Publix Aprons® Cooking School Online: “Fill It, Stuff It, Roll It”

Publix Aprons® Cooking School Online: “Fill It, Stuff It, Roll It”

– Ray!
– Tony! – Sup man?
– Sup buddy? – Nice to see you again.
– How you doin’? – Well, fantastic. – You doin’ good?
– Yeah. – Alright. Welcome to Publix Aprons
Cooking School Online, I’m Chef Ray from Plantation. – And I’m Chef Tony from Jacksonville. It’s March and we have a few
big games coming up this month. So what better time to
talk about appetizers? We’re going to make three recipes that are perfect for
any game day or party. If you haven’t already you can find the recipes in the link below, and cook along with us. – And for everyone who’s tuned into the YouTube premier of this episode, there are Aprons chefs waiting for you in the comments section, so chat live during the premier. If you have any question
about any technique, or recipes, just leave them a comment. We’re gonna start things off with some beef empanadas featuring Maverick Ranch Organic Ground Beef and Morton Kosher Salt. – Next up we’ll cook
our zucchini rollatini using some Galbani Whole
Milk Ricotta Cheese and Little Italy in the
Bronx Marinara Sauce. – I love that. – Last but not least we’re gonna be making some steamed spicy pork
and black bean dumplings. Featuring Bush’s Best Black Beans and Texas Pete Original Hot Sauce. – Alright let’s get to work. – Alright chef, ready.
– You ready? – Get to work! You know one of the most important things that gets you through the
season, game planning. What is game planning? Mise en place is what it is for the chef. What does that mean? There’s a place for everything
and everything in it’s place. This organization helps us
flow through our cooking with ease to where we can
come up with a product and get it right on the table and enjoy the party ourselves. – Exactly. So the first thing we’re gonna do, we’re gonna chop up some cilantro, which we already picked, and we’re just gonna bunch that up. It’s gonna make things a little
easier for you guys to chop. That way you don’t have to
do everything on the board, it happens a little
faster, a little quicker. Just keep everything nice and bunched. And we’re gonna save some of the cilantro for the garnish on our empanadas. – Alright, so you’re doing
double the work all at one time? – Exactly. – I like it, working on a
smarter not harder chef– – That’s right, it’s what we do.
– Alright – Now we’re gonna move on and
we’re gonna do some basil, and that’s gonna go
into our ricotta filling for our zucchini rollatinis. For this one we just wanna stack up the basil leaves on top of each other, and then we’re gonna roll them. Just to keep’em into one little bundle. So gonna give that a nice couple strips. You know what that’s called chef? – Chiffonade, if I’m not mistaken. – That’s right. – Tiny ribbons, if you will. – Could be tiny, could be big. Depends on what you’re doing. – Ribbons is what I wear
in my hair when I go out. – Absolutely, you gotta let
the hair down like I do. You know, it’s what we do.
We could do that, absolutely. So here we have our basil done, and this is actually gonna be for you, so you’re welcome ahead of time on that. – Well I appreciate the work. You know if you got somebody
else in the kitchen with you, teamwork, right, teamwork
helps us get together, helps us process some things. I’m gonna put this over
here for the filling, and then, you know what, this is a very versatile
vegetable chef right, this zucchini right here. Typically we just chop it up, saute it, grill it, things like that. But we often times forget
that we can stuff it as well. So I’m gonna cut the stem off here, just like that, and then
I’m gonna take a peeler and I’m gonna peel some strips right off. I wanna get to the wider
part of the zucchini, so the first couple of strips, you know, we can kinda hold off to the side maybe save them for a
zucchini salad later. But we wanna start moving
to those wider pieces because we’re gonna crosshatch these as we go to lay them down
and make our filling. So you see nice, even pressure. As we come through it
gives us a nice clean cut. So I’m gonna do this 36 times. – Wow. – Well I need to make nine of them right? So four per is what we’re
looking at Chef Ray. – Sure, so you’re gonna
be there for a little bit? – You know I’m gonna hang
out for a moment or two. – Alright, that’s cool. While Tony makes his zucchini ribbons we’re gonna grate up some mozzarella. So here we have fresh mozzarella
from our deli department. You like this stuff? – I do, you know, I like to get it and grate it down like you’re doing. Sometimes I like to slice it
