – Well, Jerry, we did our dessert. We gotta move on to the greens,
which is our salad assembly. So we can eat that.
– Alright, well let me grab those for ya. I think they’re in the fridge. – [Emily] Oh yes, they are. – [Jerry] Alright. – You’re back, alright. – Check it out. – Oh, there we go. – There is our arugula,
also known as rocket, salad. – Oh, and you got my vinaigrette, thank you.
– I do. We’re just gonna whisk
that together again. – And we’ll toss that around. That’ll be good.
– Alright. – I got my Pecorino Romano
and my praline pecans. – Did you make the pralines today? – You can definitely make those, but I found those in our produce section. – Perfect.
– So, yes. – Even easier. (Emily chuckles) – I’ll toss this together. Little bit of this. – [Jerry] Or a lot of that. (laughter) – [Emily] Looking good. So, you can see how easy. Jerry, I’ll have you toss that. – [Jerry] I can do it. – And then you can see
here, I have a peeler, which I’m gonna use to
shave the cheese on top, and then I’ll dress these
salad with our pecans. – I like it. – Do you say “peh-cahn,” “pee-cahn,” anything you wanna say.
– Oh, ya know. – “Poe-tay-toe,” “pah-tah-toe.” – “Poe-tay-toe,” “pah-tah-toe.” – Works for me.
– I like it. – I think about half of that probably. – I think we can do it.
– Because we gotta eat our greens before we get our dessert. – Yes.
– That looks good. – And look at how beautifully that goes. – Oh yeah.
– You can pile that up nicely. – [Emily] Oh, that looks nice. – [Jerry] Look at that. – Little height.
– Little height, little love. – Little shaving of the cheese. So Pecorino Romano is a
nice sheep’s milk cheese. It’s salty. So we didn’t add a lot
of salt to our salad, and you can use this cheese even in soups. – Oh yeah.
– To season your soups, add a little extra saltiness to it. I’m gonna add our pecans on top. – I like it.
– That’ll act as our crouton, our crunch factor, for our salad. I like that. – Perfect. And while you’re doing that,
let’s check out our steak. – Great. – Ooh, look at that.
– Oh, my gosh, it smells so good!
– Sizzling. Smells really good. – Look at the asparagus. – Oh my gosh. Beautiful.
– It’s perfect and green. – It looks beautiful.
– It does. It’s perfectly cooked. I like it. (Emily laughs) And of course, we’ve got our steaks here that look ever so beautiful. – Oh my gosh. – We’re gonna temp them, I should say. – [Emily] Oh, yes. – What you wanna do with
your temperature is you wanna make sure that it’s around
125 degrees in there, so we’ll go with that and
see what it looks like. – I love it. – Set this aside. You really do wanna
set it aside and let it continue to come to temperature for about another five to 10 minutes. When we put it in the
plate, it’ll be ready to go. – Definitely. So we got our shrimp here,
guys, some large shrimp. We’re gonna add our olive oil to a preheated medium-high pan. Medium-high heat there. Again, a lighter tasting olive
oil would be great for this. – Of course.
– It won’t overpower the other flavors. I’m going to cook these
on their first side for about two minutes or so. You can hear that sizzle just
like you did with your steak. – Nice.
– Pan’s hot and ready to go. – [Jerry] That’s the point. – [Emily] Yep, and I don’t
know about you, Jerry, but I love that Kerrygold butter. – [Jerry] It’s such a
great flavor profile. It’s already done for you. – [Emily] It is good. I love it. And we’re gonna use it in our dessert too, which is even better. – Well of course, a little bit of dessert. I always liked to say,
“Why add one tablespoon “of butter when two
– Is better (laughter) – “can go in just fine?” (Jerry laughs) – [Emily] I’m gonna add
some salt here, Chef. Some pepper. – Nice.
– To season those up. – Nice. – And we’re gonna let those cook. Once we do that for just a second, we’re gonna add in our
crushed red pepper flakes, which, great on a lot of different things, in soup, on top of your pizza, but – we’re gonna add–
– Not just for pizza anymore, right?
