[Real GOT7] episode 8. Master Chef GOT7

[Real GOT7] episode 8. Master Chef GOT7

* March 2014, near the JYP office building
1,2,3 Come and Get It! GOT7! Hello, this is GOT7   Today is the day for the GOT7 cooking competition!
Wow! A cooking competition!   * The reaction machine   * episode 8. Master Chef GOT7
The members of GOT7 are having a ramen cooking competition.   We will see who cooks the best ramen noodles.
We divided teams.
Let me introduce the teams.   * Foreigner team
Don’t start with the nationality thing. That’s not good!
Then what are the team names going to be?   Pick a team name.
* Foreigner team a.k.a AmeriThaiKong
Since this is a multinational team, I recommend “Jjambbong”.
No way~!   Then our team name will be Tojong. * Tojong Team   Ours is Chonnom! * Jinpo Team a.k.a CountryMan   Well then, it’s settled. Now let the game begin.   Is this broadcast live?   The evaluation items are like this: 10 points for creativity, 10 points for visual effect, 10 points for taste and 20 points for charms.   How come charms are worth the most points? What’s that got to do with making ramen?!
Anyway, what is this?   These are the ingredients we have. We will split them by team.
* Garlic / rice cake / cheese / bean paste / eggs / curry (clockwise)   How’re we going to split?
Let’s do rock paper scissors!   We decide the order by playing rock-paper-scissors. The winning team gets to choose three ingredients, second team gets two and the last team gets one.   Now we’re going to play a game of choosing the ingredients kkkkkkk
* Interpreted in 3 languages * Thai * Chinese   Let’s go on with the rock-paper-scissors.   Last one is a rotten egg. Rock-paper-scissors!   Then the winner gets to choose the ingredients?
But it is possible to end up with the bad ones, right?
* Victory Dance   Last one is a rotten egg. Rock-paper-scissors! X 3   * Mark wins X 100   Excuse me, I’m the one in 1st place! ^^
Jr. you pick first! You just chose three.   Jr., should we go for 1, 2, 3? / No~ / Then 4, 5, 6?
* Thai interpretation   Which number do you like?
It doesn’t matter.   * Fierce broadcast in all languages   Now let’s see what they are.   * Rice cake / eggs / garlic   * Nervous over nothing at all   * Cheese / curry
JB! It’s OK X 100   * Feeling good
That leaves us with bean paste. * Bean paste   First we boil the water, then put in the noodles and rice cakes.
* Cooking program sound effects
We’ll give the soup a savory taste with garlic and top it off with eggs.   Oh~~ you sound like a chef! You’ve got style>

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  1. I’m Malaysian Chinese so I’m tryna focus but half the time I’m only listening to Jackson’s loud ass voice speaking mandarin 😂

  2. 2019!

  3. 5:25
    when you can understand Mandarin and English so your brain is trying hard to interpret 2 languages in the same time

  4. The fact that Jinyoung is wearing Wonder woman and JB wearing Superman… THEY PLANNED THIS! Ahhhh JJ Parents ❤️

  5. ดูสนิทกันมากเลยนะ ถ้าเปรียบกับวงอื่นดูไม่เหมือนกันคือดูไม่สนิทเท่านี้

  6. Mark making that face and biting his lip faints 😍😍 I can rest happy now lol
    Bambam and yugyeom and yj was so adorable
    Jackson and jb need I say more about that 😜😍😜😍
    And jinyoung so handsome with his need glasses

  7. Jinyoung is prepared for the disaster that might occur in kitchen with these 7 cooking… Look at his glasses lol…

  8. JB putting so much effort into the presentation of the ramen and ended up being on third place washing the dishes will never be not funny 😂

  9. 2019???

    I know GOT7 before since them debut but I didn't know they are hyper and now I'm one of their fan because of them seriously make my day cheer.

  10. Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinyooouuuunnnnnng💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓cuteness overloaded 😍😍

  11. 2:20 jinyoung said "look at me now"
    when they comeback LOOK
    jinyoung's part "you look at me now"
    omggg but AmeriThaiKong makes me laugh😂❤ so funny!! GOT7 JJANG

  12. How are Koreans able to maintain healthy BP levels with the amount of ramyeon they consume? I'm astounded!

  13. 2019 squad where ya at I love watching all the episodes over and over and are we not going to talk about bambam and Jackson cuddling in the beginning💜😌🤣

  14. I love the different languages being interpreted and the AmeriTaiKong! That team is the best…they kill me ❤️❤️

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