Pumpkin Polenta with Braised Carrots

Pumpkin Polenta with Braised Carrots

– Hi, I’m Jerry James Stone, and happy Meatless Monday. So I’m super excited about today’s recipe because one, it’s delicious. It’s this pumpkin polenta
with these braised carrots, and it’s just, the polenta
is creamy and wonderful, and the carrots are just tender. It’s a really great recipe, but I wanna talk a little bit about the Meatless Monday thing. So I’ve been a vegetarian
for a very long time, and I don’t get too preachy about it, but I’m gonna talk a little bit about it, the reason, one of the reasons why today,
is the environment. So a quarter pound of hamburger takes about 449 gallons of
water to make that hamburger. 449, that’s 11 bathtubs full of water. That’s a lot of water. For that quarter pound of hamburger. Now for a pound of vegetables, you need 1/10th the water, so meat requires a lot of water, and a lot of energy, you use about 10 times the energy than to just also make those vegetables. So it’s really important if you can incorporate eating meat free, you know, if you’re a meat eater, if you’re a carnivore, omnivore, whatever, if you can incorporate eating
meat free into your diet at least somewhat regularly, and here’s a really
great recipe to do that, this delicious pumpkin polenta. So let me show you how to make it. Okay, so I melted a tablespoon
of butter over a medium heat, now I’m just gonna add in my carrots, and we’re just gonna saute these a bit until they just start to
get a little bit tender, just a little bit, not much, because we’re gonna braise them. So you don’t have to over cook them, but you just want to
cook them over a medium to medium high heat, and get them a little bit tender. They should just start to sizzle. Okay, those are cooking up nicely. I love the little trail that the purple carrots leave in the pan there. So you just wanna saute these for a couple minutes. Like I said, we just wanna get them a little on the tender side. We’re gonna braise them, which is really gonna soften them, and make them quite delicious, but braising is a lot more effective if you tenderize the carrots a little bit with a saute first. Just a few more minutes,
they’re almost ready. Okay, those are looking quite nice, and a couple ways to tell
when they’re ready to go, the colors in the carrots
will start to brighten, you’ll also start to smell those aromas. So now I’m gonna turn the
heat down a little bit, and I’m gonna add in some vegetable broth. I’m gonna add in a
couple cloves of garlic, and a fresh sprig of thyme, and I’m gonna bring this to a simmer. Okay, so that’s starting to simmer, so now I’m going to cover it, and cook it for about 10 minutes. Okay, let’s see how
these babies are doing. They’re looking pretty good. So when they’re ready they’ve
gonna be really fork tender. Oh yeah, these are good to go. Perfect. So now I’m gonna strain out the carrots. (snaps) Okay, so now I’m just gonna
bring the liquid to a boil. This is completely optional. I’m gonna add in a little flour, and I’m just gonna whisk that in, just to thicken it up. I think it’ll make a really nice sauce just to drizzle over the top
of the polenta and the carrots. You don’t have to do this. You know, if you’re gluten
free, just avoid it. Just gonna thicken it up by bringing it to a boil with the flour, getting all the chunks out Okay, that’s looking quite nice. There we go, yeah. Okay, now let’s go finish our dish. Okay, so to make the polenta, first thing I’m gonna
do is bring some water, heat it up, add in a few sage leaves, and then I’m gonna add
in some half and half, and this is what we’re
gonna cook the polenta in. So we’re just gonna warm this
up until it starts to boil. Okay, so it’s starting to boil, so I’m gonna fish out the sage leaves, and now we’re gonna whisk in our cornmeal to make our polenta. Just do it a little bit at a time, and now we’re just gonna
keep stirring this, and cook it for about 30 minutes until it gets nice and thick. It’ll start to get denser and denser, and be harder to stir. That’s how you know it’s cooking. Once it calms down a little bit, you don’t have to stir it quite as much, you can just let it cook
and continue to cook. It looks so good. Okay, this is looking pretty good. Now we’re gonna add in
our remaining ingredients. We’re gonna add in some cheese. Now we’re gonna add in our pumpkin, because you can’t have pumpkin polenta unless you add pumpkin, and go ahead and work that in. Now the heat is off, but I’m leaving it on the stove so I can take advantage of the warmth to get these ingredients mixed in. That’s looking pretty awesome I didn’t show it to you, but I actually added in salt too. I forgot to show that step. There we go, we have our pumpkin polenta. Let’s go top this off with some carrots. Okay, our polenta is ready. Now we’re just gonna top it off with some of these delicious braised carrots. How wonderful does that look? I’m gonna add in some
of the braising sauce, top it off with some chopped pine nuts, a few more pine nuts, a little freshly cracked pepper, and then just garnish it with a sage leaf. Enjoy. Okay, so how delicious does
that polenta look, right? Super, super tasty, hearty, really filling, those beautiful roasted carrots, those heirloom carrots, you just can’t go wrong with this dish. A wonderful way to celebrate fall, but also a wonderful way to
be kind to the environment. Like I said, meat takes a lot more energy, a lot more water, but also it accounts for 15% of the greenhouse gasses that we produce. So eating more meat free
meals makes everything better. I hope you try this recipe. If you like it, give me a thumbs up, and if there’s something
that you want to see, just drop a comment. Let me know, let me know
what you think of it, or if you just want to say hi, that works too. I’ll see you guys next time. (energetic music)

6 thoughts on “Pumpkin Polenta with Braised Carrots”

  1. Terrific and like the points you made re environment .I got my pumkin puree on Saturday so as tomorrow is a special day here plan to try last weeks recipe 🙂 Then will track down such terrific carrots … Thanks Jerry *

  2. I’m a vegetarian as well and try to get my family to have meatless Monday’s, some days it works, some days they complain 😉

    Have you ever tried adding the polenta in cold water then heating? I do it all the time and it ends up just as well as adding slowly to hot. I’ve always wondered why the say to add it to hot liquid lol. Love your vids!!

  3. I like your editorials good info, and entertaining. Haven't seen all, but looking at your pots and pans could you do vids on those. Right now I am blessed to cook with a gas stove. But im renting a room. Perhaps you could say what is best to cook on glass, and electric and your fave utensils to cook with.

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