Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski Shows Seth How to Cook Thai Turkey Bowls

Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski Shows Seth How to Cook Thai Turkey Bowls

-We’re here
with Antoni Porowski, who you know as the food expert on Netflix’s Emmy-winning
“Queer Eye.” Thank you so much
for being here. -Thank you for having me.
-I really appreciate it. So, this is something
that is inspired by a dish you make
at your restaurant. -It’s a double whammy because we
want to talk about Thanksgiving. But I also want to talk about
my restaurant, Village Den. -Great, as you should,
Village Den. We’re all very thankful that you
have reopened the Village Den. -Yeah, diners are kind of
a lost art in New York City. And we wanted to create
something that was sort of market-driven, healthy,
guilt-free eating that you could have
during the week. -Which is very exciting.
Down in the West Village. So, what is the item
we’re gonna make here? -So, we’re actually gonna
start with a smoothie. -Oh, wow.
-I know you like cocktails. There’s a towel.
-Okay, great. -So when you get your hands
messy while cooking, it’s nice to have something — -All right, great. Thank you.
All right. -So, this one is called
The Big Porowski, one of my favorite films —
“The Big Lebowski.” Porowski, Lebowski,
you can figure it out. So this is a smoothie that
actually has Greek yogurt, which is one of my favorite
all-time things. -You already lost your towel. -I wore a leather jacket.
That’s on me. -Oh, that’s right.
That’s right, yeah. -So we have Greek yogurt,
almond milk, also really nice
and high in protein. Medjool dates,
which are high in fiber. Very good for a lot of things. After a lot of
Thanksgiving eating. -Yep. -Don’t why I said that.
[ Laughter ] So we have lime zest, bananas. You should peel them
and freeze them. And they add
a nice little cold touch. And you can add ice cubes
if you want. Then you put them in a blender. And then you have
this little thing. -All right. Fantastic. This is so much healthier than
what I’m gonna drink tomorrow. -Right.
[ Laughter ] And isn’t the lime zest
nice in there? -This is fantastic.
-It’s like eggnog. Except there are no eggs
and it’s nothing like eggnog. But it’s the same color.
-It’s wonderful. -Okay, so let’s get started. So, turkeys.
-Yeah. -The problem — I feel like
we’re starting an infomercial. But the problem with
turkeys is — -Hey, I’ve always had
some problems with turkey. They’re too dry. -That’s exactly what I’m
gonna talk about though. -Yeah, I’ve done
a few infomercials. -So, turkey meat
tends to get a little dry after it’s been out
for a couple of days. So it’s a quick little trick
that you can use to rehydrate it which is actually what we do
at the restaurant with chicken to get it nice — I’m sorry for a lack of a better
word, but nice and moist. -Yeah, that’s all right. -So what you’re gonna do now — All right, how comfortable are
you carving a turkey? You’re doing more than stirring
for this. -I’m not comfortable at all.
But I’m gonna go for it. -Fantastic.
-Okay, great. -So you’re actually gonna go —
Here, this is where the bone is. You’re gonna go straight down
here and make an incision and get just a little piece
of breast off. -Okay, great. There we go. -A little to the side. Angle.
-Okay. -There you go.
-Like that? Okay. -Beautiful.
-There you go. Look at that.
That is a good-looking bird. -Oh, thank God, it’s cooked!
-It is cooked. -Beautiful.
-Okay. -So you rip this off like so.
-All right. -And now you’re gonna — which is just taking apart
the protein. -With my hands?
-With your hands. -Oh, wow.
-That’s why we have the towels. -Oh, that’s great.
-See? It all makes sense. -So I’m just taking apart
the protein? -Yeah.
-Okay. -You rip it apart
into little shreds. -Oh, I’m shredding it?
Okay, cool. -Yeah, you’re shredding it. -Great, okay.
This is going great. -Just a pretentious French word
for the exact same thing. -Can you say it one more time? -[ Speaks French ]
-[ Speaks French ] -Close enough.
-Yeah. -So when you get
these little pieces, you actually throw them in.
Oh, my gosh. -Are we not gonna have the skin? -The skin is nice.
-Okay, yeah. So you take —
[ Laughter ] Isn’t it delicious?
-It’s really good. But I think I took
too big a bite. And it wasn’t gonna break off. -You got a fatty bite?
You missed it? -Uh-huh.
-So, you throw the turkey. You throw the turkey. That was nice.
-Yeah, good. Throw it into hot broth.
-Okay. -Which rehydrates it.
-Okay. -There you go.
-All right. Can I just throw this in now? -Yeah.
-Okay, great. -Oh, those are very large,
aggressive pieces. I like that.
[ Laughter ] I’m not —
that’s a very large piece. -Okay. -So this is gonna soften it up.
-Okay. -You can put bay leaves in here.
This is low sodium. We don’t need too much salt. -You grew up in Montreal?
-I’m from Montreal. It’s really nice that I took
a really large bite. -Now you have to talk?
That’s what I’m doing. I’m helping you out right now by asking you about
your upbringing. I want you to think about it.
-Swallowed it. -Don’t tell us about Montreal until you really
thought about it. -So, I was born in Montreal. I’m the first one of my family
born outside of Europe. My parents are Polish, but I was
raise in West Virginia. -Wow.
-Yeah. -That is a weird triumvirate
of places. -And now I’ve been in New York
for like eight years. West Virginia is very different.
Lovely, very green and natural. -All right, so we’ve rehydrated
our turkey. -We’ve rehydrated it. I’m actually gonna ask — we’re gonna move this
over here to the side. And so, now we’re ready
for assembly. So, this is nice and wet and
moist and juicy and delicious. -Okay, that’s the second time
you used moist. I’m not okay with that.
-I know, I know, I know. I’m sorry.
-All right. -Okay, so, first things first,
we have a bed. This is a Thai chicken bowl. So this is a dish — it’s our
number-one hit at the Den. It’s a Thai-inspired,
high-protein, fiber-y little meal. So, we put a bit of brown rice. So, we actually cook in a lot of lemon grass
and a bit of coconut milk. -Okay, great.
-A little spoon of that. -Next up.
-Next up, cabbage. I’m a Polish boy.
We love our cabbage. -All right. -So you take
a little spoon of that. -Okay, just get it in there.
Yup. -So you braise it.
-Okay. -And you add a bit of bay leaf. And you add apple cider vinegar
at the end ’cause it makes it
nice and acidic. Otherwise it gets too bitter
if you put it early on. -And now? -And then finally, we take —
-Oh, there we go. The peanut sauce. -Coconut peanut sauce
with some lime leaves. And we’re actually gonna mix the
turkey in with it in the bowl. -Okay. In this bowl? -So now you’re gonna — Yes.
-All right. -So just toss that up together.
-Okay. Looks good. Throw it in here, right?
-May I? -Yeah, please.
-Okay, so there you go. So you mix it up.
[ Laughter ] You were doing great.
You really were. -That is exactly
what I was doing. [ Laughter ] -I’m like the opposite
of a collaborative person in the kitchen.
I have to learn to be better. -Oh, you really saved us. [ Laughter ] Can I put some peanuts on? -Yeah, these are crushed peanuts
that have been toasted, so they’re nice and golden brown
with a bit of brown sugar. -All right.
-Do you like cilantro? -Nope.
-Great. [ Laughter ] Glad we had this talk.
-Yeah. -And now you can try it. -Yes! -Isn’t it cute?
-It’s excellent. And it’s really good for you. -Antoni Porowski, everybody.

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