Ranking All-You-Can Eat Chain Buffets From Worst To First

Ranking All-You-Can Eat Chain Buffets From Worst To First

The heyday for all-you-can-eat buffets might
be in the past but if you know where to go, you can still find your unlimited satisfaction
in the form of an unending dinner plate. Here’s our ranking of all-you-can-eat buffets,
from worst to first. This all-you-can-eat buffet known primarily
for their pizza is an inexpensive restaurant option but if you succumb to the cheapness,
you’ll soon regret not shelling out more money for a real meal. The pizza crust is stiff and flavorless, and
you can taste the cost-cutting measures in the rest of the bland ingredients. With each bite you take from the buffet, no
matter if it’s pizza or one of their newer concoctions, your regret will grow and the
money you saved won’t be able to overshadow your dissatisfaction. “What the heck is that?!” “Who puts broccoli on pizza?” “That’s it, I’m done.” “Congratulations, San Francisco, you’ve
ruined pizza!” As the name suggests, Souper Salad offers
primarily all-you-care-to-eat soup or salad, but what you get is atrocious. The salad options are disappointingly limited
and, and if you want to try the soup, you sometimes have to do so blindly because Souper
Salad has a bad habit of not labeling the different options. Ultimately, whichever soup you select will
be a letdown. Even worse? Most Souper Salads also have a taco bar, but
it’s not worth trying, either. Bummer. Shoney’s has been around since 1947, so you
might have good childhood memories of this restaurant. But don’t let your memories fool you, Shoney’s
isn’t a place you should go to if you want good food. In theory, Shoney’s all-you-can-eat food bar
is a bargain, as it promises everything from fried chicken to fruit. But in reality, it’s usually just gross. The problem with Shoney’s isn’t necessarily
the ingredients or even the recipes. The problem is that everything is just so
stale. If you happen to catch the buffet when it’s
hot and fresh, Shoney’s isn’t bad. That said, it’s still not what you may remember
from decades ago. Pizza Ranch has more than 200 locations, mostly
in the Midwest. When you enter a Pizza Ranch, you might be
impressed by their Western-themed decor. When you taste the food, though, you’ll be
mostly unimpressed. While the pizza might be a step up from Cicis,
it’s still not what anyone with functioning taste buds would classify as good. Beyond their pizza, the macaroni and cheese
is basically glorified cheese paste, and even their mashed potatoes manage to somehow disappoint. The best option is usually their dessert pizzas. But, if you don’t act quickly, the feeding
frenzy created by others waiting for the same dessert pizza will empty it before you can
get your hands on a slice. HomeTown Buffet, Old Country Buffet, and Ryan’s
Buffet are all-you-can-eat buffets owned by the same company, offering the same experience
under different names. Twenty years ago, you could find really good
food at these restaurants. Unfortunately, the parent company recently
filed for bankruptcy and the quality of food continues to deteriorate. When you eat at any of these buffets, it’ll
be painfully obvious that you are eating at a place that may be out of business soon. The decor is outdated, cleanliness can sometimes
be lacking, and the atmosphere is depressing. The food itself is okay as long as you prefer
everything to be sweeter than necessary. Needless to say, they probably won’t be around
by the time your grandkids grow up. Western Sizzlin’ is an all-you-can-eat buffet
restaurant chain with food that’s a reasonable array of decent, authentic Southern cuisine. Two issues hold Western Sizzlin’ back from
rising higher. First of all, a lot of the food is simply
overcooked. Secondly, the cost has gone up enough that
it’s questionable whether you are receiving good value for your money. For a comparable price, you can get higher
quality food at a normal, sit-down restaurant. Though it used to be fairly common, only certain
Pizza Hut restaurants offer an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet these days. Finding one near you can be a chore, however
if you do find one, it’s actually pretty good bang for your buck. That said, there are a few caveats you should
know about before you track down a Pizza Hut that does the lunch buffet. First of all, expect there to be a really
