Roast Acorn Squash, Roasted Acorn Squash Recipe, How to Roast Acorn Squash

Roast Acorn Squash, Roasted Acorn Squash Recipe, How to Roast Acorn Squash

bjbjqPqP Walter: Jan, what have you got going
on with all these weird looking things laying around on the counter? Jan: They are a little
bit weird looking, but that’s why I thought I’d bring them to you because I want to show
you how to use this stuff. It’s so delicious, and it’s so good for you and it’s easy. Walter:
Easy. Jan: Doesn’t get any better than that. Walter: I’m for easy. Jan: All right. So we’ve
got acorn squash. Walter: Yeah. Jan: And, you know, they’re just coming into season,
and I just cut that in half. Now this is all you have to do to use this. Okay. All I do
is scoop it out, just like that. Okay? Walter: Yeah. Jan: That’s all you do. You can toss
that stuff. But these seeds, if you roast them, like pumpkin seeds, they are absolutely
delicious. Walter: Well, I would roast them like I do pumpkin seeds. That is I would throw
both of them out. Jan: Oh, well, which won’t do a thing for you. Walter: It won’t do a
thing for me. Okay. Jan: All right. So, now in this case, all I did was scored these.
Walter: To help all the good stuff you’re going to put in them, get down into the flesh?
Jan: It’s going to get all the way down in there. All right. So I’ve got about a teaspoon,
probably kited my teaspoon a little bit, but a teaspoon of butter in each one. Walter:
But some butter. Jan: Some butter, a little bit, and a little bit of water, maybe a quarter
to a half a cup. Walter: Sort of steams them as they cook. Jan: Right. Now, I’ve got some
kiddos that I’m trying to talk into eating more vegetables, and one of the nutritionists
I talked to said, if you have to sweeten it up to get them used to it, go right ahead.
So I take that as license to turn this into dessert, and actually, it is good enough that
if you wanted to, you could serve it as dessert. Walter: Yeah. Jan: You really could. Walter:
But it also makes a great side dish, particularly with things that are a little spicy. Jan:
Oh, yes, that would be delicious. Of course, I would sit there and eat it by myself. Walter:
Well, now I have to tell you. I asked like I didn’t know anything about this, but the
truth is this is the way my grandmother cooked acorn squash. Jan: Well, and this is the . . . Walter:
Which she grew. Jan: I haven’t grown it and I don’t . . . Walter: Now that’s honey, right?
Jan: This is honey. You can use maple syrup too. I love maple syrup, but I have a couple
of teenagers at my house that decided to fix pancakes yesterday. So we’re going with honey.
Walter: As we always said in the old country, “Life is like that.” Jan: Well, and especially
at my house. All right. So a little pinch of cinnamon and you don’t need much. Walter:
Jan: So we’ve got a 400 degree oven. And the one thing I will say about this stuff, you
want to give it plenty of time to get done all the way through. If you don’t have it
cooked fully, it’s not very nice. Walter: It is not. Jan: So about an hour to an hour
and fifteen minutes and you want it super tender. You want it so that your fork will
go in easily. And this is what you get. It’s almost candied, and it’s the most fabulous
stuff ever. Yeah, it really is. Walter: And did you put a fork out for me? No. That’s
all right. That’s all right. Jan: I can find one real quick somewhere. Walter: I’m not
the sort that would complain. Jan: It’s kind of a mix between a pumpkin pie and a candied
apple. Walter: Well, and again, it’s classic. It’s something that we’ve done with just enough
change to really make it modern. Jan: That’s right. Walter: And it’s good. It’s also nutritious.
Jan: Oh, it’s fabulous. B vitamins and vitamin A. Walter: And beta-carotene. Jan: Beta-carotene.
And yummy, yummy, yummy on top of all that. Walter: And that’s not bad when we get things
that are really good. Jan: Yes. Walter: That even a kid would eat. Jan: Yes and mine do.
So I can prove it. Walter: And it’s still nutritious as well. Jan: Yes. Walter: I like
that. Jan: That’s the best of all worlds. Walter: Folks, we’ll tell you exactly how
to cook this. Go to Chef’s Recipe. 6450 Papermill Drive, Knoxville, Tennessee 37919, send a
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  1. Roast Acorn Squash, Roasted Acorn Squash Recipe, How to Roast Acorn Squash
    Check out this easy and delicious recipe for roasting acorn squash – one of the best of the fresh fall vegetables, and perfect for either the holiday table or as a great everyday side dish!

