Roast Beef Recipe – Works on the BBQ or in the oven – BBQFOOD4U

Roast Beef Recipe – Works on the BBQ or in the oven – BBQFOOD4U

welcome to barbecue food for you the backyard barbecue Channel today we’re going to be showing everyone how easy it is to cook up roast beef using your barbecue let’s get started today we’re using the Weber 22 and a half inch kettle filled up with nature’s own sugar maple hardwood charcoal take the charcoal and line it around five inches around half the barbecue and this is just a weber starter tube going to light it get things going now let’s go in the kitchen and get everything else prepped for the drip pan we’re going to use to make a little gravy when it’s all done to that I like to add one onion and two cloves of garlics chopped up but that’s optional to that once we get on the barbecue going to add 6 cups of water to keep a good eye on the temperature of the barbecue and the internal temp of the meat we’re going to be using our maverick ready check ET 732 good folks in maverick industry sent me two replacement probes after I sort of messed them up so let’s show you how to get them all set up on the barbecue before we get in the Maverick ready check all set up place your drip pan on add 6 cups of water it’s much easier doing this on the BBQ is entering the carry out on this style of barbecue place the BBQ probe right in the middle run the wires down through the air vents and the remote transmitter can just hang there but beef we’re going to be using today is a seven pound I have round roast start by taking paper towel and just gently dry it off then we’ll go in and trim off the thick pieces of fat not all of it but just the big chunks after you trim off the large chunks of fat just brush on some extra virgin olive oil giving it a good coating and we’re going to sprinkle on some salt and fresh cracked black pepper just got the beef on the barbecue take your internal temp probe place it into the thickest part that you can find right down deep in the middle and i’m going to add 8 ounces of hickory wood for a little bit of smoke everything’s looking good place the lid on sit back and let it cook with your barbecue set up like this it’s easy to cook low and slow 225 degrees is the temperature you’re looking for and this recipe you can also be done on your gas grill set up for indirect cooking sit back let the smoke roll it’s a nice day Rose has been on the barbecue for an hour now and it smells great let’s crack it open take a peek spin it around 180 degrees to ensure even cooking whoo looking good first thing take your temp probe out hot so put on another mint then just take it and spin it right around place your ultimate back on take the temp probe try and get in the deepest part right in the middle shut the lid let that keep cooking away Rose has been on for a little over two hours and i’m shooting for an internal temp of 135 degrees now i know everyone likes their beef different but when you get 10 degrees below your target tab fire up another chimney fold charcoal and get it on the barbecue so we can sear that roast on the outside now let’s pull the roast off take your temp probes out you just set it on the cutting board sure to remove the maverick BBQ Pro and the mean temperature probe before do in the next step take your chimney a little and dump it on give it a minute to get nice and hot and get started on the gravy take your drip pan and just add it into a pot and to that we’re slowly going to whisk in 3 tablespoons of white flour now just take your roast and give it a seer keep a close eye on it flipping it every 30 seconds or so just to get a nice brown crust on the outside smells so good once you have a nice sear take it off and it’s ready to serve internal temp in the middle of the roast is sitting at 132 degrees it’s cut it open see how it looks let’s take a knife cut it right down the middle give that a minute the red will start coming out in the meat BBQ roast beef hot off the grill time to eat barbecue roast beef hot off the grill and it’s time to eat be sure to subscribe for more barbecue videos and it’s easy to do barbecue food for you give it a try the list

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  1. But if it is still red that means its a little bit raw isnt that bad for health? Still i would devour that beef 🤤

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  4. Dude!!!!??? You edited out the searing at the end of cooking. That's the best part!! I could watch that for hours lol.

  5. Nice, I would love to smoke this and make some Arby's sandwiches. I like my well done though with no red so I guess I'll need a higher internal temp.

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