RAINBOW CAKE UNICORN How To Cook That Rainbow Cake by Ann Reardon

RAINBOW CAKE UNICORN How To Cook That Rainbow Cake by Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That
I am Ann Reardon Today we are making a rainbow cake and we
have got the new release of the Surprise Cakes app ready so you can put a unicorn on top
of your cake. If you already have the app with the fireworks
and the dragons then just hit update button on your Surprise Cakes app to get the Unicorn
as well, if you don’t have it yet then I’ll add a link in the description below where
you can purchase it on Android and IOS. To make the rainbow cake you will need two
packets of vanilla cake mix made according to the directions on the pack. I am using
packet mix for this because it can handle the over-mixing when we are adding our colors.
Split the mixture evenly between 6 bowls and then add a generous amount of red gel food
colour and mix it through really well. Do the same with your orange, yellow, green,
blue and purple. Take your baking and tin cut out a circle
of baking paper to line the base. And then using the scraps of baking paper grease the
base and sides of the tin and then add the circle back in.
Pour one of your colours into the tin. And then use a spoon to spread it out and
push it out towards the outside and this is going to help decrease that doming in the
middle that cakes often have. Bake that in the oven, the time that will
take will depend on your packet mix so check what it says and then take into account that
you’re only putting half a cake in. Then repeat that with your other colours of
cake batter. For the icing in between the layers I am going
to use a buttercream mixed with cooled ganache and you can find those recipes on the website
howtocookthat.net and I’ll link to them in the description just below this video.
Once your cakes are baked and cooled take them out of the tin and place a bowl or something
round over the top and trim off the outer edge. This is just getting rid of that brown
colour that’s right on the edge colour because we want our cake to be beautifully coloured
and without any brown in it all. Then level off the top using a cake leveler or you can
use a knife. Place your frosting into a piping bag or plastic
bag, shake it down to the bottom and twist it at the top to stop it coming back out the
top end when you squeeze it. Place a small amount onto your cake stand
or plate and spread it out, this just stops the cake from slipping off the cake platter.
Add your purple layer of cake and then pipe a thin layer of frosting over the top and
spread that out as level and flat as you can. Then add the blue, green, yellow, orange and
red layers. Then use your piping bag to pipe more frosting
onto the outside of each layer and then use your spatula to smooth it out. Piping it on
first just helps to keep the different coloured crumbs separate to each other so we don’t
get it mixed over the cake. Then pipe the frosting on top as well in a
circle and spread that out. Go around your edge one more time to smooth that and then
any bits of frosting that are coming up above the top just push them flat going towards
the centre of your cake. Now we need to make a double batch of buttercream
recipe which again is on the website, and split that into 6 different bowls. And just
like we did for the cake batter use lots of gel colour, and I mean lots, to get bright
colors. Now you can’t use liquid colour here because you’ll have to add too much and it
will make the buttercream split. Take a spoon of your purple and add some cocoa
powder to that and a little bit of black food colouring to darken it.
Now take another little bowl and mix together some of your blue and some of your purple
to make a light bluey purpley colour. Now you need to do this for each of your colours
that are next to each other on the rainbow to create a mid tone colour so that they are
going to blend together nicely going up the cake. Then place each of those into ziplock
bags. And starting with the darkest colour, cut
a tiny corner off and then begin to pipe dots of the colour all the way around the base
of the cake. Then we don’t want it to be in stripes, we actually want it to be sort of
uneven, so start to make little triangles coming up and then a dot above that. You can
do it in a neat pattern or you can do it uneven and random it really doesn’t matter. Then
take your purple and fill in the gaps and make the purple come unevenly high as well
just like we did with the darker colour. Then continue that with your next colour as well.
This piping style with the dots of all different colours is inspired by a photo I saw of a
7-tiered cake by Michelle Brull which was the last cake she made before selling her
bakery so she doesn’t do cakes anymore. She used much larger dots than this and you can
do that too but I like the look of the little ones.
At the top pipe a circle of red dots then a row of each colour until you get to green.
And then in a bowl mix together some shredded coconut with some green liquid colour, just
keep mixing it until the coconut absorbs the colour. If you’ve only got gel colour you
can use that, just add a little bit of water to it as well.
Then add a spoonful of your coconut over the top, all the way to cover the middle section,
up to that green line that we typed. Then add your Unicorn marker on top, and you
can colour it in lightly as long as the black lines are still clearly visible so the app
can lock onto it. Turn your Surprise Cakes app, press the movie
clapper and then line up the box with the marker and a Unicorn will magically appear
on top of your cake. You can press the buttons down the bottom
to make it move, you can change its colour by pressing the buttons on the other side
and you can even take photos with the birthday kid behind it. Afterwards they can keep the
marker and play with the unicorn as well. Then you can cut up your cake and serve it
to reveal the colourful rainbow inside. Click to go to the Surprise Cakes app in the
iTunes store or the link for both Android and iOS are below. Subscribe to How To Cook
That for more crazy sweet creations, click here to go to the channel and here to see
last week’s chocolate handbag video. Have a great week and I’ll see you Friday.

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  2. Hi Ann I'm just wondering if I could use regular food colouring I'm from the uk and you can't purchase gel food colouring for it I'm making the cake today (13/04/16) please get back to me

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  4. If you where to color your buttercream at least a day ahead, then you wouldnt have to use as much foodcoloring, if using paste coloring. The color get brighter and brighter the longer its in the buttercream, so making it a day ahead will give the color a chance to inhance itself.

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  8. Ann, that is by far the best and most vibrant rainbow cake I have ever seen. I love rainbow cakes. they just brighten your day and make you smile. the technique that you did is amazing. when I first saw the cake on YouTube I thought that the outside was done with the Nerds candy. lol lol. it looks so pretty. great job as always my friend. many blessings sent your way

  9. Hi — I couldn't find the recipe for your buttercream icing with ganache anywhere on your website – know how to make both – but when do you add the ganache to the buttercream – would you please send me a link as I'd really like to try it.

  10. hello. can you tell me please that when i do i red cake with red food coloring. why does my mixture always go a grey colour. Thankyou.

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