Ricks Top Grilling Tips ~ Summer Grilling Tips ~ Rick’s Tips

Ricks Top Grilling Tips ~ Summer Grilling Tips ~ Rick’s Tips

Hey everybody! Rick here summer just started. So that means grilling season. I’m going to show you some of my favorite tips for grilling Okay, so this week we want to grow up some burgers on the grill here we’re just gonna do four burgers So this is plenty of charcoal for that and one start ball I start off with how I like to prep the grill for grilling and The first is to charcoal price place. I’m gonna put the charcoal in here. I have a general rule of thumb tour It was not being supported or supporting under the piece of charcoal. Then it’s not doing any good so move them around to where everything everybody is nice and tighten it together Take care of stragglers in that little pile Now I do love I do you use charcoal lighter fluid, but I find out if you Let your girl run a few light ago Wait between a half hour and 45 minutes before you start cooking on it and you won’t have any charcoal lighter fluid taste I don’t like to use the charcoal to minis because that gives you a little pile of hot coals that’s going to burn out too before the other other ones do and You’re not gonna get even burn all your out of your charcoal in order to get an even burn out of your coals I like to light you all four corners at the same time Or if you’re in a triangle, you know like three create three sides of the triangle And then once your grill is going hot get it lit Put your grapes back on immediately get everything get the old residual stuff burnt off and get them getting hot This is a new rule I got for Father’s Day and this one is the second time. I’ve been able to use it now That’s time. I used it It rained before he get it covered up because it’s still hot so it would be rough in our greets here. That’s The rust will burn right off and you’re gonna scrape the rest off Electric shock we’ll get going and get good and hot for your great. Yeah, that’s a half hour 45 minutes You’ll come back out there to be all glowing white be white hot and that’s when you’re ready to grill Next thing you need is a good set of utensils for your grill You need at least need a spatula a fork and some tongs. I Had a basting brush But it fell apart but I find the little silicone basting brush would work a lot better than what you’ll find in the kit And this even comes with the bottle of our handy Dana bottle opener, so that’s nice Also a grill scraper Comes with the scraper and we’ll link you to a similar set for the of these on Amazon if you want to purchase them I would advise you to stay away from wire brushes don’t use wire brush isn’t real because the bristles can come off Get stuck under great and the food picks it up after that and then somebody eats it gets stuck in the throat and they’re off To the emergency room As an alternative to a brush you can do they have this new it’s really cool scrapers made out of wood a little Wedge here. And then what this does as you scrape your grill. It’s gonna wear a pattern into the wood It’s gonna be custom fit to your grill as you usually I thought was really cool I’m gonna show you how to do that in a little bit here When these rolls ready it’s called the great scrape. It’s made out of wood. It’s really cool-looking – It’s brilliant I Try to use this when they’ve girls ready. Okay, so it’s been about 45 minutes inside with the grill So you see is good on really well and it’s written hot coal skin here Now sure destroy it want to show you the scraper as you start using it. Try to get in the same spot each time After a while, it’s gonna start building a pattern No after you the pattern, is there any want to worry about anymore peel? You see the burn works. Did you start scraping it? on your grill You can see how starting to wear into the wood here. It’s gonna make you nice be flattering and the more you use this where it’s gonna be so just Getting the right spotty shine until you get on To get it going we good Do these over here to Put the grill here where it got rusty from getting wet I’m gonna have to do is take some steel wool Maybe some olive oil and just rub that down get all the rest off get it cleaned up And that should work fine if you use some nonstick spray Make sure you take the grate off of the coals first before you spray it that should be obvious But some people you never know. I hate those big puffy oven mitts because you can’t grip anything with those things. They’re cumbersome These are welders gloves. That’s what I use for my barbecue gloves They’re not too expensive. But you find these at the big-box stores hardware stores over in the tool section. I Love them too, because you can grip stuff with them and they’re good protective You can pick these grates up with these gloves on if you have to well, they’re still on the grill I’d be afraid the puffy ones who go up in flames Next time you go to use the grill the next time you have some charcoal ash in here It’s going to get build-up after a while. You have to get that out there eventually most kettle grills have a cob ash catcher in the Bottom of it and you just take it out and empty it but this one doesn’t there’s something have to clean all the coal ash out of here before use it in a And to do that, um, if you go to your big box stores where hardware stores go to the toy section Pick you up some toy garden tools I mean these only forgive these for a few bucks you Can use this to scoop out your hold your coals once you get the coals out of your grill And they’re cool go sprinkling on your flowers or your plant your trees where anything goes we’re winning your backyard I just put Springs on here because they’ll love it It’s got lots and I turn in nitrogen in it. And it’s it’s like bran dough. It’s got what plants crave Okay, so we got the burgers on the grill. So I Hope that helps hope to touch you something you can use or something. Didn’t know or something that you thought was pretty cool But come back next week until we do next See you soon

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  1. These are my top tips for grilling just in time for Independence day and summer grilling season! You can find links to some of the items I shared in the video in the description box. Enjoy!

  2. “Take care of your stragglers.”
    When I heard this I was imaging the pieces of coal that were straggling were thinking, “Wait! This isn’t the pile for Santa’s sack of coal to fill stockings?! I’m outa here!”
    The Grate Scrape brought me back to the paddle that hung in the principals office of our K-10 school.
    And to age me a little more- the paddle wasn’t there just for display
    When I heard Noreen’s voice, I literally said, “Hey Pretty Lady”
    Thanks for the grilling tips!
    Keep the videos coming!
    Blessings ~

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