Revolver BBQ: Perfect Roasting Solution

Revolver BBQ: Perfect Roasting Solution

this is the remover barbecue it’s our new invention to help you make the best meal using just one hand revolver BBQ is lightweight portable and it will make your picnic experience hassle-free it is easy to assemble and just start roasting you can use it two ways put it on a grill and it will help you roast your meat easy and evenly just pin one skewer and the others will spin by itself or just put it on its legs lay the meat on and have the best outdoor cooking experience ever with a revolver barbecue you can roast your meal anywhere you like it is also simple to carry around just put it in our custom-made bag and place it in your backpack or in a car trunk revolver barbecue is ready but we need your help to make it a big and show it to the world please support us on IndieGoGo com

10 thoughts on “Revolver BBQ: Perfect Roasting Solution”

  1. i have received the Revolver BBQ thanks. It works great and very simple to install the parts. I even connected a small BBQ motor to it and it was amazing how the meat was evenly cooked. Great work guys. All the best from Toronto Canada

  2. I am from india i want to purchase this revolver plz can anybody help me how can i buy and its price if possible pkz wtsapp me on 8492003222

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