and put in a caprese salad. I find it to be a very versatile product that we can have an do some things with. – Now what’s the tip you were
telling me about with this? – If you can freeze, for just a little bit make it a little bit harder, the grating process will
go a little bit easier for you in terms of it
warming up in your hand, right ’cause we have a natural body heat and that’ll warm that up. – Got it. So here we have our cheese and
that, again, for you buddy. – Oh I appreciate, man you’re doing all the work for me Chef Ray. – You know I try buddy. – Alright, so you know what, I’m gonna reciprocate a little bit. I’m going to peel and
mince up some ginger. So look at this. I have a hand of ginger, right, each one of these is a finger, so snap that finger right off. – Oh so you don’t have
to buy the whole thing? – No, like I can buy
what I need is the key. Now as I look at it, I’m–
– Let me have that? – Oh well you could I guess, I dunno, little slight weight,
but save it for later. – The skin here as the ginger
gets a little bit older, the skin gets a little bit thicker, so if you have young ginger it’s thin, older ginger a little bit thicker. But I’m not gonna use a peeler, I’m not gonna use a knife, I’m gonna turn to another
implement in the kitchen, a spoon. Right, this is what we want and as I go, I’m gonna take it, I’m gonna brace it, and I’m gonna peel it
across the finger of ginger. Not worried about little nodules, if I have enough pressure
it’ll come clean, now look at that, right off is what we’re
talking about right here. Cleaning it good. I’m gonna move that to the side, and I’ll only need a half inch of this for the pork dumplings so.
– Here I gotcha buddy. – I’m gonna go ahead and cut it, and then I’m gonna treat
it like a piece of garlic where I lay it on the board, put my knife on top making sure the spine is facing away
from my dominant hand, oh! Put the shield guard up, it
could be a show here folks. Take my hand, smash it right down just like that. Did I getcha? – Yeah.
– Right in the eye huh? – It’s okay, it’s alright, it stings a little bit but that’s okay. – And look I’m just gonna
come across a couple of times. Get this going and mince this up and then we’ll put that with the rest of the mise en
place for our pork dumpling. We have our oven preheated at 375, and we’re gonna start
with our empanada filling, while Chef Tony wraps up that ginger. We have our pan here, we have some of our beef, this is everything in the pan all at once. We have our raisins, we have olives, we have peppers, and we have some green onions, all of that goes in there. We also have some tomato paste. Some garlic. And we have beef stock. And for our seasonings. – Lookin’ good right there. – Wow, love it.
– We have some pepper. I can smell it already. We have some pepper, we have some salt, and we have some cumin. Some of our cilantro, that’s
gonna go in there as well. And you wanna break this up, it’s not gonna take very long to cook. But it will need to be broken up just so it all can fit in your empanadas. Thanks chef! – Yeah! – About this tomato paste here,
have you used this before? – I have, I love that
it’s double concentrated, in some instances I don’t have to use as much as I would in just a regular can. But for me it’s how it closes
and stays in the refrigerator. – Very cool. – I can start to smell that already, I can’t wait for that be done, and maybe we’ll be able to waft it out for everybody else to try to smell. What do you think? – I’ll think about it. – Okay alright you think about that, hey, in the meantime I’m gonna go ahead and get going on our
zucchini filling right here. I got the mozzarella, the one cup. I need 1/4 cup of grated Parmesan cheese, so we’re just gonna take that, add it right into the bowl. Next up, 3/4 cup of ricotta, that slides right in. I need 1/4 teaspoon of salt. An 1/8 teaspoon of pepper, and some basil Chef Ray. Right inside, just like that. – Basil looks familiar. – Oh well you know, whoever
did it cut it really nicely. Did a really fantastic job. – Oh thanks. – And you see I’m using the
back of this spoon to do this, that way I can press the
ingredients together, making sure that they’re
spread evenly throughout the filling so as with each bite, we’ll have a good taste
of what’s going on. The basil, the cheese,
the salt, the pepper, all the wonderful stuff. – So our empanada filling is ready. What we wanna do now, is,
we want to cool it down. But before we do that, we’re gonna smell this ’cause we need to. That’s just, can’t resist. – Oh bring that in Chef Ray. – Yeah there we go. – Bring that–
– Do you wanna– – You guys too?