– That’s right. I’m gonna add it on our
shrimp to spice it up a little bit
– Nice. – on Valentine’s Day. – A little bit of heat really
adds a nice flavor punch. – Yes. – A lot of heat for heat’s sake – Overpowers.
– isn’t necessarily what you’re going for, just enough.
– And garlic actually does the same thing. – It does, and the wonderful thing is that garlic will actually
sweeten as it sautees. – Yes, yes.
– Nice. – [Emily] So we got that going. We’re gonna wait for
the garlic to crisp up a little bit, change color. And we’ll let that, once
that goes for a little bit. We’ll add our white wine and our lemon juice to deglaze the pan, so it’ll pick up
– – Sounds nice. – those brown bits on the bottom and it’ll make a sauce,
which is pretty cool. – Let’s check that out. While you got that going on,
let’s look at our steak here. – Okay. – I’ve got a nice little tong back here that we can plate our steak with. We’re gonna look at this gorgeous, gorgeous caramelization right there. – Look at that.
– Check that out. – All the juice is in the pan.
– The bottom is beautiful. – Oh!
– It’s so nice. – [Emily] It’s dripping,
it looks delicious! – [Jerry] You want it to be the drippiness – Oh yes.
– because that really means – You can make a–
that it’s nice and tender. – Nice juices, yes. – Yeah, and you can
really, you were gonna say, make a nice sauce with that. – Make a nice sauce, yep. – Absolutely. So let’s go ahead and add some of this. How do you like to
plate your dishes, Chef? – [Emily] You know, I would love to put the asparagus leaning up the steak, – I do too.
so that way it shows some height. If you want to get fancy,
– It does. – [Emily] you can do it simple
and just put it on the plate. Nobody’s gonna say anything if you’re cooking dinner anyway, right? – [Jerry] How ’bout we build it up and put it leaning against just like that? – Beautiful.
– Looks so nice. – [Emily] That looks good. – And now we can put some
of that sauce that you’re gonna make on top of
it a little bit later. – Yep, I’m gonna add our white wine. You can use a dry white wine. (pan sizzling) – Smell that.
– Oh yeah. – I always like to say, you know, – Lemon juice.
– sometimes I’ll add a white wine to my dishes, but most of the time I just
drink it. (Emily laughs) – Some for the shrimp, some
for you. (Jerry laughs) The shrimp had enough. You need some wine, Jerry,
yes, definitely. (Jerry laughs) So we’re just gonna let
that reduce about halfway. – About halfway.
– And once I’ll pull that off the heat completely, and I’ll add our Kerrygold butter
there and our parsley. – It’s looking beautiful. Can you smell that aroma? – [Emily] It looks great. I think I’m gonna go ahead
and pull that off the heat. – [Jerry] Nice. – [Emily] And add my butter in. I know we’re ready to eat this steak. – I’m ready.
– Gotta taste that salad first, though. – See how that salad–
– That salad looks so nice. – [Emily] It looks like
it’s looking at us. – I know.
– It wants to be eaten. – [Jerry] It’s saying,
“Eat me anytime soon.” – It’s saying eat me.
– I like it. – Alright, well Chef, can you
– Let’s grab that on over. – get us some silverware?
– I can work that out. – Thank you. Thank you.
– Thank you. – See, I’ll just swirl that in. – I come prepared. – That’s, oh, look at that. You are prepared.
– Check that out. – That’s awesome. Turning the sauce–
– This spoon is for our sauce. – [Emily] Yes. – Nice. – And we add our parsley
in that you chopped and worked so hard on. – Nice. The smell of that parsley hitting the pan is actually really nice. It adds that green – That green color.
– flavor to it, yeah. – [Emily] Don’t get the
pepperiness of parsley. – [Jerry] The lemon is
really coming out right now. You can smell all the
herbs as they’re sauteeing. It’s so nice.
