100 thoughts on “Ree Drummond Cooks Shrimp & Grits For Stephen Colbert”

  1. You really didn't let her get in hardly a word Stephen 😉 she's a talker, used to doing a lot of it when she's cooking, and you cut her off several times, but she's used to a longer segment.

  2. Her kids are decent football players.

    Meet Pawhuska’s sophomore sensation QB/LB Bryce Drummond…Drummond racked up 2,500 passing yards and rushed for 700 and also was a stellar LB for the Huskies with 107 tackles, 4 sacks and an interception. Size is a key component to Bryce’s success and he is 6’4, 210. Drummond also shows a really strong arm, quick feet, and can read defenses good.

  3. i love ree drummond, what a pleasant surprise. she’s so sweet, & coming from someone who consistently burns toast, her recipes are easy to follow. she deserves more recognition 🌾🐄🌙

  4. Stephen: Ree Drummond
    Seth Meyers: Alison Roman

    Around the same time too. Wonder if they were just told to hold a cooking segment. I like Alison Roman more, though.

  5. Stephen's cooking segments truly suck (Sean Evans' "Hot Ones" was food, not cooking, per se, so it doesn't count)… and the ONLY time you want tails on shrimp is in a shrimp cocktail (or deep fried, i. e., finger food)…

  6. now i'm hungry, lol. i missed dinner, woke starving but saw the show had posted so watching 1st, of course, before having a late dinner/breakfast, lol. man, that looks good!

  7. Ree raised her family, and has lived her life as a Christian zealot. Her kids are a mess and rebelled. Working at sex camps and arrests for drinking and public sex. She is also a racist and did a show where she serves her family "Asian" chicken wings and they revolt saying, "we don't trust them!" before the big reveal that she has "American" style chicken wings. She is full of hate and a fraud.

  8. Thanks for having her on the show Stephen, I tried out one of her recipes on a roast a couple weeks back and I didn't know how to look her up and tell her how awesome it was.

  9. I would love to know what she put in her red sauce. She has some awesome recipes but some are just yuck. I'm sure she gets a lot of work done in the country.

  10. Moving in compassion is not through acceptance for judgement is a fallacy, but only consciousness containing the perspective that What Is, is Just As Is. Illusion of Self. Non-Duality.

  11. Colbert has no transition, he always cuts people off awkwardly saying "the book is…" he should say something and them let them respond and then say those words.

  12. key: snapping fresh shrimp + sea salt, fresh black pepper, finest real butter, grits.
    lowcountry breakfast from pre1800s & still a jewel.
    never tails on & extra "fancy" ingredients. #TRADITION

  13. I dont watch you show for cooking advice Colbert. Nothing funny about this at all…its awkward in a bad way. Stop.

  14. Oh lemon, lemons, and lemons & beyond. Do not let Stephen Colbert control you, go watch The Daily Show! Where they only make fun of Trevor and the Trump squad to a extended level. It's better for society's heath Stephan! Do I want my cooking show, for sure, back at a homeless shelter where I cook in front of many people without any cameras. And by cameras, I mean the media🙂

  15. No one wants to marry me 🙂 It's ok, I'm used to it, but come on, not one lol. I get it, but 🙁 It makes me sad.

    Edit: I only ever wanted Adrian from the Rocky films. Of course that's just not the way it works, but in my perfect world it's good 🙂

  16. I thought Ree was a big Trump supporter. Shocked she is on the show. She got a big deal with Walmart, who definitely supports tRUMP!

  17. I have to say, I love watching cooking shows/segments because food is so colorful! The reds of the peppers, yellow lemon, green onions, orange-tinged cheese… It's quite nice to look at.

  18. I don't watch cooking shows but I like her. I might wait a few years before following her in case she ends up on the news for some scandal!

  19. I love Ree, she is a National Treasure and the real deal, she is just as sweet and sassy in real life as on TV! 🥰

  20. Her pots and pans are all made in China. I literally just looked at a box of them at Wal-Mart today when looking for pots and pans. What a douchey, Fraudy McFraudster.

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