Reverse Roasting Strangers at Los Angeles Comic Con 2019 | I Want To Go Home TV

hello welcome to I want to go home my
name is Elijah J I was up until 5 o’clock in the morning last night
watching roasting videos I have tickets to Comic Con so today I am gonna be
roasting people at Comic Con but here’s the thing I think I would stick out like
a sore thumb I am going to change into something more nerd like here we go okay
this is good it’s Deadpool on my shirt with some
unicorn cat I look like a dork more than usual let’s go roast some
people he has a really firm handshake I’m really really afraid to roast him
bro you look like a guy who would steal my girl and I would let it happen
roasted I’m just just gonna roast you guys it’s gonna be really bad you guys
look like if you were my parents I would have a better mental health boom roasted got him you look so nice I
probably seem like an asshole right now roasted got him
I’m the roast master Jeff Ross it’s me roast master president Elijah J dude
you’re so tall you make me feel insecure roasted who got them D love that let’s
go get an action replay on this handshake here you look like the
alcoholic I inspire to be pale yeah oh yeah is that actually alcohol a little
bit can I have some Cheers it’s white color with white claw
hell yes ain’t no laws when you’re drinking
clouds baby is this the first time you’ve left the house because I’m sure
it’s the first time you’ve seen a loser like this one gotcha roasted boom is
that alcohol in there I wish it was mine a lot better yeah me too this would’ve
made this interview a lot better for you I’m doing a video where I go around and
roast people so I’m just gonna hit you guys with a stinger and then I’m gonna
jet the hell out of you okay all right yeah exactly just gotta stand there and
look as you do not pretty god oh shit happen real fast you look like every girl that’s rejected
me ever roasted got’em ha you smell those chestnuts because you just got
roasted thank you I appreciate it excuse me I asked you guys a quick
question what does it feel like to like be able to beat me up without even think
about it it’s everybody in this video was me in high school because they just
got roasted bro don’t forget to Like comment subscribe if you’re new if
you’re not new thank you very much for coming back I’ll see you next time make
sure you watch another video subscribe like tell me in the comment section
where I should go next what con should I go alright I’m afraid of him I’m afraid of let’s go
let’s go look at this guy one punch with this meat hand I’m dead
hit hit my arm yeah

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