limited assortment of pizzas. The quality of what is available is usually
high, but don’t be surprised if your favorite type of pizza is nowhere to be found. Second? Don’t count on a dessert. Sweet Tomatoes, which goes by the name Souplantation
in California, is legitimately one of the best all-you-can-eat options in the nation. Open for either lunch or dinner, this is the
place to go if you want a buffet with a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Their salad bar is fantastic, as they even
have special salads that change each month, along with nuts, croutons, and seeds to add
a yummy crunch to your salad. Sweet Tomatoes also has some of the best soups
you will find at a buffet restaurant, as well as a bakery section that features really good
muffins and breads. The only real flaw for Sweet Tomatoes is crowd
management, so it’s best to visit during off-peak hours. Sirloin Stockade has been around since 1966,
and unlike many other chain buffets, they seem to be getting better and better. Their all-you-can-eat hot buffet has filling
entrees including pasta and cooked-to-perfection steak. The meat quality here is surprisingly high. In their cold buffet, Sirloin Stockade has
a top notch salad bar with fresh vegetables. What may end up being your favorite aspect
is the bakery, where they have cakes, multiple types of pies, and rolls. They also have ice cream and a vast choice
of toppings, and everyone knows that’s a must for a real buffet. While all-you-can-eat pizza places usually
underwhelm, Shakey’s Pizza is an exception as they’ve been able to maintain the same
high standards throughout the years. This is one place that won’t disappoint if
you decide to visit due to nostalgia. In fact, it’ll be just like you remember. You can taste the difference in their pizza
dough, which is prepared fresh every day and is never frozen. The mozzarella cheese on the pizza is also
tasty and a step up from the competition. If you like dessert pizza, Shakey’s has you
covered with plenty of sweetness to select from. Bonus? Their Mojo Potatoes are famous for a reason,
and their fried chicken is crispy and yummy. Sizzler has had its ups and downs over the
60-plus years it’s been in business. From iconic eatery to bankruptcy, these days
Sizzler doesn’t have many locations in the United States — but the ones they do have
are actually serving really good food. Unfortunately, only some of them are still
all-you-can-eat buffets. “What happened to the stakes they had in their
when they closed?” “Do you think they got eaten?” Still, we recommend you locate one because,
if you haven’t been in a while, you’ll be surprised at how good at all tastes. Keep an eye out as Sizzler will sometimes
offer all-you-can-eat entrees like shrimp, steak, or ribs. That’s a great time to visit and get your
fill. Your Sizzler might not look like it did in
the ’90s, but it will still be darn good. A relative newcomer to the all-you-can-eat
buffet scene, HuHot Mongolian Grill has their own tasty twist. After paying for the lunch price or the dinner
price depending on the time of day, you get a bowl and get to work. In your bowl, you place your choice of protein,
noodles, vegetables, and sauce. The most popular protein options include meat,
chicken, and shrimp. Once you’re finished picking the items for
your bowl, you head to the grill where your food is cooked for you. Still hungry? Start the process all over again! When you combine quantity of options and quality
of food, no all you-you-can-eat buffet can touch Golden Corral. While it’s not the best food on the planet,
you are sure to find something you like. You can find it all here, with timeless favorites
including bacon wrapped sirloin filets, smoked beef short ribs, boneless buffalo chicken
wings, sweet and sour pork, baked fish with lemon herb sauce, and many more. Golden Corral has an incomparable carving
station and a salad bar complete with all types of fruits and vegetables. They also have delicious soups, freshly baked
breads and other goodies in their bakery, and a dessert bar that will have you coming
back for seconds and thirds. Maybe even fourths. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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100 thoughts on “Ranking All-You-Can Eat Chain Buffets From Worst To First”

