this next place we’re gonna film is mad ohhhh the smell we’re in the state of Oaxaca and we’re
here to eat this Oaxaca series is all about sharing with you some of the most delicious food in this amazing state Oaxacan food is some of the most unique in Mexico this is our fourth video from Oaxaca and we’re taking you into the heart of Tlacolula
market this weekly country market is one of the biggest in Oaxaca state we join
the locals at the grill in the smoky meat hall and barbecue up our own meat
feast and share with you a famous Oaxacan specialty the local food culture
here is heavily influenced by Oaxaca’s indigenous peoples and here
you’ll find food that you won’t see anywhere else in the country in this
huge Mexico series we’ll show you some of Mexico’s tastiest food from local
favorites to traditional recipes you don’t want to miss this series
get ready for some mouth-watering food I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate, we hope you’re hungry, let’s eat! every Sunday the town of Tlacolula
which is about 40 minutes outside of Oaxaca city holds a massive market day
it’s one of the biggest traditional market days in Oaxaca state together
with Ocotlan which we filmed a video at the other day we’ll link it up there this
place is just a riot of colour and noise and delicious food so what we’re going
to do today is just wander around the market eat some really really tasty
Oaxacan specialties and show you around a bit Tlacolula market is a really great place
to sample Oaxacan specialties and I’ve just spotted a real Oaxacan specialty it’s
tejate now tejate is a drink that is from the Mixtec and Zapotec peoples it dates back to the pre-hispanic times it’s really unique
really special and it’s quite rare to find outside of Oaxaca so let’s go and grab a bowl hola buenos dias, un tazon por favor cacao? Si, gracias gracias alright so I’ve got my bowl of tejate now the lady here
is actually preparing the tejate what she’s doing is she’s mixing up a paste
the paste is made up of toasted maize flour, there’s cacao there’s flor de
cacao which is a white flower from this region there’s the toasted pit of
the mamey fruit she’s basically elbow deep mixing it up mixing up
that paste and then she’s gonna mix it with water and that’s how it gets this
consistency so you can see here it’s got a watery base and then on top it’s got
this foamy sort of floaty curd like stuff and that’s the flor de
cacao the flower which has just risen up to the top let’s just give this thing a
taste so it comes in a really
traditional bowl too oh it’s such a unique flavour it’s really
earthy it’s nutty it’s a little bit floral and you can really taste that
cacao it’s coming through beautifully mmm the foamy bits on the top the flor de cacao almost have a creamy texture this is really delicious and as I was saying before it’s quite rare so you don’t find this fresh outside of Oaxaca it’s a drink
that’s passed down from generation to generation through the family so every
sort of recipe differs and it’s really neat to be able to share this type of
food with you because it’s so rare this bowl of tejate isn’t really just
food it represents community and family and history and culture especially
because it dates back thousands and thousands of years it’s a real honour to
be able to share this type of food with you tejate I love the atmosphere of these tejate stands because
everyone just sort of swings by grabs a bowl of tejate and then downs it and then
gets on with their day such a great snack muchas gracias delicioso gracias, hasta luego that was just so refreshing and such a unique flavor love it as well as the outside areas that take
over some of the streets of this town this market has some incredible inside
areas so some more permanent buildings and it is full on in here the air is
full of smoke there’s music being played beautiful colors everywhere there’s fruit there’s vege there’s clothing anything you can imagine but there is a ton of food so
all of this area is food we’ve come into the main food hall and up ahead there is barbacoa alley really there’s about 10 or 15 stalls all
selling barbacoa de Chivo which is slow roasted goat so it’s cooked in a
pit covered with a lot of maguey leaves so I think what we’re gonna do is head to
Adolfa which is the first stall here we’ve heard that Dona Adolfa has been cooking
her barbacoa for a really long time like something like 50 years and you can
see the pot of barbacoa and it looks sensational hola buenos tardes barbacoa de chivo? Whoa
it looks amazing so it is, oh muchas gracias so this lovely lady has given me a taste of the barbacoa de Chivo oh man
