Also, I just wanna say- I, I’m gonna- I’m gonna… Roast PewDiePie, just a little bit. Ohh! Ohh! HOOO! Ayo, good morning, Logang, what’s poppin?! Okay, so, here’s what’s going down. (Song) I’m yelling TIMBER! A lot of things. I feel like YouTube is just a whirlwind of F***ERY right now! It’s exciting though! Like, I can’t imagine being a consumer of YouTube And then being like, going to school and being like- ‘Yo did you see this video of Jake Paul versus his brother?!’ ‘Yo (unintelligible. Logan. Chill bro.)’ So, okay, if you are new to the channel- A) Welcome to the Logang. This is our family, we are mavericks. Bada bing bada boom and B) My brother made a rap song. He roasted me, straight up, straight-up roasted me. I’m like ‘A’ight bro.’ Like, I felt offended, whatever, it was a joke- whatever. But I still felt offended so I made a rap song back. But I went a little too hard. And then he released an apology video To me and the Logang and the Why Don’t We boys The day that I went to release my roast. And I’m like AAUUGH (Logan noises. The way he do.) I go too hard, I literally go too hard. So I did not release, heh, the second verse. So then everyone’s like- ‘Logan, show us the second verse, show us the second verse.’ I was like ‘Ahhdwaahh’ ‘Family, Fans- Family, Fans?’ And then, yesterday, I decided to get this sh*t outta my hands. I’m not dealing with it anymore. Oh, god! And, I threw- I put it on two USB sticks. I gave one to my brother, I dropped it off at his door. (Song) Last night~ Gonna slide it. And the second stick- I drove to Santa Monica pier, I looked at the ocean and said ‘Goodbye second verse!’ (Song) Last night~ (My Heart Will Go On, flute version) Meanwhile, Jake Paul My younger brother, who I love- Now has responsibility of the second verse, AND- Homie’s getting roasted, bro, by ALL the YouTubers! And I feel like it’s only gonna get worse. Maverick! Hey. Hi buddy, I’m coming, here I am, hello. How you doing, I’m doing well- Good slep, good slip, good… slep? What? Yeah, I dunno, it’s not a word. Where you going? You don’t wanna bond? Come on I’m talking about my brother and roasting Jake Paul- It’s a hot topic on YouTube right now. That’s all. What? You’re on- what, you’re on Jake’s side? Oh, haha, good joke, bro, good joke. So I’m like ‘Damn bro’ Logang, I’m like- D-yo, c’mon, bro. Logang, I’m like ‘Damn bro.’ Wha-why is everyone picking on my brother now? I- yeah. Example: Pewdiepie. He’s the biggest YouTuber. He is THE GUY He’s like, practically the face of YouTube. Just put out a video roasting my little brother, bro. (Sigh) Bro. Like, okay, here’s how I feel. Jake made a song that is very roast-able. Heck, I did it. And (mumbling), you had your fun. The YouTuber’s had their fun. They got their views by putting my brothers name in the title I did too, we all did. But now- I think it needs to chill, okay? I’M the bigger brother! I can roast my brother, I can do it better than ANYONE else! I know! So here’s-here’s what I request The roasts of Jake Paul Should, stop. Like, we get it. You- you, you put his name in the title You get subscribers It’s good clickbait, he’s a fun thing to hate right now He’s 20 years old, he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Am I sticking up for my brother right now? I am, I actually am. Look, uh, like I said, I love the kid But I’m-I, I wanna be the run- one to roast him When I see other people doing it- Now I’m like ‘tsk-tsk-tsk’ So, today’s vlog, later in the day- I am gonna be reacting To, uh, Pewdiepie’s roast of my brother. And maybe some other people’s ro-I dunno, point is I- duh, I don’t like it. First item on the agenda today, we are about to work out! We brought the squad, it’s Ayla! I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Every time you guys see Ayla in real life Can you just go ‘Heyla!’ Just to make Hey Ayla one word I’d really appreciate it. You act like that’s never happened before, like you invented that. Did I- did I not invent that? Ayla: No. Am I not funny? Ayla: No. Should I quit YouTube? FUUUUUU-! Ayla, do you know what’s happening this Friday? Ayla: No… Ayla.
Ayla: No. Ayla!
Ayla: What? Ayla.
Ayla: What? Ayla-
Ayla: What?! (Laughter) New merch is dropping! Did I just scare you?