– Yeah? – Let’s give them a little something huh. – For the ones in the back there you go. – It smells delicious, I can’t wait to– – It’s almost cool at this
point and I’m gonna taste it. – Go ahead, give it a
little taste right there. What do you say? – Cumin, the olives,
everything, very very good. We have a sheet pan here, and this is just to kind of spread it out, and it’s going to cool a little faster, it’s gonna make this more manageable, you’re not gonna burn yourself, and you’re also not gonna soften up the dough too much on this. So just take a couple
minutes to cool down. And we’re gonna assemble some rollatinis? – Yeah, you know you see
what I’m doing right here I’m putting a little crosshatch pattern, or you know for those that are out there, on the social media, hash tag. Gotchu! – Or pound sign. – Right, pound sign?
– Yeah, it’s pound sign. – Well okay, whatever you say Chef Ray. So I have my filling, what I’m gonna do, I can separate it into
nine different portions, as I would make nine of these, and then I would take
one of those portions, you know we’re gonna go, oh yeah that looks beautiful right there. I’m gonna put it right in
the middle of the hashtag, the crosshatch right there. Just like that. Looking wonderful right here, let’s put a little more in that one right. Maybe I’ll give that one
to you, you never know. I’m gonna take the sides, I’m gonna fold them up and over, take the ends, fold if I can, there we go I grabbed it, and boom one packet right there. I’m gonna show you the next
one, just how we do this. Up and over, right you watching? Closely now. Here we go, over and then look! You can see how I have a pan here. – It’s ’cause you been
practicing, look at that. – Well see you’re right. I have a cup of the marinara
sauce in here already. I’m gonna put them right in. I’m gonna go right here, no you know what, – There you go. – I’m just gonna pour a
little bit over the top, making sure that I’m roughly about a cup. And I’m gonna grab the
rest of my Parmesan cheese, and I’m gonna shake it. – That one.
– That one for ri– – All of the cheese on that.
– I can’t do that! – I can’t do that! They may want some out there, huh? – I want the Parmesan. – Well look, there we
go, we have some on all. I’m gonna turn and, what am I gonna do? – Teamwork it?
– Teamwork. And go.
– Boom. – Right into the oven, and we’ll come back and
visit that in a little bit. – Alright, before we start
building our empanadas, I wanna remind everyone watching
during the episode premier, that we have some of our Aprons chefs waiting to chat with you live. If you see us do something and
have any questions about it, all you have to do is just ask. We’re gonna build some empanadas. I have some shells here that
are defrosted, ready to go. That’s for you. – Alright thank you sir. – That’s for me. We’re gonna divide and conquer. – Alright so we’re gonna
lay them down on the board. Right? We’re gonna have a
pattern, who you gonna use? – I like your pattern.
– The diamond? – The diamond, we’re gonna do the diamond. – That’s ’cause we like our
food to shine bright in company, right?
– That’s right and, Look at that, I had five just in one and I didn’t even count’em. – Wow that’s pretty good there chef. – Yeah you know it happens. Alright so we have some egg here, that is beaten, we’re going to just give it a little brush on the top half of the empanada. – I like it. Like the last piece of the basketball as it descends into the goal. – Yeah, that’s the way
you score a home run. – Oh, if you say so chef. – Uh, I try. – Okay. – Alright, so we’re gonna
take some of our filling, and you want to just
put a bit in the center, you don’t wanna overcrowd this, you don’t wanna put too much in there. Some of it can come out, not good. Plus we wanna make sure we
have enough for everybody. – Right, unless you’re just making one empanada for me Chef Ray, then you can put all the filling in there. – We need bigger discs though for that. – We could do that. Alright, I’m gonna hand this over to you. – Alright and I can fill mine? – You can fill yours. – Excellent, thank you sir. – There you go. For the fold, we’re going to turn, and just make sure that
we close that seam. This is very important, just to keep everything inside, but also if you were to fry these, which is an option, it keeps them together from
opening, bursting open. Now Tony, I don’t know about you, but I like empanadas. – You know Ray, my
first real taste of them was when you came up to my cooking school, spent a little time with us, and made some empanadas for my associates, my chefs, and we really got more
of an authentic flavor, as knowing this is part of your heritage. Than us just kind of
making them ourselves. – Yeah plus it was nice
to cook for you guys, I like it, we share. – That’s right. – Our fork, we’re going
to crimp these now. So what you wanna do is just take a fork, and press it down, and go all the way around. And I’ll show you one
here a little closer. And you got this nice little
crimp on your empanada. – Alright here I come,
I got my fork now Ray. – You’re not done yet? – Well, you know, started
a little bit after you, but I’m gonna try our
best to finish together. Ah, what are you doin’? – Alright, see I’m done. – Oh yes you are. – Now–
– I’m catching up. – We wanna egg wash these, it’s gonna give us a
nice little shine on top when we bake them. And you can do whatever kind
of filling you want on these. Tony do you prefer sweet or savory? – I like savory, but sometimes
it depends upon the sweet. I mean if there’s guava
and goat cheese involved, I’m surely down for that. – Right on.
