Roast Battle II: L.A. Regionals Pt. 2 – Jamar Neighbors vs. Guy Branum – Uncensored

Roast Battle II: L.A. Regionals Pt. 2 – Jamar Neighbors vs. Guy Branum – Uncensored

Prop. 8, Section 8,
are we ready? [cheers and applause] Let’s roast![bell dinging]– Guy… [woman laughing] You like a Jeff Ross
beanbag chair. [laughter, cheers and applause][organ music playing]♪ ♪– Jamar, you’re so hot,
but you’re so ghetto and uneducated,
I never know whether I should fuck you or try to teach
you Shakespeare through hip-hop. [laughter][gun clicks, gunshot]– Guy, you too fat to be
trying to ride dick, my nigga. [laughter] This nigga’s so gay
he only came out the closet so his daddy would spank him. [crowd exclaiming] – [laughs] [crowd yelling] – [yelling] [laughter] – Jamar,
at least my father waited for me to come out of the closet
to reject me. [crowd exclaiming] Jamar–Jamar grew up poor,
but his mom did the best with what she had. Unfortunately, what she had
was crack cocaine. He is very, very lucky that you
cannot pay for an abortion with an EBT card. [crowd exclaims] – Guy, you look like
a malignant whale tumor. – That’s topical. – It’s a sad shame. You got all that blood
and can’t donate none of it. [laughter] – Thank you, Wave. [laughter] – Jamar’s never met his dad,
which makes a lot of sense. Women rarely keep in touch
with the guy who paid them two bologna sandwiches
to fuck behind a dumpster. [crowd exclaiming][siren wailing]– That’s it.
That’s gonna do it. Guy Branum, Jamar Neighbors. [cheers and applause] [laughs] – I’m all up for presentation,
and this–when they came out with the fans, I’m like,
“How’s he gonna top that?” And then he brought
his neighborhood. [laughter] [applause] [all exclaim] – Thank you, Wave. – You did great, Guy,
but I gotta give it to Jamar and his neighborhood. [cheers and applause] – I thought when you first
came out, like, it was over. I didn’t realize you was
going up against Jamal. I seen Jamal before. He’s very, very risky,
and, um… [laughter] I’ve seen him before. I was actually scared, and then
the comebacks was amazing. I gotta go with Guy. [cheers and applause] – Yeah.
– Uh-oh. – [speaks indistinctly] – That’s the first time
a black guy’s ever voted for a gay person.
All right. D’Elia. – You both seemed
very confident. I–I think personally
it’s tough, but I gotta go with Jamar. I mean, that fucking
beanbag chair joke, man. [cheers and applause] – It all comes down to you,
Jeffrey. Who do you like? – As always, Guy, your jokes
are so, so well-written. The Shakespeare through hip-hop
joke, so funny. – That was a good one, yeah. – You’re really becoming
just a great comic and a super funny guy. However, I think we all know
tonight was Jamar’s night. You killed it, buddy. [cheers and applause] – Love ya.[hip-hop music][laughter]♪ ♪– Damn. [crowd cheering] Hey! – Nigga, my mama
watching this! It was fucking fantastic. I was afraid, I’m not gonna lie.– Oh, a gay guy didn’t winwhen it was an all-straight-guy
judging panel.
Surprise, surprise. – Yeah, I feel that. – Nah, he had a stronger night. Gimme a kiss. – All right, man.
My mama watching this. Mama, I swear to God. [laughs]

100 thoughts on “Roast Battle II: L.A. Regionals Pt. 2 – Jamar Neighbors vs. Guy Branum – Uncensored”

  1. Uhh Jamar was not funny and with that snaggletooth mouth smh, like uh girl get some porcelain over them. Ain't no one messing with that noise.

  2. Everything about this show is bad. They get up and trade insults that are piss poor and they don't allow anyone to have their moment. They let clowns on the stage and run through the audience, and people outside the battle chime in and make jokes. Then they have judges, so they take a subjective opinion and taint it with false objectivity. If you want to see a real battle of jokes and insults, look up anything KotD, Pat Stay vs anyone. That is leagues better than this garbage. They master the environment, presentation, delivery, insults, style, and the system of it all is spot on.

  3. when he climbed on the back of the white guys back in the end, the white guys shoudv said, hodor hodor, that shit wudv been funny

  4. I thought they were both ok, but Guy made laugh more. Seems like they both just stuck with the usual race or fat jokes mostly

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  6. The Coming Out Of The Closet Part And The Beanbag Chair One Got Me But Guy Has PRETTY GOOD Comebacks

  7. I saw Jamar at the Laugh Factory a few years ago. He was possibly high and not funny at all. I think he knew it too and just kind of gave up. Maybe he only tries when there is a camera on.

  8. I hope they both paid at the door to even get in. They sucked ass pretty badly and looked like they really hate eachother.

  9. Why does every one hate on this? Are white people subconsciously hesitant to laugh at racial jokes? That's sarcasm, of course all the white people don't like when black people say nigga.

  10. I hate when black people call white people niggas… By very definition there NOT…. There's slang words for white people, but nigga ain't 1 of em …

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