Rich and delicious braised beef with celtuce (Chinese lettuce)

Rich and delicious braised beef with celtuce (Chinese lettuce)

Welcome to asiangarden2table. Today’s dish is also one of our favorite. I cook it all the time for my family. My children love this dish It is braised beef with vegetables The vegetables I am going to use today: some potato, tomato and celtuce from our garden I have a big pot of water here. I am going to heat the water up. Beef is usually tougher than other meat. Before we do other things, let’s prepare the beef first. Because it is going to take a little bit time The beef I am using is chuck roast. It is a very good part for making braised beef I usually remove the fat and skin from the meat first Instead of making the beef into cubes, I am going to make it into thick pieces. The reason I am doing this is I have children at home and they prefer something thinner. I can see that I keep the skin and fat here and I am going to keep them big pieces( easy to pick out later) I am going to cook this fat and skin with the meat I am adding it in the water Don’t put your fingers in the water. It is very hot. Just stir it gently. I am waiting for the water to boil In this high pressure cooker I am going to add about two cups of water. I don’t usually add a lot After I cook this, I will need to concentrate the juice The more water you add in there, the longer time it takes to evaporate the water. For the spice, as always I add ginger I slice it into thick pieces. Be generous with the ginger We have a lot of meat, and the ginger adds great flavor into the soup Now I am turning the heat up at high. I am waiting for the water here to boil While I am heating up the water here, what I am going to cook with the beef is … my sauce paste. I am going to cook with the beef in high pressure cooker This is a lot of beef so I add about 2/3 of tea spoon of sauce paste So you can see there is a lot of foam. I use this thing to push the beef down to prevent it floating up, so now I can remove the foam easily This is important because when you take the meat out you don’t want the foam attach to the meat The foam is from the blood and whatever stick to the meat. You don’t want this in the soup. So here is something I think is very important. After I boil the beef I do not drain the water and rinse it under cold water, Especially for beef When you boil it and rinse it under water, the muscle will get shrinked Once the muscle gets shrinked, the muscle will get tightened. Even you cook it for very long time and try to make it loose and juicy again, it is difficult. This is something I’ve learned from many times cooking. Here I have the water boiling in high pressure cooker I am turning the heat at medium and keep it boiling So I am going to rinse the beef really well in this boiling water, add it directly in the pressure cooker It is OK if the meat is not completely soaked under the water because in high pressure cooker, it builds up very high pressure inside. The beef above the water will get steamed very well, at the end it is going to be very tender I am going to cover it up… lock it… And now turn the heat at high When the high pressure cooker starts to make this sound, you need to turn the heat to medium to maintain the pressure like this. We are going to maintain like this for 8~10 minutes Not longer than that because the meat will be over-cooked And after that, we are going to turn the heat off and let it sit for 5 minutes When we get a little time, let us prepare the vegetables That is why we are called garden to table, because we pick our vegetables right from the garden. I do it every day. It feels wonderful. I hope more people will be able to eat from their garden like this everyday. People ask me if you can eat the leaves. Yes you can! But depending on how old you celtuce is, it can be tough and bitter. So like this one I have here, is not very young, in this case I will not eat it. Put in your composter, it will decompose. the nutrients will go back to your garden again and you can eat it next time. I got my celtuce. I am giving it a good rinse. The bottom of the stem is very hard, you can cut it off Push the knife in there and pull it away from the celtuce You can remove the fiber very well… keep doing this… So now alarm is on, so now I turn the heat off. I am going to let it sit for five minutes Celtuce is very good for stew and braised recipes, the stem is dense It has very good flavor, but it will not take over the flavor from other vegetables After I turn off the heat, my pressure already sit about five minutes Before I open the cap, I will cool it down a little bit Open it… the beef smells really good I am going to use this tomato to make some tomato sauce, fresh tomato sauce. Good now i am turning my heat at high … Add some oil in my wok, 1 or 2 table spoons I will need this oil. I am going to fry my tomatos I like to fry the tomato at high heat really well until the juice comes out and the juice starts to dry out This way it will help to cook the tomato quickly Also when you fry it, it will also bring out the flavor and aroma better You see the juice coming out already. I am going to let it fry a little longer While we are doing that I am going to cut the potatos I just break it half I am going to add in the wok As you’ve seen here most of the tomato already fall apart And the wok is coated with tomato sauce, now it is time to add in our beef We are going to let our potato to cook for a good 7~8 minutes Turn the heat to medium to just keep it simmering Our celtuce here. I am going to cut it into pieces like this If you do not have a lot of juice, but you still want to cook your potato longer, it is better to cover it up. It may take 10~15 minutes Now it is about 15 minutes, use spatulas to cut the potato. I can cut it through, that means it is fully cooked but not soft yet So now I am going to add in our celtuce Celtuce doesn’t take long time to get fully cooked The same thing you look at the sauce left in the wok, It tit is still a lot, turn the heat at high and boil it and evaporate most of the water If you do not have much sauce, then you cover it up and simmer it I turn the heat at medium. I am going to cover it and let it simmer for 5 minutes I want it a little bit soft Some time celtuce can be a little bit younger, it will be tenderer. It takes less time to cook. Sometime it is a little bit older, and harder, and take longer time to cook So to test it, use spatulas to cut it through. If you can easily cut it, that means it is tender enough. This much sauce is close to what I want my final dish to be, now I can adjust the flavor I am going to add salt in there How much salt you add in there depends on how much food you have in your wok and how much sauce you have So if you are not sure how much you add in there… taste it… It is finished The right texture the right flavor As you seen here I have very thick sauce, I don’t need any starch to thicken my sauce I do not add any soysauce in it, the reason for that is I already have very good sauce paste in it I have the tomato sauce, I have the potato. These things cook together with the beef. It will add great natural Umami. Now I am turning off the heat… I am going to dish it out OK. Our another dish is ready! Celtuce is soft but not too soft. And it absorbed the flavor from the tomato sauce and the beef sauce. It is delicious. Our beef, as you seen here, is still a whole piece. But it is very tender, I can easily break it like this. All these vegetables absorbed the flavor from the beef, At the same time, take the grease from the beef Everything in this dish taste delicious. Thank you very much for watching. Subscribe to our channel for more cooking videos. or visit our websire at asiangarden2table,com Follow us on Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, and Tumblr Thank you for watching, I will see you next time.