– Most definitely. – We’re gonna pop these in the oven. You can do chicken, you could do fish, you could do ham and cheese, just cheese, you can go into savory, marshmallows? – Chocolate? – Chocolate.
– Right. – I bet they want s’more of that huh? – There you go.
– I make it for the people. – See what you did there.
– What, what? – Alright. Let us work on the pork. – Well.
– Together, we’re gonna tag team this one. – It’s the last thing that we have, and you know, we showed
some teamwork early on, but I like continuing
it just like you said. – Perfect.
– Alright so, I am gonna show you how we
like to separate egg whites. I like to just crack it, and I’ll open it into a bowl. A lot of times you can
open it into your hand, dependent upon how daring you are. And then I’ll dip my
hand in, just like that. And I’ll alternate back-and-forth, letting the white sift through my fingers, or if I need to, I’ll cut it. So, I have that right there. I have that yolk to the side, but my hands are a
little contaminated now. So,
– A little bit, little bit. So I’ll go over to the sink and wash, I’ll be right back chef. We’re gonna take our ground pork, some green onions, our cabbage, our garlic, I’m sorry our ginger, I apologize, our garlic, and we’re gonna leave our
black beans for a little later. We’re gonna add our egg white, some soy sauce, love it, and one of my favorites, our sesame oil. Smell that. – Oh hold on. – There you go.
– Oh that’s fantastic. I love that rich smell.
– Good stuff. – And our hot sauce, after
all these are spicy dumplings. You can add a little more,
can add a little less. And then we’re going to
start to incorporate this. – Alright I’m gonna step behind ya, I’m gonna move these
things out of the way chef. That way we have a
little bit more workspace for everybody to see what we’re doing. – You got it. Alright so notice we’re just
incorporating this pork, and now we’re going to
add our black beans. – Okay, how do you want me to do it? All at once?
– I like one at a time. – Okay hold on here.
– So yeah we’re gonna go, one right there.
– One. – Yep and then we fold. [Both] Two. – And then another one.
– Three. – Yep and– – Four, oh wait you get that one back. Oh there we go look. – Spill the beans. – I spilled the beans, you
better believe it chef. – Alright so now we’re folding, we don’t wanna break these beans apart, we don’t wanna make’em mush. – I like it, looks like everything is, – Ready to go.
– Mixed through, You ready to taste it? – I’ll pass. – Okay so what you’re saying is we gotta wait until it’s cooked? – Yes.
– Right, so we’re not, there’s some things that
may be in some ground beef and we got certain
temperatures to look to. – Absolutely.
– Okay. – I’m gonna put a–
– Couple spoons here. – I’m gonna put some wonton wrappers down. – There you go.
