Rainbow Loom Band Cake HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon

Rainbow Loom Band Cake HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That
I am Ann Reardon Today we are making a rainbow loom band cake.
With rainbow frosting in between the layers and a giant loom band bracelet on top.
For the uninitiated loom bands are just little bands that you weave together to make into
bracelets and all different other creations. Firstly you Will need to make two quantities
of the sponge cake recipe and two quantities of one of the frosting recipes. The sponge
cake and frosting recipes and all the videos of how to make them are all on the website
howtocookthat.net and I’ll put a link in the description below this video.
Place 2/3 cup of your frosting into 5 different bowls and mix in your pink colour into the
first one. And here I am using the french buttercream frosting recipe you can use any
of the recipes that I’ve got on the website just use the on that you like the taste of
the best. And I’m also making it pastel colours, if you want them brighter you can of course
just add more colouring. Then I’ve mixed an orange, yellow, green and a blue. Use a cake leveler or a knife to split your
sponge cakes in half and level off the top of each one. Place your first cake onto the cake stand
and then spread the pink frosting over the top going close to but not quite to the edges
so that when you add that next layer it doesn’t all squeeze out the sides.
Continue to layer it up with the other colours. Now a few weeks back I made youtube cupcakes
with all your favourite you-tubers on them and someone requested could i do something
similar with apps. And I thought that’s a great idea. So let me know your favourite
apps in the comments below they can be games, photo & videos ones, lifestyle, productivity
whatever apps you love using the most. Now cover the whole thing in a thin layer
of the uncoloured frosting. This thin layer catches any crumbs so it’s called the crumb
coat. Once it’s covered place it into the fridge to firm up. While it is in the fridge we want to make
our loom bands. Take a snake lolly and cut it’s mouth so that it opens. Then cut two
slices off the tail leaving so it leaves you with a point like this.
Heat that up with a brulee torch and then make the snake bite it’s own tail. Give it
a squeeze together and then let that cool. If you don’t have a brulee torch you can light
a candle and hold it next to the base of the flame, don’t put it in the flame or it will
go black. Make lots of these in whatever colours you
like. Then we are ready to make a giant edible loom
band bracelet. Take two of your bands squash them with the
join the snake head bit in the middle and then place one on top of the other to make
a cross. Fold the bottom one in half so it wraps around that yellow one.
Then take a red band find the head again and squash it so the that’s in the centre and
then feed that through the loops on the orange band.
Now fold up the ends of the red one to make the loops for the next bit . And you can see
we are starting to get that woven pattern. Keep adding more, for those who are unsure
what I just did I’ll show you a couple more. So squash the circle and then feed it through
the loops of the last one, then straighten it up and fold it to make that the loops for
the next one. Once you are happy with the length we need
to join it together. Now usually you’d have a plastic clasp but we are going to use another
snake. So place it through the loops of each one
then loop it around so that it is nice and neat and trim it and use your brulee torch
again to heat it up and seal the ends together. Now you could give this as a gift to your
friends just like that. But we are actually going to use it on the cake.
Take the cake out of the fridge and cover it in another layer of frosting using your
spatula to smooth it out. Add your loom bracelet on top and then put
the spare bands around the edge. And to make it look pretty add a smarty and then a mini
m&m above each one in the matching colour. Then you can cut through the bracelet use
sharp clean scissors and obviously then use a knife to cut through the rest of the cake
and reveal those beautiful layers of colours. Thank you to everyone who voted for How To
Cook That in the streamy awards voting actually closes in 2 days so if you still wanted to
vote I’ll put a link below. But thank you to all of those who already have. If you’re only new here Click that subscribe
button there’s a new crazy sweet creation every week.
For all you regulars add your requests and your favourite apps in the comments below. Here is a link to last weeks sweet burgers
recipe, this one will take you to the How to Cook That channel and here is the website
howtocookthat.net Have a amazing week and I will see you on
Friday. [music: The Boat Song by youtube.com/setsailtv
used with permission]

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  1. Hi, Im Kylara, and me and my mom have been watching you make cakes and desserts for a long time! as for the question you asked in the beginning, My favorite app is either Wattpad, Animal Jam Playing Wild, or HelloPet. I cant decide between those 3…heh heh. Oh, also if you notice this comment, I am a big fan of all of your creations! Thank you and have a nice day!

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