– Definitely. Swirl the butter in a little bit. – Check that sauce out. – [Emily] I don’t know about you, Jerry, but I would love extra
butter right about now. (Jerry sighs) – Oh, yes. – Alright, so, can I– – You can, let’s do it! – I’m gonna put it on there so it cools down before we eat it. – [Jerry] Just a little bit. – [Emily] Just a little bit. Some shrimp for you. Some for me.
– Nice. See how that height is
really adding to the flavor? – [Emily] Beautiful. – [Jerry] That’s a beautiful presentation. – [Emily] Little sauce there. – [Jerry] Little sauce, little bit of pour over on that steak. – [Emily] Sauce looks good. I wanna dive in. – I’m ready!
– I am too. – Let’s check out this
salad. (Emily laughs) now you gotta get a complete bite here. – [Emily] I know, you
gotta definitely try it. – Don’t forget to get the–
– Crunchy pecans. – You gotta get the pecan on there. Are you ready?
– Here we go? – [Both] Cheers. (Emily giggles) – [Both] Mm. – The vinaigrette is perfect. – [Jerry] There’s some sweetness there that you’re not expecting. – [Emily] The balsamic
actually does add sweetness even though it’s a vinegar. – It does. – You really can appreciate
the crunch of the pecans. – It really does, and the caramelization on those pecans is really outstanding.
– Really good. Yes, a little sugar.
– Nice. – But then also that salty cheese. – The salty cheese really does compensate for not adding any seasoning
to the lettuce already. – Yes.
– It’s really nice. – Yes, ooh, and now we got the best part. – I am ready for the best part. – Thank you. You got a knife? – I got a knife already! (Emily laughs) – Alright let’s dig in.
– Let’s check this steak out. Let’s see how we did. – I’ll cut a shrimp for you. – Thank you. – You’re welcome. – Nice. We’ve got a really nice
– Ooh, look at that. – steak there, nice color.
– That looks nice. – It does.
– Looking good. Oh man, and the sauce from the shrimp, I just wanna get some of that. – Get on in there!
– Get some of that. – I like it.
– Here we go. Should we go?
– You ready? – Here we go.
Are we gonna do it together? – I don’t know. _ I know, let’s go for it. – We’re gonna zoom in!
– Oh, oh, there we go! – Which way, which way?
(laughter) – [Both] Mm. – Oh wow. – Great job on the steak. That was awesome.
– And on the shrimp. – I love that.
– The shrimp is so tender. – Spice from the chili pepper flake. – Mm hmm. – Brightness from the lemon juice, mm. – I’m getting the
meatiness from the steak, and the simplicity of the
seasoning is really helping. – Yeah, salt and pepper. Perfect
– Mm hmm. – Make sure you season your steak. – Nothing more than salt and
pepper, and it goes so nicely. – Asparagus has a nice snap too. Did you hear that snap? – I did hear the snap. You want it to be a little al dente. If it’s a little too
loose, a little too limp, then it’s not going to taste as good. – No. – Let’s try it. – Mm, the crunch is so nice. – The lemon zest is wonderful. Again, nice, bright citrus notes to go with that shrimp, the seafood. – It does. It really adds a little bit of flavor to it that you’re not expecting. It’s so nice. – I think we did really good on this. – I think we did too,
but you know what’s next? – Huh, dessert. – Hallelujah.
– Finally. – I like that. (Emily laughs) Here we go, so we’re gonna turn this up. – Thank you. – Get that nice and hot. We’re gonna add a little
bit of our butter. – Oh, just a little bit? – [Both] Oh! – I don’t know.
– I’ll get– – We’ll see (laughs). – I’ll get the ice cream, how ’bout that? – I like the ice cream. – It’s my favorite part. – So as you’re noticing, this butter is melting in ever so nicely. We’re gonna add a little
bit of the cinnamon to it. The cinnamon is really going to hydrate, actually, in this, and cause it to actually caramelize a little bit more. – Mm, yes. – Nice. – Oh, Chef, while you melt that, – Check that out.
