River Cottage Cookery School Vlog

Hi guys, this week I had a lovely day at River
Cottage. On arrival we were led into this yurt which was lovely and cosy and then we
were fed delicious canapés. And the kitchen team were already in the kitchen. They were
getting ready for lunch because they made us a lovely meal later in the day. [Will]
What we’re really trying to do is uphold the values that River Cottage has always stood
for which is local and seasonal and organic food.
My favourite part was probably the tour of the garden because you see so much of it in
the River Cottage TV shows. And Will was telling us that at River Cottage
they have 90 acres and it’s all certified organic. The main gardens are laid out at
the back of the cottage and they weren’t as big as I was expecting them to be. There’s
a giant mulberry bush right in the middle and then four main beds that rotate year on
year. it’s probably about the size of two full sized allotment plots. They have so much
going on there and all the food stays on site and it’s used in the kitchens. They do have
quite a few big events there so one thing that I thought was really interesting was
that they have a 30 mile food policy so they cant produce enough on site to feed the 16,000
visitors that they have each year but everything else that they get in has to come within 30
miles. And it’s not just the gardens they also have a small holding with these super
cute little pigs. Then we filed into the big dining room for
lunch. It’s just two long trestle tables they have in there which a really inclusive dinning
experience. And we had an amazing ravioli which was filled
with a really delicate beef shin and the cow had actually been raised there at the cottage.
For dessert there was quite a lot going on and it included a meringue that was flavoured
with fennel flowers. I wasn’t so sure about that but the rest of it was lovely. After
lunch it was our turn to do the cooking and we headed outside to pick raspberries which
were going to go into our soda bread. We also put cheese, apples and oats in there. and
we made our own butter so we used the remaining butter milk in the soda bread.
We got to choose how we decorated the butter so it was back out to the garden to pick some
flowers. Now I’ll admit I was kind of led by colour more than taste on this one and
that was the end of the day. We headed off home on the tractor.

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