Retriever Dog Loves A Tree SO Much And Even Eats It?! | Kritter Klub

OMG.. so mouth-watering… “Shall I give you some ramen? Ramen?” *Bites* You threw the bait and I went for ’em (the chopsticks), k? But hold on, what, she’s eating is chopsticks (SH00K) ‘Who cares about ramen..!’ ‘When you’ve got wood to chew on!’
-Bebe the doggo woodcutter- A suspiciously excited appearance from the back Brings a piece of wood.. Nomnom PD: Let go! PD: Whew, let it go! PD: Oof ‘No one can stop meh’ Bebe~ “I told you not to eat it, why are you eating it again! It’s not good for your body!” “Let go!” “Let go!” Bebe ignores and.. meanwhile, he chases “Don’t eat it~ Why do you keep eating it! Huh?” Cuz I like it.. “She goes crazy whenever she sees wood.. Even when I tell her not to eat it she keeps eating it.. keeps eating and..” “I’m really gonna go crazy!..” (But he still gotta go back to work) Meanwhile.. PD: She bit the wood again Mine, mine 0.0 Mine, mine x 2! 0.0 *Crunch Crunch* Bebe’s obsession with wood even carries onto wood dust :0 “I can’t leave you like this anymore. Rascal” Poor Bebe Bebe won’t tolerate this~! Let me out!! Free me!! Woof!! “Bebe!” Oh, you’re just hopeless Bebe=.=If I her tie her, she barks all day. It’s so loud, I can’t stand it. I’ll let you go but don’t eat wood from now on!! Okay..maybe.. but nah… Do you feel any guilt at all, Bebe? o.o PD: Hey! Where are you going! She was taking care of some business;;; which consists of very tiny pieces of wood
(aka. constipation) “Bebe, come here!” Eat your meal and watch well over (the house)~ But even when food is given to Bebe she’s too busy chewing something else @[email protected] That night Is this… the sound of chewing? Yes it is!! (SH00K) Bebe, are you okay? T_T Vet: The exam shows that there’re currently no major issues. Vet: As you know plywood has adhesive in it, which consists of formaldehyde Vet: which has carcinogen in it Vet: and could cause problems to the liver. Heard that Bebe? No more wood, k? Fortunately, she doesn’t seem too sad keke To help her get over the wood addiction, these were prepared. Trying to distract and get her interested in a huge bone Okay, she’s switched her interest now lol +Watermelon snack “It’s good, right?” Even though you can’t speak, we can still hear your answer hehe Don’t eat wood anymore and, Dad will feed you good food so.. let’s eat a lot of good food~ That cute crunching noise ^-^ You’re a healthy eater aren’t you Bebe? ^-^ Just make sure you stick to healthy food for you from now on, okay? ^_^

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