it’s melt in your mouth we’ve got to eat here we’re just gonna nab a
seat at this stall this is really frenetic there’s so much going on there’s
so many people here it’s a great atmosphere really really exciting dos tacos por favor y un consomme, si, gracias all right our food has arrived we ordered
a bowl of soup but we also need some tortillas and this lovely lady has just shown up with some tortillas dos tortillas por favor gracias Senora so she’s got her big
pile of tortillas and they’ll be perfect with the consomme they’re nice and warm
oh gosh they’re gonna go really well, quanto cuesta a lot going on, the are musicians playing, people are all tucking in, full on atmosphere I really like it so we got this spread
of the two tacos so they’ve got the barbacoa
inside and I think some salad and whatnot and we also got this consomme which is
full of that goat meat look at the meat super soft in there and that nice rich looking soup I just actually want to have a little bit of that soup oh come on that is so good that is full of flavour but let’s get into it
properly so we’ll get one of these tortillas that we just got from that
lady spoon all the soup over the top really moisten
that up and now on the table we’ve got a bunch of stuff we can put with this so I’m here for some salad so get a little bit of coriander and cabbage on there some lime the lime all over the top and we’ve got a bit of salsa here so this is a salsa verde so we’ll just dump a whole lot of salsa verde on there now that is gonna be heaven oh my god oh that meat is so soft and even though it’s cooked in a whole lot of spices and you’ve got that soup in there with the meat the meat is retaining its flavour so it’s got a lovely flavour of goat which is really nice because the true depth and all the spice and chilli that’s coming from the soup, the meat’s just not taken over the meat tastes great okay so we ordered two tacos as
well so I just want to sort of see what’s in here so I’m just gonna unroll it
all right so whoa look at that there’s just like a perfect amount of goat meat in there it’s really chunky there’s
also some of the cabbage and the coriander what I’m going to do is just
chuck a ton of lime on the inside there and then also put some of that salsa
verde alright roll this baby back up oh my goodness okay holy moly that goat is just packed with flavour even though I popped the salsa verde and the lime juice on there the majority of the flavour is coming from that goat it’s completely full of like Thomas said real meat flavor it’s very
savory it’s got a real depth this is so good this next place we’re gonna film is mad
look at all the smoke in the air so these are all butchers shops along here
there’s all grills in the middle and you can buy your own meat cook your own meat and vegetables far out look at this looks like some sort of
blimmin end of the world sort of things going on there’s so much smoke in here
this is crazy this is gonna be real fun so each of these stalls is owned
separately so we’re just gonna pick a random stall and buy some meat and then
hopefully commandeer a grill I can see some intestines there’s chorizo
sausage there’s tasajo which is thinly pounded cured beef it is so
frenetic in here so we’re basically in the same building so just over the
ways where we had the barbacoa we’ve literally walked like 10 meters and we’re
in this huge meat hall so let’s go and get some of our meat hola buenos tardes, tasajo? Si, uh medio kilo, si gracias, si so I’ve ordered half a kilo of tasajo so tasajo is really thinly pounded beef steak and then it’s cured in salt and then you just cook it on the grill so
I think the lady’s just gonna give me a basket with the meat in it and I I suppose
we just go and find ourselves a grill all right so we’ve ordered our half kilo
of tasajo and the lady is just slicing it up into manageable slices for us to
put on the grill so it’s going into this basket here all of the other stuff looks
really good too there’s tripa intestines there’s the chorizo there’s pork all sorts of cuts there’s even beef ribs they look real good, muchas gracias there are lots of different ladies wandering around with
vegetables and whatnot so you can buy spring onions and onions and chilies and
whatnot to put on the grill as well to cook up together with your beef so maybe
if we see a roving vege vendor we’ll grab some vegetables as well so one of the
sellers came around with some onions or some cebollitas this is mad I’m just
getting run over by this giant trolley this place is crazy it’s like nowhere
we’ve ever seen in the world there’s so much meat on these grills so many people