– Right. – Here’s a spoon for you, spoon for me. – I appreciate that, thank you chef. We’re gonna do five, and then what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna start taking
some of this filling, and putting it into the center, I’m not looking for a lot of filling, just enough to kinda make
the center look full. Too much Ray, too much! There we go. Dropping it down in there. Make sure you get some beans. You’re gonna want that flavor. There we go, nice and easy, oh yeah. – I love this. What other fillings can we do, chef? – You know we could do a shrimp, a shrimp mousse is really
good inside of this. Could do a roasted
vegetable, really up to you. Turkey’s good, chicken,
and then kinda your choice. – So guys you can do
whatever you want on these. – Right. Just make it tasty. We’re gonna take the sides, gonna push it up into the
meat pinching as we go, to make sure that they all adhere. Make yourself a little dumpling, do it on the cutting board,
or your work surface, that way the bottoms are flat and when you go to transition
them into the steamer, they’ll stand in there nicely. They won’t roll around and
then run into each other, so we don’t want that to happen. Here you go, pull’em up,
and then squish it in. This is fun, I’m having a good time, you know this is also something that’s beneficial for children to do, ’cause you’re not really
worried about’em messing it up. So you can start having everybody come in, maybe you wanna do a little
birthday party for your kids, you know, they can do
this and have a good time. Alright I’m gonna finish my last one up, if you’ll grab our steaming
apparatus over there. – Right on. There you go. – Alright so we have our dumplings here. We have a bamboo steamer, and we have a wok is what
we chose to use today. Maybe you don’t have these things at home, we’ll talk about that. We’re gonna put our
dumplings right inside. Oh you’re two-handing, alright. – Yeah, yeah, yean. – I got this, right look I can do it too. Yeah, here we go, put the lid back on it, and we’re gonna put it back on the stove top over some high heat. Making sure that we’re
able to generate a boil and we get some steam. So while that happens, what do you say we talk about some um, – Let’s talk about some options. – There we go, we like options. Chef Ray just went down
to basement real quick, he’s gonna pull some things
up for me, whatcha got? Alright first up, everyday colander, it’s got some handles that’ll sit over a 4 quart, or 5 quart pot, right there, set it in, line it with
either parchment paper, napa cabbage, some other kind of leaf, just to make sure the
dumpling doesn’t stick. Put the lid on it, good to go. Next up, vegetable steamer, or as I like to call this is the kitchen flying saucer
’cause it opens up, flies around, boom just like that. Again, line it with some cabbage, put it inside of your pot
and you’ll be good to go. Here we go, and from out
of left field right there, the grill basket from outside. It’s got all these holes in it, again go ahead, line it
with parchment paper, or some sort of liner, put it on top of the pot and
then cover it with a lid. And last, but not least, the big pot. I love these things, and
not only for steaming, which is what we would use it for, but also crab boils, shrimp
boils, cooking pasta. Just a lot of things that you see in your kitchen when you’re a kid, and develop different uses for it. So here we have a pot, put about an inch of water at the bottom, line it, we have holes, so we make sure that the
steam’s gonna get through. Insert it back in, and then as you can see we talked about using pots for
other steaming methods. Beautiful, Chef Ray just
created a multi-layer steaming apparatus for
us that we could use, all we need was a big lid chef. – Love that. – Awesome, so, – I’m starving. – Zucchini rollatinis have been in, the empanadas are in, dumplings are going, I think we’ve had enough
time for the rollatinis, maybe we can pull those out. If you’ll grab’em I’ll get us some plates and get us set up
– Perfect. – and ready to go.
– Go for it. – Oh yeah. – Oh that looks delicious Chef Ray. Alright so–
– I’m ready to g– – Oh!
– Oh we’re gonna do this. – Well you see that? Not
sharing, not sharing. Alright look, so I’m gonna
taken an offset spatula. The sides are a little high here, if I try to use anything else
it could be a little rough. Gonna come in, I’m gonna grab it, and I’m gonna lift up, I’m gonna serve you first Chef Ray, ’cause it’s a pleasure
being here with you. I’m gonna lift this one up,
I’m gonna put it right there. And if you look in the pan, right, you see that the zucchini kind of, a little bit of water came out of it. That’s okay we can take
this and put it in a bowl, and put it to the side, or even spoon a little bit more on the plate if we wanted to, that way we can enjoy a little
bit more of a dipping sauce. Are you ready to taste? – I’m ready. – Alright! – Cheers buddy.
– Woo! – Oh yeah, look at that cheese
just coming outta there. – It oozed right out
that pocket didn’t it? I bet it’s gonna be so delicious. – And hot. – Mm mm! The texture is wonderful. The zucchini isn’t cooked to mush, so it’s got an al dente texture to it. The ricotta cheese is creamy, the acid from the tomato. – The parm. – This is good stuff. Now this isn’t just all
about eating and relaxing, and hanging out. Sometimes maybe you take
your party to the next level, you do some pairings with it, right? A nice light red, an
Italian wine would be good, maybe a hefeweizen from a brewer, just something lighter, maybe something with a
little bit of, I dunno, an orange taste to it, a little background would work well with that ricotta cheese. – Tony has the best
selection at his house, he’s got everything. I’ll provide the address
in the link below. – He won’t do that ’cause
I only got a little bit so. – Wanna check on the empanadas? – I’m down for looking at the empanadas, let me move this out of the way. – So I have some that we actually
made a few minutes before, because the other ones still
have a little bit more to go. So we have these here. – How about a plate Chef Ray?
