Redskins RB Derrius Guice Roasts Everyone in the NFL | Ditch the Playbook

Redskins RB Derrius Guice Roasts Everyone in the NFL | Ditch the Playbook

Welcome to your shrine, Derrius Guice.
– What’s up, bro? Yeah, welcome to my show! Man, we know he just did 10
pushups before that picture. – [Laughing] – Go sit back down. Go retire. – [Laughing] – Boyyy… – [Laughing] – What up, everybody? Lefkoe here. Gonna meet up with Derrius Guice—the
Washington Redskins—who I believe is one of the funniest players on social media. But we’re gonna turn him into a roast master. We’re roastin’ rivals. We’re roastin’ teammates. He’s gonna roast me. But you know who he’s not gonna roast? The good people of State Farm because
they’re sponsoring “Ditch the Playbook.” But, Derrius, everybody else? Fair game. Let’s get it. I may have found one of my favorite
social media accounts, and it’s yours. Cuz you bring the honest truth
all the time, no holds barred. – Come get yo ass out here and get
hit constantly and see how it feels. Man, kiss it. – And I do not want that to change. But I also wanna refine it. I wanna get your ability to roast people
to a Pro Bowl, Hall of Fame level. I have a number of pictures that we need to
go through to make sure that your roasting is top-notch. – OK. – Are you ready? – I don’t know. – I have the perfect one to start with. – Boyyy… – [Laughing] – Ol’ AP. Boy might as well shoulda just put pants on. Big-ass shorts. Did you watch Baby Boy? – Yes…oh. All right, I can just see AP next
to Tyrese right now in the movie. Who gets roasted the most
on the team right now? – Payne, Sims. – Daron? Why does Daron Payne—I
would never roast Daron. – He just built funny. – How is he built? – He a large human. Kinda like the Big Show. They a big guy, but a small-ass head. Warren Sapp pads and build,
and they got a tiny head. – All right. What about…this young chap? High school Haskins. – Look like he just got
accepted to walk on to college. – [Laughing] – Aw, man. [“Hail to the Redskins”] – [Whistling] Hey, man. I’m not gettin’ my, my check cut off. – Thank you! – [Laughing] – This was a test. If you tried to roast
him, I was gonna stop you. We were gonna bleep the footage. That’s a Master Roaster move right there. That’s, that’s the man right there. Hail, hail! – In order to be really good at roasting, you
need to be able to take it as well as give it. I think we should take a picture right
now, just you cheesin’, just sayin’, “Hey, Twitter. Roast me.” And we’ll see—and we’ll come
back to it later and we’ll see what we get. – They love my smile. They’re not gonna roast it. – It is a good smile. – [Offscreen] There we go. – OK. – Hmmm. – [Lefkoe] Nice. He ended it with “GO,” too,
which is very important. All right, so now I’m gonna go with my
guy: my starting quarterback, Carson Wentz. What would you have said to him in high
school if you were roasting Carson Wentz? – Get back in the weight room. – He’s really proud of those muscles, though. – Man, we know he just did 10
pushups before that picture. – [Laughing] – What do you think about his haircut? – I mean, I don’t—you know, all white
guys look the same with their hair. They all got the same hair. If your hair was longer,
it’d be just like that. – You think so? – I know so. Like Zack and Cody. [Singing] Suite Life on Deck! – [Laughing] – I used to watch that s–t every day. – This is a Cowboy. – Go sit back down. Go retire. – [Laughing] – Oooh. – Leighton Vander Esch, Dallas Cowboys. Can we talk about that neck, though? – Hey, what was that guy that went viral? The black guy with the big neck? – Yes! I think his name was just Big Neck. Leighton Vander Big Neck? – Or just Big Neck No. 2. – Can we talk about that photo, please? – Mr. Playboyyy.
– Yeah. – Lookin’ like LL Cool Russell Wilson. – I was just about to say that! – [Laughing] – He’s just the kinda guy that when he
tries to look cool, it doesn’t look cool. – It makes him look funny, yeah. – [Lefkoe] Yeah. – Mhmm. – Aaron Rodgers. – Oh, man. He look like, like somebody
call him “El Jefe.” – [Laughing] – Tom. Look at his face. His face was so perfect. – Boy…boy, you know he look like
Sunshine, Remember the Titans. Sunshiiine! – Yeah, he looks like he’s doin’ this—constantly. – Tryna just keep it outta his eyes. – Yeah. – Mr. Untouchable: either Nick Saban or Belichick. – Would you roast Nick Saban? – Hell yeah. – [Lefkoe] What would you say to Nick Saban? – Smile for a change. You just won a championship. – Ughhh. – Ughhh. – I really wanna check and see how
you got roasted on Twitter. Are you ready to hear what people had to say? – Man… – Let’s get it. All right, first one. – [Laughing] “Lookin’ like Uncle Phil
had a kid with Coolio.” – [Laughing] – That’s one of the—dude— – Have you ever—hold on, have
you ever got Uncle Phil before? – Nah. – In your whole life? – Nah. – That is the most accurate—that
is incre—I’m sorry. It was great. – Did he just say that’s accurate?! “When your real head is
as big as your Fathead.” – Wooow! – [Laughing] – I had to look back at that. Ah, that, that was a good one, bro. – That’s a good one too. – He say: “Barber: ‘Whatchu lookin’ for?’
Then DG: ‘You know the feathers on the Redskin logo?’” – [Laughing] – “The Barber: ‘Say no more, fam.’” – That’s ama—and look— – That—I like that one. That one, that one funny. – Do you feel prepared to roast everybody
on the internet for the rest of your life? – Yeah, for sure. – You have now been
christened—a Master Roaster. – All right, who’s first?

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  1. Imagine if it was a white player who said, "All black guys have the same hair" when he spoke on Wentz. Interesting. Glad to see him healthy and killing it

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