– I’m gonna grab something. – Oh you’re gonna? Alright. So we’ve got our caramelization happening with that cinnamon. We’re gonna add our crepe. You wanna add them one at a time so that it goes in
there and cooks quickly. You’ve only got about 30
seconds to cook these. – That’s not too long.
– That’s right. – Thirty minutes and 30 seconds
to do the crepe. (laughter) Yes. – You want it to be a nice, quick cook so that it doesn’t burn the crepe. – Just melting.
– Because the crepe is so delicate. You’re just trying to
melt that warm chocolate. – Melting the chocolate, yep. – Very nice. Alright, let’s see what we got here. I got my plastic turner. – Looks good.
– Check that out. – Let me get a plate for you, Chef. – Thank you. We’re definitely coating
all of that in the cinnamon. Check out the coating there. – I’m just glad you’re
cooking me four of those. I’ve been waiting all night
for this. (Jerry laughs) – Well how ’bout we share two and then – Okay, okay.
– you can have the other two. – Okay, thank you. (laughs)
– I like it. – Here you go. – Alright, so a little one there. – Nice job.
– If you really wanted to, you could also garnish this – Oh!
– with a little bit of strawberries, maybe some – [Both] powdered sugar. – The more sugar the better – Amen!
– Yes. Alright, Jerry, just in case, fork or spoon, your choice. – Oh, I want–
– I’m gonna go ahead and– – I want a fork, but
we need some ice cream. – [Emily] I know, here we go. – [Jerry] Look at that. – [Emily] I love it. I’m gonna move this over here. – [Jerry] Alright, I’ll
take care of the ice cream. – Thank you. – Perfect. – Don’t take all of it. I’ll eat that later. (Jerry laughs) Let’s dive it. – I’m ready. – I’m gonna go on this side. – Oh, you got to. – Oh, look at that!
– Wow. Is it me or is it getting romantic? – I think it’s getting romantical. – This is wonderful. – Look at that.
– We didn’t have to do– – We got our own floating candles. – Oh, I love floating candles.
– You gotta love floating candles. – Here we go
– Cheers! – Cheers again.
(romantic piano music) – [Both] Mm. – I like how it just coats your mouth. Oh my gosh. – It does, it just coats
your mouth in that sweetness. – [Emily] Mm. – [Jerry] And the actual creaminess goes over and does a great job. – [Emily] The cinnamon and the ice cream are like best friends. – [Jerry] They are. But one without the other,
– There’s like spice, – doesn’t work so nice.
– cream, mm. Fresh strawberries. – Oh my gosh, that’s awesome. Well, good job, Chef. – Good job. I think we did it. – I think we did it. (laugher) – Well, I guess it’s time
– Do we need to blow these? – to talk about our spring. Shall we blow out our candles? – I think so.
– Alright, here we go. (big rush of air) So.
– Nice. (laughs) – Speaking of spring, our next episode will premier on March the 9th at 6:00 p.m. – Wow!
– Eastern Standard Time. – Mark your calendars. – I know I’ll be hosting some friends to watch the big game or
two later in the month. So it sounds like a great time – Yes. – to talk about creating some
amazing game day appetizers. – Yes, it is. – We’ll be filling some
delicious steamed pork dumplings, stuffing some baked
empanadas, and my favorite, rolling up some rollatini – Zucchini. (laughs)
tomato zucchini. I like it. Mark your calendars,
and be sure to tune in for the premier to be
part of our live chat with our chefs, who are
still available to you. – Yes, yes, and remember,
if you enjoy cooking along with us today, you can
click the link to check out our list of Publix Aprons
Cooking Schools where you can take classes from our
talented chefs like Jerry. – And like Emily. – We had a lot of fun, guys. Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe. Thanks for watching, everyone. – [Both] Happy Valentine’s Day. – Cheers – Cheers. (Emily laughs) (funky, mid-tempo rock music)

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