  1. Golden Corral is nasty af, but I do live in the ghetto south. For some reason Golden Corral is really popular with ghetto low class people in the south, and that’s who works there as well.

  2. I've been traveling for a living for almost 20 years, so I've eaten at beyond my fair share of restaurants. I'm not sure how they decided to choose just 13 places, but of them I've eaten at 10. I'm not gonna try ranking them but will say that I'm very surprised that CiCi's was last and Golden Corral was first. I believe that most people who have a CiCi's in their neck of the woods would say that you can't beat it for the price. Yea, the food isn't the greatest you'll ever have, but you won't leave dissatisfied. Shoney's has become difficult to find but they are average at best. I miss the Hometown (and Ryan's) that was here in town up until about 8 years ago. You got your own refills of whatever you wanted (soda, milk, juice, tea, etc). I do have a Pizza Hut near me that offers a lunch buffet and the video was dead-on about that – very limited (usually 3 pizzas) – and it goes quickly. I only had HuHot once while in California and it's exactly like BDs Mongolian Grill that we have in OH. It's really good but a pain if you're really hungry and visiting during peak times. And I'll say this about Sirloin Stockade (I believe I was near Paducah, KY at the time): the food was very fresh and flavorful and I was not disappointed in the selection.

  3. VERY subjective….. CiCis newer flatbreads are decent and for the price, cannot be beat. Their dessert is great too. In general, you get what you pay for and the key is to go when these places are packed so the food is fresh.

  4. How could you possibly leave out any mention of Pizza Ranch amazing chicken? No positive, no negative, no mention at all! Did you even send anyone there at all?

  5. Don't believe that resturant employees should be baby/ child sitters, that responsibility belongs to the parents. If the children don't know how to behave, then leave them home.

  6. Should've named this west coast buffet's. I've only ever heard of 3 of these cici's, pizza hut and golden coral. And cici's is definitely better than both of those. The golden coral here sucks

  7. Golden Corral is the worst buffet I have ever been to. I have given it three shots in three different towns and the food was universally terrible.

  8. I wish they showed real footage of the food from other YouTubers or pics from the net.

    Going by the commercials, all this food looks freaking amazing.

  9. The Golden corral in Elgin Illinois is excellent but the one in Tinley Park Illinois is not that great plus is overcrowded which I don’t like

  10. Golden Corral is shit! They had cockroaches all over the food at a local one, and it's still in business!! God, you talk about disgusting!

  11. Stopped going to Old Country Buffet because I never felt good after eating there. Have heard the same complaint from others. None remain in my area. Still have a Ponderosa nearby and is a good place to eat despite not being as fancy as other restaurants.

  12. Due to cleanliness issues and not wanting to over-eat really bad, we prefer a decent cafeteria, especially S&S (getting harder to find in Georgia and SC). Stop by if you're going through Macon. Kids meals are .99 if you get certain adult meals, and everyone can get pretty stuffed for around 6 bucks per person (but be nice and leave a tip).

  13. Sweet Tomatoes isn’t all that…It’s just alright. Their soups are nothing to brag about. Cleanliness lacking and dated decor. Sketchy staff.

  14. Haven't had Shakey's buffett in 30 years but I still remember that it was awful, there pizza is worse than the cheapest frozen pizza available.

  15. Golden Corral is always old dry and gross. Good foods always empty. Everytime I went to an all you can eat steak at Golden Corral they are out. One time refused to give me any at all when I mentioned I have not been able to get any. Last time I ever went

  16. they all look good to me….I'm not a big eater so I don't go to these types of restaurants…..but if I did, I would not have a problem with any of them really…….

  17. I heard the words fresh fruits and vegetables come out of her mouth. HOW DARE YOU use those words none of this slop is frech so don't you dare tell me that.

  18. My experience with Pizza Ranch was always pretty good, pizza and chicken… but man, do I miss the KFC buffet, there used to be one less than two miles away from where I lived in the 90s. Then, Yum! co-branding killed off almost all of these over the years.  One of the few left is about 110 miles away from where I live now…  and yeah, I have gone there.

  19. I have ate at 3 different Golden Corral locations. Two of them brand new unfortunately got sick all 3 times. I'll stick to casino buffets as they are the bomb living in Las Vegas. Try the Bacchanal buffet at Ceasers Palace expensive but worth it!!! Can't believe Golden Corral ranked 1st… I would hate to try any of the others!!!!

  20. Cici's is fucking garbage. Homeless soup kitchen aficionados won't eat there even if you pay them to. Pizza ranch is what rural people who have never had good pizza eat.

  21. I went to Golden Corral once and liked it and was surprised by it but I can tell that's the kind of place that is only good depending on the area each one is in.

  22. I usually call Golden Corral the "Golden Trough" since their buffet looks like a horse's trough and that's what you will find in a corral.

  23. Honestly, 9 times out of 10 you are going to get better food and get it cheaper just ordering your food at a regular restaurant. Unless you're a fat hog, that eats plate after plate, buffet is not a good option, the food is usually cold and it's not that cheap.

  24. I ate at Hometown buffet in 2012 and it ruined my life. Ended up with the worst case of Salmonella food poisoning. the infection was so bad that I had to have 18" of my colon sectioned. My digestive tract is seriously compromised for the rest of my life.

  25. Golden Corral is definitely a hit or miss. I've been to one in my area which is horrible. I remember the atmosphere being depressing and nothing was memorable except for their ice cream that tasted like water.

