Pure Michigan Founders Brewing Company | Why Michigan?

Pure Michigan Founders Brewing Company | Why Michigan?

[music] our responsibility is to make great beer,
hire great people, listen to awesome music and have a great time I love the idea of people drinking our beer
all over the world my name is Dave Engbers, I’m the co-founder
of Founder’s currently we brew 15 different beers that
we distribute throughout the year I guess our brewing philosophy is to always
push the envelope, Founder’s isn’t known for its subtleties our beers tend to be fairly big, aggressive,
complex, we’re not trying to appease any audience we somewhat selfishly brew beers for us, and
when we did that we found that there was a whole different audience out there people that were demanding more from their
beer, kentucky breakfast stout, double trouble, devil dancer, curmudgeon old ale, canadian
breakfast stout beers that wow people well our industry is really at a great point
right now, where in 1997 I thought we were getting into the game a little late now people look at us as one of the veterans
of the industry our capacity has grown from 5000 barrels,
which we did in 2007, and this year we will have capacity to 110,000 barrels in 2009 we were the second fastest growing
brewery in the United States, most recently we’ve been voted the second highest rated
brewery in the world the beer thats being brewed in Michigan is
unique, uniquely awesome there is no question that Michigan is in the
top 3 highest rated states as far as craft beer you can drink one of the highest, most sought
after beers in the world for a dollar or two more than a domestic beer now I think Michigan has 5 of the top 50 best
breweries in the world, its not a bad thing if you’ve got breweries like here in Michigan
where people are pushing the envelope and making really interesting and complex beers, I think thats
where we like to call home Pure Michigan is great beer

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  1. We had an awesome Founders Brewery beer dinner at The Ryland Inn in NJ last month! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=raY3LOn9tAI

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