Real Chefs Attempt To Cook Together In Overcooked • Professionals Play

Real Chefs Attempt To Cook Together In Overcooked • Professionals Play

get that in the pant I got in the pan what a huge die hey guys i’m jos asta i’m adam Biermann and we’re chefs we work together we’re in San Francisco lazy bear a restaurant up there you started after I did I think right yeah Jo was actually at my boss oh that’s right yes we’re both sous chefs Lorenzo get promoted to executive sous-chef in generalist kitchens you have to be able to work together you were around people for 15 hours a day in a small enclosed hot room sharp objects so although it’s not easy to trust and depend on other people to do things you kind of have to and you kind of grow accustomed to it so I think that we’re gonna look great yeah we’re gonna get a new high score I think we’re gonna break in and you ready one do this I’m ready let’s do it I mean we don’t know yet wait what were there no instructions because Johnny it out to see if it was okay to tomato soups can I come over here and help yeah there we go all right I got a tomato soup up well I need soup coming up I got another tomato soup on deck I need to meet it right now oh yeah we’re great it all right I need soups up coming we got back-to-back tomato soups I need three more tomatoes dirty dishes pretty dishes coming dirty dishes yeah another tomato tomato soup up coming for tomatoes thank you sir I got mortared if stomach I need onions next onions one more tomato first got onions coming back soup back to back onion soups got it tomato soups up customers coming putting out this dish is coming oh man my heart rate is going this is like real life I’m Hollander sweatin oh you made a soup sub guardians chef don’t yell at me yeah going out I got dishes coming back orders are piling up can’t even look at tickets right now I’m just cooking I’m bringing you anyone more onion and then nine tomatoes like mousse you just give me old days like that great great yeah that’ll be like [Music] Guardian write down your way no supers get it to the window we don’t have a plate for this soup oh we got 28 tips it’s all about efficiency and speed in the kitchen and and honestly you don’t have that much time to do things the fewer works that you have to set it the better you get alright so plates always up there mushrooms first Tomatoes next mushroom after tomato switch plates in the past Tomatoes up plates in the past switching we’re moving moving so fast I got a smoke trail behind me what’s next onion by onion you need to onion soups gone all your onions are over there switch mmm in the trash not how I’d set up my kitchen maid Oh bye mushroom now go mushroom grab the tomato soup stir doesn’t burn you got to mushroom soup fourth quarter we push get some pleats out of the way walk that mushroom perfect he’s surprisingly not too far off the lower audition you can tell when we’re in the yep and the guru like potato we nailed it do it did we know it did we do it champions the service speaks for itself they say you’re only as good as your last service and think we crush that one so the trucks got a lineup on so I got to give you things my burgers up we’re both on the same truck okay let us what do I do with this though and then I think tomato I don’t know if needs meal you need a button with the button oh it’s on the other truck wait so the steak needs to go to the tap the pan that’s what happens you know steak has to be chopped to a burger patty yeah so then it goes to the pan so what do you need over they get lettuce over there I got lettuce and I got a bun bun on the plate you lettuce on the plate cut it I’m cutting lettuce I’m chopping beef right now you know like the burgers Oh get that in the pit I got in the pan look he’s dying okay you have a lot of meat going on over there you’re probably dying on the sides right now yeah I got three plates but one of my burgers are plane so that’s okay I do not beat baby I will that’s gone Oh gravity yes this arena chefs are if I’ve ever seen yeah the most efficient food trucks we’re crushing right now I felt really great about this my stations mess oh good if you’re just gonna throw my food on the floor I don’t not gonna let you have it all I can’t keep track of where everything is there’s too much stuff over here now nice 78 I gotta say man having a great service there’s no better feeling no better for walking home at the end of a 20-hour shift knowing that you just nailed it and nailed it set zero failed Berger orders two food trucks side-by-side I feel like we could actually probably do that if we’re on like the 405 is so slow jump back and forth I’m really great at throwing food I can say with about a hundred percent confidence that a real kitchen is more stressful in this game [Music]

9 thoughts on “Real Chefs Attempt To Cook Together In Overcooked • Professionals Play”

  1. "I would not set up my kitchen like this"
    Ah yes, but that would be cowardly; only a truly determined chef can make food across two food trucks going alongside each other. I honestly want to see how this would work in real life.

  2. Longest kitchen shift I ever pulled was 19 hours. 3pm – 10am. Also did 12 hours a day for a solid month (no days off) when a buyout cut the crew down to just 4 of us. It sucked. These guys aren't exaggerating about kitchen life.

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