– Plate’s good. – Now with this right here, would we just serve it like this? – Well, that’s the fun part, you can do whatever you like with them. Tony likes to cut them in half, plate them up so he can
show-off the filling, especially if you’re making
different fillings for it. You can also do them whole like this, you could do whatever you want, if you want a dipping sauce, maybe a little cilantro, sour cream, whatever you wanna do is fine. – So you saved a little cilantro for us? – Yep.
– Right. So how about, can you put
one on my board for me? – Sure. – I’m gonna cut mine in half, little bit on the bias right here. Does that sound alright? – That sounds fantastic. – I’m gonna put it on my plate. – You want a little sprinkle? – Yeah ’cause you know
I wanna show that off and then you’re gonna hit me with a little bit of green right there. – Oh, oh, oh, oh! – You know what green means? It’s time to eat! – Time to eat. – Alright, oh hold on. – [Both] Mm mm! – Mhmmm.
– Mhmmm? – Mhmmm.
– Mhmmm? – Mm! – Words can’t capture
how great this tastes, I’m telling you, this
is delicious Chef Ray. – Picking up the raisins. – The raisins with the
contrast with the olives. – The saltiness, mm! – Mhmmm. – I love it!
– Good stuff! – I love what’s going on right here, and then last but not least for us, we have those dumplings. – Gotta check’em first. – Okay what’s important
about that ground meat, that we wanna let everybody know? – You wanna shoot for
the magic number 165. So let’s see, and we are, good to go. – Alright. Bring’em on over. We have some tongs, I’ll get us some uh– – So you know what I
like to do with these? If we’re making different flavors, different fillings, you can actually stack these up and just put this on the table, and have folks just kind
of dig in the layers. – Okay so instead of dirtying
a platter we’re using what we cooked it
– Yeah I don’t wanna – in to put it out.
– wash dishes. – I hear ya.
– I already cooked. – Alright.
I’m gonna not do dishes. But yeah you can just serve
them right in the basket. I’ll get you. – Looks fantastic, now the dumplings alone are great, but we like to put a
little bit sauce with it, we got some sweet chili sauce. If you like it little bit spicier, bring out that Texas Pete’s
Hot Sauce mix it in there. I love fish sauce as well, little bit of that – [Both] Dark soy. – Things of that nature, so, oh he’s gonna sauce it up for us ladies and gentleman.
– I got you buddy. Check that out. – Oh! This is called ‘cheffin it up, so hold your spoon a little higher and let drizzle and you’ll be uh, oh not that high Chef Ray! – Alright!
– Oh yeah, huh! – I’m gonna take this
– Small piece ’cause – from the front.
– they’re hot. – Here you go sir, I got
you, I got you a clean fork. – I’m good man! Small piece.
– Oh alright. – Alright.
– Ah delicious here. – And the black beans are
holding their integrity, really, really good. I love that sauce. – That’s a wonderful,
wonderful appetizer, so, hey these are party appetizers right Ray? – That’s right. – Then let’s get some of the crew in here, come try some of this and
let us know how it tastes. – Moving target. – Oh there we go.
– Enjoy guys! – Hey save some for the rest of them! – Ooh!
– Way to go. – I like that guy right there.
– Way to go. – He’s down for partying Chef Ray. – Remember everyone, click on that link below to find the list of our Aprons
Cooking School locations, sign up for a class, grab some friends, and come cook along with some
talented chefs in person. We had a great time, hope you did too. Thanks for watching. – Thanks for watching. Thanks Ray! – Did you file your bracket yet? – Oh you know me. Going
we’re all number ones. – There you go. (upbeat music)

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  4. I don't know why I an watching this at 11:00 but it was very nice and looked good I enjoyed this. 100/10 these guys making cooking better.

  5. PUBLIX " where shopping is a pleasure " i actually have it in memorized and repeat to other people when overly dramatic in the PUBLIX parking lot ..

  6. Not once but twice Publix sold me inferior filet mignon,charged me premium price for d grade quality,stopped spending my money at this store!!

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