Raindrop Cake, Corinne VS Cooking #7

Raindrop Cake, Corinne VS Cooking #7

*coughs* Got some raindrop stuck in my throat. *coughs* It’s like a blob. It’s gonna come to life tonight and try to strangle me in my sleep. What up Internet? Corinne here and you’re watching Corinne vs. Cooking. Alright, you have been flooding all of my social media accounts with requests to make a raindrop cake. I’m no scientist, but I’m pretty sure this is not a real f*cking cake. So let’s get started, shall we? Okay, so the hardest thing to procure for this project is probably gonna be the Agar Agar. I found this stuff on Amazon and I’m pretty excited about it because it’s vegan and gluten free. Not like this other gelatin that is made from the stuff of nightmares. Okay! You’ll also need filtered water and sugar. Yep. That’s it. Filtered water, sugar, and Agar Agar. So, I have watched several videos on how to complete this project and I think I have a pretty good handle on the right ratios that I need to use. I’ve decided to double the recipe because I wasn’t really sure how much I needed to fill two spherical molds. And, it ended up that I didn’t need that much. Just gonna put these in the frigerator and wait for the gel to set. Feeling pretty good about this! Alright. Here we go! The moment of truth… and– raindrop cake! Nope. No. em euhm This… this isn’t what it’s supposed to look like. This is actually pretty scary looking. It kinda reminds me of vaginal discharge. SUPER appetizing! Okay, attempt number two. Let’s do this! This time, I did not double the recipe but, I doubled the amount of Agar Agar than what originally was called for. That was uncalled for! Okay! This one turned out a little bit better. I mean, it kept it’s shape better, but it is not the clarity that we’re going for. Plus, it’s really hard and not waterdroppy like these other motherf*ckers. And then the second one didn’t even wanna come out of the thing so… … there’s that. It’s alright we’re gonna persevere and keep on going because I. WANT. TO. MAKE. THIS. WORK. Alright. So, attempt three. I scaled back on the Agar Agar and had the same problem that I had the first time. No bueno. This is not working. And then I tried again adjusting little things here and there and then I tried again. And then again. *frustration* WHY CAN’T I GET IT TO WORK?! I don’t know!!! I’ve tried every possible ratio of Agar Agar to the water and it’s not coming out right. Either it’s too cloudy, or it’s not hard enough, and it just turns into gloop. You guys are gonna say that I didn’t try hard enough! But, I straight up tried this like 50 times. *cries raindrops* Next, I decided to make a version using my own tears That’s filtered water. Teardrop cake. Am I right? Yeah. That didn’t work either. Honestly, at this point, i’m feeling pretty downtrodden. I really don’t know what to do. [thunder sound] *whispers* Was that thunder? I think that’s what we’re missing here– we need real rain water! Alright! Just gonna set my little vessel outside and collect away! This is illegal by the way in some states. Not allowed to collect rain water. Can’t go pee. Can’t collect rain water. I don’t know what the f*ck is going on I’m super excited! About the amount of rainwater I was able to get granted… there’s somethings floating in it and it looks a little scary. But, i ran it through my water filter thingy, so. That’s gonna help it. A little bit. I think. Plus, I boiled it for a few minutes and I’m pretty sure that’s gonna kill any harmful bacteria that may be present. It still didn’t turn out clear like we wanted it to be. In this lighting it actually doesn’t look half bad. But it’s a lie. You cannot see through this thing. That is oddly satisfying. Eugh. It kinda just tastes like water. *retching* I don’t like it though. EUGH. BLAAAH. *dishes clinking* *sigh* alright. Because I was pretty much at my wits end, I decided that I can make it look pretty regardless of the amount of “Agar Agar” that was used by adding purple food dye. That’s right. I’m making a purple raindrop cake. *sings* purple rain Rest in peace Prince. *mockingly* Who’s Prince? What? What is this world coming to? Uhhhhh, he’s the reason half of you are alive today. Know that. Okay, so yeah. It’s kinda pretty right? I feel like this is how food will be in the future. Things to look forward to. Eugh. That’s not good. No, I don’t like this at all. Probably because I’m mostly tasting food coloring at this point, but Nah. Eugh. Ah, it’s terrible. Eugh Huh. Honestly, I lost count how many times I attempted to do this sh*t. I adjusted. I tweaked. I tried different things. I just don’t think I can do this anymore, you guys. It’s been 3 days. I’m so tired. If I don’t stop now, this video will never happen. Well! That’s it for this week. Do you have a project you wanna see us try in the show? Leave a link in the comments down below. Don’t forget to subscribe. Like up this video. And I’ll see you later. *scissor sounds* Oh! By the way, can you stop suggesting projects that I suck at? That’d be great. Thanks!

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  1. just saying that that the agar agar stuff was in a slime kit and produced a simalar texture to this cake… the more u know

  2. guys guys guys i figured out the real way to make raindropcakes use robs way of makeing solid water in the deep fryed water video

  3. Corrine herself something lemonade or coca cola rain drop cake
    1 actrele resipy f ING damit and galexy mother f ING couler

  4. I don't know how you would have haters!!!! Love you so much. And you're a beautiful person….Keep goin girl!!!!

  5. Corrine: I can’t do this it’s not working

    Me: *takes a rain drop and puts it on a cake… “BOOM”

  6. This was the first Threadbanger video I ever saw. Now you guys are hands down my favorite YouTube channel and I show you to all my friends.

  7. It's important to dissolve the agar agar in cool water and add sugar and serve with a brown sugar syrup and roasted soybean flour😉 just a little tip for my favorite youtuber

  8. You could of tried boiling the water after mixing the agar stuff in.
    I don't really know what I'm talking about but meh 😂😂

  9. hi so we use this in my research lab you have to get the agar really really hot in order to get the clarity your after like around or above 250 (btw it used to make plates to grow thing on) 🙂

  10. you can’t put in the sugar until the agar dissolves. also, you have to let it boil and then simmer for a few minutes

  11. like….I know this video is like, alsomst 3 years old…it's May 6th 20019 when I am…BUT!
    My point is, I really, really badly want Corinne to do a re do on this pin, cuz….she could have boiled the mixture for longer…


  12. I love prince and when she said he's the reason some of you are alive I cracked up laughing and I'm only 11

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