Ayla: Yeah! I just- she was, she goes like ‘AH!’ New merch is dropping, right here, Maverick hats And some other stuff you guys are gonna love And maybe some 4th of July stuff, I dunno. Ayla: Oooh! (Excited hype) Ayla: 4th of July stuff that’d be so cool! Yes, Ayla, yeah, yes, we-we already have it all planned Ayla: Oh my god that’d be really cool! All of a sudden she’s so fun and energetic. What happened? All right, let’s work out. (Why Don’t We music) Back from the gym! Yo, just like his daddy. That’s my boy, getting it, get it Kong! You’re a savage! Kong’s a savage- oh. Haha, he’s like ‘I wasn’t doing anything.’ I caught your horny-ass, boy. We’re gonna ignore my horny dog. I dunno if you guys can tell but the boys are over right now. (Boys singing, fresh as hell.) I got goosebumps, bro. Yeet! Yeet! Yeet! Oh this is amazing, bro- And he’s still going! Get it, Kong, yeah, bro! Your music made my dog horny! YEET! I’m talking protein, your boy’s about to make a smoothie for me and Brendan (unintelligible) Brendan: I’m so hungry. Yo, me too, yo, this is the move. We got bananas! Almond milk! Wha(unintelligible) Mango! Aboi(gibberish) Strawberries! You guys know me, the yoke level is high, YEET! C’mere you son of a bitch. Yo, boys, can you give me a soundtrack? (Guitar) Why don’t we just love? Why don’t we forget about all the drama? (Same song as earlier, except, live in Logan’s kitchen) There ya go, bro. I literally made no progress. Back to business! Here we go- Frappé! (Explosion sound) I think I used way too much milk. Looks good though. Okay, here we go, Yeet level- Mm-mmm-mm! High! Boom! Okay, Logang, the smoothie was delicious. I don’t wanna make today, like a day full of reactions But Jake just posted his vlog That says ‘Here’s the second verse’ Dot dot dot! WUH-HA! FUUU! I don’t know- we haven’t seen this video yet. I-I figure, they’re here We might as well react to it. Cause everyone’s gonna wanna know what we think- Did you just plug your band? Cause just said ‘Why don’t we react to it’? They got the- they got the USB stick. Jake (in video) That stands for the second verse. That’s a FACT! That’s what that is! Chance (in video) Should we call him? Like, why would he give you that? I remember him trying to call me, and I didn’t answer. Greg: Could go like this, and just listen. Chance: That’s the move, I like that. Greg: And then decide if you wanna- Yo, they’re like seriously… debating. They’ve been talking for five minutes about how they’re gonna watch it. And they posted all of it, like they didn’t need to post this. Jake: The Logang just talks smack about me. Jake: It seems like I have the power to do what I want with it. You DO. Brother Jake, you DO. Jake: Lemme listen. Lemme listen. Greg: Yeah, put it down, though, so you don’t see it. Kade(?): Don’t look, don’t look. He shut his laptop. Jake: I feel like, it might make things interesting to release it. (You know that weird cut off ‘uck’ laugh? That’s what Logan’s doing.) (All around laughter) The plot thickens! If Jake releases it, Logang- We have to give him a round of applause. To just- to just sack up and be like ‘You know what, this is for the good of the Internet.’ But he doesn’t have to, I’m just saying If he does, like (Applause) Oh, I wanna read you guys a comment real quick. This is from, ah, funny name, Willie98. (Reading comment) (Deep inhale) He’s right. Once one person is like ‘Yo release the second verse’ Another person says it and just like- (Fist pounding palm sounds) We’re all a family. Let’s-let’s support each other and like, the decision, please, That, like, we want to make We all agreed that- Me releasing it was not the right thing to do. (Laughter) So that’s-that’s.. wha-ub. That was a smoothie burp. This is- it’s a reality show. That’s what it is. Like, there is so much drama. And it’s, like, it’s beautiful in a way. Corbyn: And obviously, Jake’s part of the family, so he’s part of the brotherhood. Daniel: Love you bro! Jack: Lotta love for Jake. Jack: Lotta love for Jake Paul. Yo, I just can’t believe what is happening. The Internet is going crazy right now. (Zoom in sound, DING) WHOA, I just got a f***ing idea! We should do, maybe like a Logang anthem (YES. YES!) Y’know how Jay-Z will make songs about New York? And everyone that lives in New York is just like ‘(general hype New York)’ We be New York And the people that live in New York would be the Logang. And you guys could just jam out to this song. That makes you just wanna win. Just saying, like, there’s so much drama And stuff going on. I feel like this would be a nice, positive uplifting thing. If you guys would like that Full music video, song, like I’ll drop money, put money into it and we’ll just like, slay a track. Can we get… Ah, last- can we get- can we get half a million likes? I’m just gonna say it. We- we got a million comments! I didn’t think we were gonna get a half million. What is up?! 50,000,000 likes?! Can we hit it on this video?! Uh, I still gotta react to Pewdiepie. Okay, here we go. Thass muh boiiii! Did you see Jake’s video? I gave him the second verse. (Laughter) It’s dope that I can scream to my best friend across the way. He’s still waving, wow. What’s-what is he doing? I- I still- I see him. Brendan: He’s doing the- disappearing- Nah, but I see him though. He might be lonely, bro, I don’t think there’s anyone in the house. Yo, we should get George a girlfriend. Twelve seconds later. Son of a BIIIITCH! Hopped in the shower, get cleaned off, get out of the shower- Ricegum drops his diss track against my brother. Yo, there- here’s the problem here. I love Ricegum. Like he’s my boy. Ricegum, I love you dude. It’s just like- Jake is taking so much heat now, and now I’m starting to feel bad. Like, I’m not mad at Ricegum. I’m just like ‘Ahh, it just keeps coming’. So I’m gonna react to Ricegum’s video! Let’s do it. Heh heh, haha. This was not supposed to be a day of reactions guys. Like, I had plans to do stuff. LYAAAAAHHH! So it says ‘This is not the official music video’. Uh, right off the bat it says it’s featuring Alissa Violet. Which is Jake’s ex-girlfriend. (Ayla making pained inhale noises) Ayla: That already makes me cringe. Ayla: You okay? Yeah, I’m just- you’re so small. And I’m- I’m gonna put the video here. And, it’s only gonna be your head. I don’t understand any of this so far, do you? I’m a little lost.