18 thoughts on “Rich and delicious braised beef with celtuce (Chinese lettuce)”

  1. it looks delish!….
    Gina, please can you share a video on how do you make your homemade paste? 😀 because I noticed you used it a lot in your cooking videos…
    I love to learn it aswell… thank you….

  2. That's very healthy cooking, looks Delicious ! In the meantime can I use Oyster Sauce as a substitute for your homemade paste ? Thank You ……. 🙂

  3. Good note…."it takes the grease away from the beef"   The celtuce looks very good. Did'nt I here you say once your are down by Tampa? I am by Pensecola and was wondering how this vegetable would do in my area which is a little bit colder. We get occasional frost in winter and sometimes even 20 degrees but only overnight. I would be interested in getting this vegetable from your website if you have any. Also YES please share your sauce paste recipe…I'm sure it is delicious 🙂

  4. That looks like a great recipe. We have one celtuce here but am letting it go to seed so we can grow more. Do you have any information on whats in the paste you use?
    BTW I saw your little friend make an appearance at 3:55 😃 Do you have a lot of problems with squirrels eating your plants ?
    Thanks for sharing & have a top one.

  5. please share sauce paste recipe. i am going to purchase seeds from your website and would love to make this dish once celtuce grows. thank you so much!

  6. I love seeing the transformation of your channel, especially in addition with your cooking segments! My mouth is watering already!!

  7. Hi, 🐰🐰 你除了卖种子外,你卖新鲜蔬菜到外州吗?例如,我非常喜欢莴笋, 你可以卖一箱新鲜莴笋给我, 然后寄给我吗?

  8. Honey – when you demo a recipe, you have to explain what is in all the ingredients. Just saying, "I use X amount of my sauce paste" is useless to us. What is this sauce paste, where did you buy it or how did you make it? Kind of basic, but somehow you didn't think about it.

  9. I couldn't understand why didn't you washed your beef, or at least rinse it first before putting it in the hot water to cooked it. Any meat from supermarket is always dirty. This is my 1st time catching your video and watching you cook. I couldn't stomach it. I know, there's a whole lot of people out there who doesn't wash their foods before cooking it. I think it's disgusting.

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