    Then there's one in Orlando which is clean and their food is actually fresh, so it really depends on the location

    I will have to disagree on the fact that it's better than sweet tomato though

  26. Not been a Shoneys around here in 15 years. Miss them. They were WAY too expensive though. Screw buffets….bring back cafeterias. I miss Morrison's more than anything.

  27. Impossible to actually make a ranking of this sort. Buffet's quality varies so widely depending on actual kitchen staff. A buffet from one chain may be great in one location and horrible in another. They don't buy their dishes premade after all, and each cook's dishes depends on their talent.

  28. My issue with Sweet Tomatoes is the lack of protein. Yes, there's usually cubed ham on the salad bar, but that's about it. You might find one soup with meat in it on a good day. Otherwise it's lettuce and carbs.

  29. Shoney's used to be the bomb back in the day. Had 2 in Gainesville one on 13th st, and one on Archer Rd and they both closed.

  30. golden coral is a hit or miss and there prices are outrageous. I've been to a pizza ranch..not much of a buffet and there pizza is nasty

  31. Golden Corral kicks ass! At least in Florida. Ruby Tuesday's is good in Florida but sucks in NY. Glad to hear Sizzler's is still kicking. They left LI NY 🙁

  32. Am I the only one sick of hearing every other woman speak with vocal fry? It's not unique anymore ladies, you sound like a bunch of clones.

  33. If golden corral is the best then there's no hope for mankind. Now if you want diarrhea for 72 hours, then that's your spot.

  34. IN THE END OF IT ALL.Its almost all mostly canned food and processed cheese or not really cheese.The meats are almost always pre marinated and sometimes precooked so all the staff has to do is warm the items.Your almost ALWAYS better off having a home cooked meal.oh that's right most of you guys can't cook. DO A VIDEO ON WHAT RESTURANTS ALMOST NEVER ACTUALLY COOK THE FOOD THEY SERVE. I will stick with cooking my own meals..solo goood.

  35. Sweet Tomato is overpriced for a meal that leaves you hungry an hour later … unless you scoop the chicken out of the chicken noodle soup. Hint: the place sells "meat in a cup" at check out for an extra charge speaks for itself.

  36. The sodium levels at these places are killers…no, literally. Go someplace, ya know, like YOUR HOME, and cook something from scratch. Protip: microwaving Hot Pockets does NOT count as cooking. Hamburger Helper does NOT count as scratch.

  37. I've maybe gone to buffets a dozen times in my entire life ( usually for a free promotion of some sort ) and i really don't like it…..i always feel too full at the end no matter if i try to eat small amounts or not. The culprit is the temptation to overeat. The feeling of sluggishness stays with me for hours afterwards. That cannot be good for the waistline or the heart, even. Cannot imagine paying to eat there. It's just a bad idea all around.

  38. Could we have an episode about the cleanest, and most pleasant public restrooms in which to unload some of that buffet goodness ?

  39. Sizzler used to be in Vancouver. Steak and all you can eat shrimp, plus the salad bar (Mexican, Italian, Japanese, Chinese food stations ) and unlimited desserts and drinks all for $13.
    I'd eat there 3 times a week,and bought almost no other groceries.

  40. Western Sizzlin offers better food than some others but at a higher price. How can the narrator complain about this when she criticizes the lousy but cheaper food at other buffets? What's more, you might get as good or better food for less at a sit-down restaurant, but you only get one serving for your money. I like refilling my plates with a variety of chow for one price.

    Hu Hot has good food but I can't abide how it's served. Fill a rather small bowl, stand in line waiting for it to be cooked, eat it (you'll still be hungry), get another bowl, stand in line, ad infinitum. And it's expensive.

    But Golden Corral: find a good franchise (there are a few clunkers out there) and dig in. It's the best buffet I've ever been to.

  41. Pizza Hut, Golden Corral and Hometown Buffet are the most ghetto restaurants in the USA. They attract a class of people who are always looking to get something for nothing, and who tend not to have much respect for the law and other people. I've often heard stories on the news about mass brawls, stabbings and shootings at these places.

  42. Whaaat? Cicis is a family favorite. It's not the best pizza, but there's a lot of variety and pasta dishes and a salad bar. If you're there near closing time, they may give you boxes to fill up with all you want to take home.

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