here it’s it’s unreal it’s incredible I can’t wait to get our meat on there this
is like nothing we’ve ever seen this is great what I might do is chuck these cebollitas on right in the middle of the grill cause
they’re gonna take a lot longer than the steak to cook I think we should make it clear
that we have no idea what’s going on here it’s it’s quite confusing it’s
super fun but it’s really confusing so we’ve now managed to get a little space
on the grill we have absolutely no idea where we’re meant to eat this food
we don’t know how long the onions are going to take to cook we don’t know how
everyone keeps track of who’s there’s because people seem to be coming and
going it is wild I’m loving it this is great fun so I’ve claimed this sort of corner of
the grill right here meat’s cooking up really nicely the onions are looking
good this is gonna be a real feast all right so the tasajo is looking pretty
good I’m pretty much gonna take it all off the grill now I think the onions just need
a tiny little bit longer ohhh the smell it’s just phenomenal but cecina is muy rico too they’re just
chucking some more charcoal under the grill whoa it is super hot I’m sweating this lady next to me is just laughing at me because she’s saying yes you are
sweating real bad ah gracias so we’ve got our bunch of tasajo and cebollitas and now we’ve got to find some more stuff to go with it and also a place to sit and eat I’m just going to put my tongs back I have no idea what I’m doing I think
we’ve got to go and find some sauces and maybe some avocados and tortillas would be perfect with this lot we asked where we should eat this of
some of the ladies who are hanging around they sort of said to just come
this way so off we go no gracias we’re just picking up some avocados to
go with our meat perfecto gracias there’s a lady here selling some tortillas so
they’ll go perfectly with this uh cinco muchas gracias so I got five pesos worth
which gives me a bunch of tortillas so that’ll be perfect, si gracias alright people are just leaning up against these empty stalls and tucking in so I think we’re just going to do the same so we’ve got a
bunch of tortillas we’ve got two avocados we’ve got some cebollitas and we’ve got some tasajo so it’s going to make a fine meal I think actually the
only thing missing is probably some salsa to bind it all together I popped up to the end of the main hallway and there was a stand selling all sorts of accompaniments to go with this type of meal so I got us a salsa roja which is a red salsa and that’s just going to tie everything
perfectly together I reckon we came very prepared we brought our Swiss Army knife
with us so we can cut into the aguacate or the avocados let’s just this one’s
perfectly ripe so let’s get into this one here whoa it’s like slicing through butter oh yeah look at that perfect avocado okay now pop that knife down I’m gonna
rip into one of these tortillas I think I’m gonna go just half and then squeeze
some of the aguacate on the there all right mush that around perfect get a
slice of this tasajo so it’s really thinly cut so it’s been cured in salt and then obviously cooked over that grill I’m just going to pop some of
this salsa roja on so this red salsa so it’ll be made out of chilies and
onion and probably some tomatoes oh yeah it’s gonna be real good okay
now just roll this up it’s a feast for a king king Wow whoa that tasajo is good it has
got a beautiful salty flavour it’s perfectly seasoned because it was cured in salt and
so it’s very very flavoursome it was really tender which I think is testament to my very good cooking skills and that beautiful avocado is creamy
that salsa roja adds a really sharp chilli kick it’s quite spicy ah this is real good this atmosphere is crazy so what we’re leaning on to eat this is one of the
butcher’s stands but it’s closed at the moment so you can kind of just take over
any perch that’s available to you to eat your food so there’s people lined up
all here on every closed stand eating still grills all around us the amount of
smoke in the air is crazy my eyes are burning from this it is such an
experience like I said before it is like nothing else we’ve ever done anywhere in
the world I’ve got a little tortilla made up and let’s see how we manage with
these onions I think they’re going to be a little bit underdone because they
weren’t on there for too long perfect absolutely perfect not too
squishy but still nice and crunchy on the inside that adds a lot of flavour
what an experience absolutely and utterly wild

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