59 thoughts on “Roast Me For $1,000 | Doctor Mike”

  1. Dr. Mike is the only being to ask for hate and use hate to donate to charity… Hate cannot drive out hate… unless you’re Dr. Mike… 😂

  2. Anyone else lose it when he blurred out the wod and replaced it with stethoscope in the tiny voice 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 i lost my breath at that

  3. I’d be funny if when he said “ wants some good knees” the other dude would say “ sorry I just took a shower but I need to wash my hands hold up” but it wouldn’t make sense cause he’d be washing his hands

  4. You can donate 1k to me. I live in El Salvador. I'm HIV+ and I was fired because of that. I have no job and I need some Money

  5. Dr. Mike: “Can I video chat you?”
    “How old are you?”
    “I’m not a creep I swear!”

    Every creepy stalker after watching this video: “….Hi, Dr. Mike here”

  6. These were great but we appreciate you Dr. Mike! The hairline is fine though. Don’t start worrying…yet. 😂

  7. "Furbo spotted a person. Would you like to see who it is?"


    also, did you answer his first question later..?

  8. I cant tell I'd you had plastic surgery to sound like Michel Jackson or it's just you making that voice to sound more lgbtq

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