RANDOM Teammate ROASTS Controller Players.. Feat. SypherPK

OPC is jumping on to partner up with me for the whole year for a whole year we’re gonna be working on a custom chair for me the reason why I’m not in an OPC charity today is because they we don’t have they they the one that gave me it just doesn’t um I don’t explain this oh okay like I was when I was born they said oh my god and I said yo basically with the chair that the way it fits like if you buy be good for a lot of you guys but for me I have I got like one leg and one leg and like I have like three I got three legs so how I gotta sit down what I have my I did they need to make a custom Valley you know cuz right now this is chairs meant for two legged human I have three so we’re gonna go back and we’re gonna customize my chair up a little bit so that way when I sit down like cuz this one now and now has an init there’s an imprint so I’m everything is good for me okay but for the but for the next one we got to make it okay you guys got it okay cool [Music] you hear your mic you are you are you bumblebee from Transformers mic sounds like it’s totally ok you saying the microphone sounds like really bad it’s ok it’s ok let’s go to school let’s go start the Aled come on good just something I’m really buddy in this thing okay I’m really good you follow me okay okay okay Nick you gotta meet this Chris hi going on what is this guy doin bro Alan I gave you specific instructions I said follow me you said okay listen not afraid I don’t I can’t talk to you about this right now Alan I you heard what Alan just don’t go nowhere I walk coming Alan Thanks I can’t hear anything Alan I’m not gonna lie to you bro that that mic is a piece of work homie my god oh [Applause] I’m not afraid you’re not afraid are you are not you’re not fair you a youtuber are you a youtuber huh you’ve never you never uploaded on YouTube ever so you’re a streamer that’s Louie bro we’re pkware pika to your left to your left game Allen come on there’s no Allen there’s no chance I’m hearing I’m hearing come on bro Allen Allen are you serious I know you hear what I’m saying you’re fucking with me right oh good I’ll do me a lot of good yeah nah controller controller Alec can you can you mute your mic for a little while and then when you want to say something you just unmute it and then you say it and then you mute it you don’t say uh-uh [Music] yeah okay fucker I’m gonna I’m gonna say in Spanish and once all in Spanish it was like fun Ellen que pasa que pasa 2.2 impo ha para a blood yeah me your mic microphone or mute Oh microphone microphone oh I own all your microphone what do you got over there roll PK you just spoke Italian you’re so stupid really I think so oh you did it oh oh you did it good job Alan all right key Alan were you out Alan okay don’t say anything yet don’t say no I’m just saying that I want to do with the Cure me so if I give him a call out he can good job Alan bro he’s still a salty shouldn’t go back give me a RM on your team in front of me you’re not afraid are you there yeah do you have a name the theme in front of me not afraid no all right like your fruit like my name is Nick right brain it’s okay you don’t have your name just just like give me the first letter so I could like could I call pkv now just call PK you know okay I’ll call you P perfect PK give me give me here don’t mess me up don’t ask me up okay no skins we show you think when you don’t have a skin you you’re not as bad [Music] where you going my job Alan alright so I have something to tell you guys I kind of um plugged my keyboard in my mouse into my ps4 whoa I mean I agree with you that could you know control players are trash but yeah yeah we’ll see you see here a little Sparky it’s that you know some players to play a controller can can can do some work you don’t mean are you saying all controller players are trash no no no oh okay well good well you would you plan you plant roller or keyboard controller okay well just cuz you’re trash doesn’t mean every controller players trash well I’m not I’m the controller player so is it can can we move on from that now yes I am yeah well we’re in come on P you can still play a controller on PCP Oh what else I just picked you just got you just got me angry I’m not angry he’s in the pyramid I miss Alan you got a launch pad I oh yeah this is because you trash it doesn’t mean that you can doesn’t mean you can’t become not trash you know that even with controller you can smell really good it’s okay Alan will pick you up again he is just keeping each other up so you make it in IRRI dosa colitis he’s a fake I play with the real Nick mercy yep it’s not him the real Nick nice is much better okay these guys trawling he’s 200 you happy is a tree structure is trolling the whole time he’s patrolling [Music] this will make you here yeah no PKU reason I got that deep voice bro so oh yeah Allen just took it because you got here first who’s talking to you just talking yourself we’re doing Allen okay big bet your yo we’re gonna win this there’s one person left you know yeah oh yeah good team wins yo Allen was good rollin by miss you homie oh my god don’t ever leave me again I’m sorry keep your my copy for us your life what’s good bro I know where he is I just shall we keep ah ah I know these somewhere over here just out of it you’re sharing your thoughts oh I gotta walk my my fish I will see you when the food is highest the sky Gigi’s I love you [Music]

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