Ayla: I get like the beginning. Ayla: I get like the Disney thing. Ayla: Like, ‘we haven’t heard your show’ okay, cool whatever.
Like, but- but It’s not like… Rice, bro, you’re not my brothers demographic. Like, kids under the age of 10? Trust me, like, they come up to me and go- ‘Are you Jake Paul’? And I’m like- NO! FU- (Laughter) AHHHHH! Whoa… I made the same diss. Ayla: OHHH! Did you hear that?! Ayla: She said you’re a better kisser now. (Ayla giggles) Ayla: Sorry Jake. I’m out. I dunno why she said that. Ayla: I don’t know either. Maybe it has to do with the second verse. My thoughts on this: They- they- the… They were in- Pretty good- pretty good diss track. Like, I didn’t think anyone was gonna be able to follow up ours. It is- it is true- like I’m gonna address the kissing thing It is true that I’m a better kisser than Jake. I think this is just like universal. People know this. Ayla: Uh huh… Do you wanna maybe- Ayla: No. Demonstra-okay. Ayla: Do I wanna demonstrate? Like, no. Do you wanna maybe…? Ayla: It’s really hard, now, to watch it. It’s only gonna get dirtier. Ayla: I feel like it’s like, hard.
L: This- this makes me realize Like, if I… If I were to release the second verse… (Exploding sound F-Ect) This is such a volatile environment. Ayla: It is.
It really is. Brendan: It’s getting really personal. It is getting personal, that’s the thing. Diss track videos are fun. But then they get personal. Which is even more fun. But then it’s like, not so fun. Today’s a day, dude. (Laughter) Should we just react to Pewdiepie right now, and just like, call it a day? Like, f*** we’re doing it. Hey guys. So I came outside just to switch up the scenery. Cause there’s just SO MANY REACTION VIDEOS! And I don’t normally do this. It’s just- it’s I mean this is phenomenal! So much, so much- so much good stuff, huh? But okay, this is it, this is the video I saw earlier this morning. It’s Pewdiepie’s roast against Jake. If you don’t know who Pewdiepie is, Pew Die Pie, I… don’t know why you’re on YouTube. He is the biggest YouTuber, at, like, by far. He’s got 55 million subscribers. I have 50 million less subscribers than him. But I get more views, tho. (Laughter, turns into deepened, demon laugh) I’m just gonna react again. Yeah, okay, surprise. Here’s the situation: Jake’s song, he had one line, just one line, uh Dissing Pewdiepie, he said this. (Song) Pass all the competition, man, Pewdiepie is next (Exhale) Ignorant, Jake, ignorant. Yo, bro, he literally, he has 50 million more subscribers than us, bro. You’re not gonna pass him, bro! Ever! I- I also made a discovery today. Jake, my brother Jake, is a genius. But just as much as he is a genius, he’s an idiot. Now, he’s young, he’s 20, right? So- Heh. As the years go by I’m guessing his idiot-ness will decrease and he’ll just End up a genius. But for now, this is like.. wh-pff! (Gunshots) That, literally doesn’t mean anything Okay, let’s watch this. PDP: First of all Who the f*** is JP? Who the f*** is Jake Paul? Lemme pau-lemme stop right there. He’s the most popping person on YouTube right now. Hands down. I’d be willing to bet that he knows who Jake Paul is. It’s just- it’s a good way to say, uh, ‘I don’t know who you are’. So, that’s my diss to you. Also, I just wanna say- I like, I’m gonna- I’m gonna… Roast Pewdiepie, just a little bit. PDP: Okay, so he’s on Disney channel. PDP: One of these Disney channel actors. Yeah yeah, he’s on Disney channel, the biggest network for kids. Which is, awesome. Why’re you trying to minimize that, Pewdiepie? It’s literally one of the biggest kids networks on TV, anyways. PDP: Its… (Laughter) PDP: I got the chills again. This is funny- Pewdiepie is funny. PDP: JP you son of a bitch! (Laughter) Yo, lemme- I- look, I love Pewdiepie. He’s hilarious! That’s why he’s huge! I just feel like- (laugh) My little brother is being bullied by all of YouTube- And like, I gotta do something about it. PDP: Yeah, I’m talking about you. PDP: You, begging for attention. PDP: This is how you rhyme I think right now- I know- he’s-he’s, he’s trying to mock Jake, buh- look at him. PDP: I swear I gotta wreck