  2. I like that you include the transcription.  Really helped me find the oven temp/time.  Saved me some searching. I love this stuff.

  3. Thanks for the inspiration, I left out the sugar & spices… and they turned out yummy!!! Bye the way – my mom cooks hers with the sugar & spices!!!
    We are both happy. 

  4. Adding Honey and Cinnamon is interesting. Usually I just use Butter and Brown Sugar, and I will cook it somewhere around 375 Farenheit.

  5. That little chef-guy-statue on the counter behind you? I didn't notice him at first. When I did he startled me…I thought he moved. LOL (No. I'm not into the cooking sherry.) Nice recipe. Thanks! (P..S. I like no music. It can be so distracting, even jarring. Thanks for no music!)

  6. The whole time they keep talking at the same time and it feels like nobody got to complete their thought. Also feels like she had to have the last word around every corner.

    One more thing, I can't believe this isnt on a cringe comp somewhere.

  7. come on – butter and a huge tablespoon of sugar? this is not healthy! terrible advice. People are literally killing themselves with sugar

  8. Great video i love the way you recorded the footage. I have some free music if you need music for your next project. Keep up the great videos.

  9. Ruth Iike a strip of bacon rolled up covered in brown sugar. At 45 weigh 225 on a 6 foot frame with 15% body fat. Worked for me, just gotta get up and move.

  10. Seeds healthy travel long-lasting as far as 4 perishing, & the guts Cam be dried as well,cuz alone is all washed out if it & in Spaghetti Squash. I have 1 quash is more orange very little green not like yours but seen all green. So pretty. Right now making this 1 in slow-cooker cut up, but I need 2 find recipe on here. O don't have X 2 check yours out of send 4 it. Need 2 cut this 1 b4 solid cuz had organic stuff spoil already. So tired. Only been sleeping 4 hrs every night for 2 weeks note nonstop daily. Bad Thanksgiving, no black Friday again, missed out, etc. Gotta finish here is late 2 get ready out the door on errands refund, etc then to the organic little supermarket to buy some more. Nothing,but different squashes 4 me now. All the way. Squashes all the way. Yummy. Who knew I'd love them. Can't get enough & it's only 1st X. Face is sweet Butternut & spagethi squash just olive oil mostly & salt. Gets ruined by sauce a bit. Well light is OK, cuz not covers it up too much, but it does the favor. Prefer just good olive oil & salt. Nottriexthe yellow, but now 1st time in the soup with potatoes carrots, don't have broccoli,green beans,or cauliflower this X, but next ,cuz want to see the mixes of 3 squashes be like. With potaoes so they don't go bad like 2 other produce left out in cooler bag got moldy Rotten over night from few out if miniature, etc. Bad place I live in. Can't wait to leave it all behind. Lo

  11. Wow, some really ignorant for one I don't like either….oh what the gyn Dr told me I could use it for the ladybits. Hailey oh dear dear Hailey if you only knew how ignorant that comes off as when there some really serious issues out there but I'll take it as a compliment. Heck ya, Duckyboy….glad you are a part of our little gang( you don't want people that you don't know from Adam to make stuff and make rude comments….ZIP IT altar boy.) You all can do what you want …this has been very insightfull.

  12. That was not too much sugar. If it wasn't brown sugar yes fine but it needs to cook down inside and caramelize. And I didn't hear him being foul mouthed at all. I am so sick and tired of people bashing. It is old. If you dont like something, dont make it, move on but the people bashing in society these days is sickening and old. #stoppeoplebashing

  13. So many people sugar bashing. Everything in moderation. Sugar doesn't make anyone fat anyway. There's no fat in sugar. It has other problems when you overuse it. But they don't look at labels and read HFC sugar so they just put it in the shopping cart and move along to the frosted cereal aisle. I'll probably live forever because if I die I'd have to stop laughing.

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