Recipe Song: Red Braised Pork Belly (Manu Chao – Bella Ciao Cover)

Recipe Song: Red Braised Pork Belly (Manu Chao – Bella Ciao Cover)

Woke up this morning Found myself craving Some Hong Shao Rou, Hong Shao Rou, Hong Shao Rou So warm and tender So rich and fragrant A classic Chinese Red Braised Pork Blanch your pork belly Sculpt into pieces Oh Hong Shao Rou, Hong Shao Rou, Hong Shao Rou Now blanch one more time To nail the texture And let it rest until it’s cold Fried aromatics The smell of heaven Oh Hong Shao Rou, Hong Shao Rou, Hong Shao Rou Return the belly Cover with water Sugar and sauces, oh so fine Bring to a simmer For one full hour Oh Hong Shao Rou, Hong Shao Rou, it takes time Reduce the liquid Until it’s creamy And say “Ni Hao” to Hong Shao Rou So warm and tender So rich and fragrant A classic Chinese Red Braised Pork I know this one was really different from anything I have done recently or in the time before that I hope you enjoyed this one. If you did, feel free to challenge me! Just tell me the name of your favorite song and your favorite dish and maybe I can come up with someting. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already And thank you so much to everyone supporting me on Patreon in doing this sort of shennanigans Thanks so much to Vincent, Kilian and Eypee We actually used to play in a band together and it was great to get together and pick up an instrument again. Thanks so much for watching everyone, I’ll see you in the next video… I hope.

85 thoughts on “Recipe Song: Red Braised Pork Belly (Manu Chao – Bella Ciao Cover)”

  1. Ahaha you absolute madman! This is pure gold! Funny enough, I was craving 红烧肉 when I woke up this morning so I'm about to go out and get some nice pork belly 🙂

  2. 1) So for those of you wondering: Yes, this is a cover version of "Bella Ciao", made famous recently by Netflix' "House of Money". Originally an Italian folk song, this was an anthem of anti-fascist resistance around WW2. This fact deserves an honorable mention at the very least!
    2) Don't forget to challenge me with your fav music + fav dish combo 😏
    3) You can turn on CC subtitles to read along with the lyrics!

  3. This has to be one of the most underrated channels I've stumbled upon. Pure masterpiece, from the delicious recipe to the catchy mellow jam. I'm sold

  4. Sehr, sehr lustig. Koche ich bestimmt nach.
    Mein Vorschlag: Shakshuka mit This is not America David Bowie und Pat Metheny
    Liebe Grüße Wiebke

  5. This is truly unlike any video I've seen, it educates/entertains/inspires flawlessly! You killed it, couldn't not subscribe!! Would you want to try chorizo queso with 'We Are Number One' (don't have a favorite song, lol)? #nosmallcreator

  6. Sauces oh so fine… it takes time… a classic chinese red braised… PORK??!!?? Really? Why not continue the rhyming scheme with "A classic Chinese red braised Swine!!"?

    Your song was great otherwise. Cute puppy too.

    My challenge is Heart's song Barracuda and grilled fish cheeks for the dish, I like salmon, but whatever's fresh, sustainable and local to you is best.

  7. Has anyone told you lately that you're awesome? Because you totally are. This is one of the most creative cooking vids I've seen in awhile. Great job! 😀

  8. Excellent production! Wow! The video and audio quality is top notch! A unique way of teaching people a cooking recipe; I subbed!

  9. This is awesome!! New subscriber for sure. As for the challenge — how about Dan Dan Noodles with some old Sinatra-style music?

  10. Looking for a challenge?
    How about "Soljanka" in the style of "Maria" from West Side Story
    or "Mac(oroni) and Cheese" with "Beauty and the Beat" or "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Bibimbap)"… The list is endless.
    You realize that you have just opened Pandora's Box here 😀
    Love it and can't wait for the next one!

  11. I challenge you to combine "We Didn’t Start the Fire" by Billy Joel (mainly the chorus) and a recipe for the most delicious, yet simple meal that is 麻酱面 (sesame paste noodles). Much love, 卫祥

  12. You made a song for my favourite home-cooked comfort food. How can I not subscribe?
    (My familiy's recipe includes some dried chili for an extra spicy zing. We also add boiled quail eggs into the pot)

  13. The song gave me a goosebumps! This video is so underrated, only 7k likes? The song is so creative and rhyme, I watched it twice because I didnt even pay attention to the cooking process in the first time.

  14. Hahahahahaha.
    Really fun.

    Actually, there are many different ways of cooking Braised Pork in China, depending on where you live.
    I think in your video, the Braised Pork is Shanghai style.
    My grandma taught me how to cook Braised Pork in another slightly different way, maybe my grandma's braised pork is North West China style.
    I'd like to share it with you.
    Following are my grandma's steps:
    1. Cut pork belly into cubic as you do, and wash it with cold water, then leave them to sink out all water
    2. While waiting for the pork to dry out, making the caramel color paste with sugar
    1) Use rapeseed oil(1 ~ 2 spoon, depending how many you want to make), when the oil starts to have a little smoke(60% heated), put 2 ~ 3 spoon of sugar
    2) Stir the sugar until it starts pop out big bubble(At this time, the color of sugar becomes to dark red), then pour into 1 bowl of water
    3) Get these caramel color paste into a bowl for next step
    Note: step 2) takes very little time, 10 ~ 20 seconds depending on how strong the fire is
    3. Clean the wok, and heat it until completely dry, at this time when water drops on to the wok and starts to pop, it's time to stir the pork belly
    4. Stir the pork belly in the wok with spices(ginger, dry red chili, cinnamon, star anise, Sichuan pepper花椒, tsaoko) 5 ~ 10 minutes, at the beginning, there's no oil in the wok, pork may become dry, and as you stir, the pork oil starts to get out, and water starts to get out, when there's no water coming out from the pork, only oil comes out, you can pour into the caramel color paste, then stir until all pork meat gets the color
    5. Pour into water, then some light soy sauce, cooking wine or Baijiu or some other flavor you want to add
    6. The rest of the steps are the same as yours.

    In Step 5, you can also add potato and dry mushrooms to cook with the meat, potato and dry mushrooms will absorb the pork oil to make the best flavor, because starch and oil are always the best combination.
    Of cause you can skip step 2, and use dark soy sauce to dye the pork meat, but hand made caramel color will always make the meat look better and taste better.

    I tried to cook braised pork myself, it brought back the memories of my grandma.
    Memory of the taste is always the deepest root of home.

  15. I’m in the camp that believe you must caramelise your sugar for colour and also when you cook it in all the sauces, it needs to be skin side down first, and then flip twice, so a lot of the time the major chunk of lean meat is not submerged.

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