it. PDP: I- I just like to PDP: SMACK it. Cut the joke, bro. You wonder why your views are going down. It’s like- this isn’t funny, bro. Cut to a different frame or something. Like, buh- he just goes on, more. PDP: And I’m talking about you! PDP: It’s absolutely incredible. It is- I dunno why you think you could drag a joke on that long and it’d still be funny. Let’s keep watching. PDP: I’m not joking. PDP: At all. PDP: I wanna die. PDP: I wanna- I wanna be dead now. I don’t wanna- I don’t wanna know- PDP: Did he get a tattoo of a dick on his leg? If your dick looks like that- Please see a doctor. PDP: AHHH! PDP: What is that? PDP: I like how he, eh, he’s so fat that he straight-up destroyed this jacket. PDP: Like, look how it’s, hanging. This is bullying. I try not to talk about people’s weight. Like that’s bullying. I don’t- I don’t like that. It’s so easy to make fun of someone’s appearance. Like, whether they have acne, or if they’re short or fat, whatever it is. Like, such an easy thing. Creativity level is just… going down. He’s not even, like- It’s slow here, Pewdiepie. Like, c’mon bro. Bring the heat, my man! You’re good! You’re good at YouTube! Let’s see it! PDP: I think this song has killed me. PDP: I wanna die more than I’ve ever died before. Listen, that’s not good, man. You got a lot to live for, Pewdiepie. Lotta people like your videos, bro. You’re a maverick, dude. You’re-you’re what I preach. You’re just- you’re different. You’re unique. I understand why, bro. Like, I’m- I’mma get deep here for a second. The views are going down, right? Uh, there’s people coming up that you’ve never heard about before. And it’s easy to make a video about my brother And put his name in the title and get more views. Hell I did it bro, It’s the move right now! I might even put his name in the title of this one, I dunno! But, I understand why you’re disappointed. According to, uh, this chart right here, you’ve gained 180,000 followers in the past six months. It’s not, I mean that’s not that great, bro. Like, it’s- I can see, it’s a slow time for Pewdiepie. But you don’t have to take it out on my brother. Like, bro. I-I’m just gonna put it out there My little Pomeranian, Kong Has grown 86,000 followers in the past month. He’s a dog, bro. He’s… he doesn’t make YouTube videos. And a thought, maybe, like, ‘Oh, he’s a Pomeranian, he’s a dog, he’s really cute!’ Like, bro, my parrot is also growing faster than you. Pewdiepie, where you at, bro? YouTube misses you. Here-here’s my- my point to all this. Pewdiepie, I’m pissed that you roasted my brother and not me, bro. I want the relevancy. I want, what’s left of your fans, to realize who I am before you burn out- OH HOHO! Look, bro. I just- don’t mess with my brother. There’s only one person who can mess, and make fun of my brother and that’s me. I’m the only one that’s allowed to hit my brother in the face! ME! With that said, guys, I think that’s the vlog. What an interesting day. If you are not yet part of the Logang And/or used to be a fan of Pewdiepie Make sure to like and subscribe! Yo, I’m sorry Pewdiepie, I love you bro. It’s all jokes, right? It’s all jokes bro. Get your merch, uh, big drop coming Friday. And I will see y’all tomorrow! Take it easy, fam! PEACE! (Toy siren sound increasing then decreasing in pitch)


  1. Logan Paul is actually bipolar with pewdiepie. Oh he's funnyyyy oh nevermind, oh that was funny about the dyinggg, oh wait nah nevermind.

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  5. 15:43 who made him fat Logan? It is easy to make fun of someone's appearance. I would never bully someones appearance if it was something they were born with. But Nick sat on his ass eating cupcakes all day, that's his fault, the only thing Pewds said was true. You can't change your height, but you can change your weight.

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  11. "I react to PewDiePie". Proceeds to show about a minute of his video cutting out a majority of PewDiePie's arguments and actual content because he can't actually refute anything.

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