ROAST MY CHARACTER IN THE GAME | Oh…Sir!! The Hollywood Roast

ROAST MY CHARACTER IN THE GAME | Oh…Sir!! The Hollywood Roast

Top of the morning to you laddies my name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to Oh Sir But this time we’re not playing the insult simulator We are, but we’re not This is the new version of the game coming out called Oh…Sir The Hollywood Roast Which is all centered around celebrities so it’s kind of funny But there’s a very special thing going on in this one uh… where are we going I don’t know what I’m doing Acting class? No career I’ve a surprise for this one because we can play as dirty Potter with old Harry Potter we have the greasy wizard which is Gandalf obviously we have old Marilyn Monroe and I don’t know who these are this looks like…oo that could be Deadpool idont know, there’s a bunch of characters anyway all new characters but there’s a very special character in the game Me look at me …I’m so cute well I’m not, I’m absolutely hideous looking in the game because they had to match me in the art style of the game I think it’s fucking awsome I’m so happy, cos they came to me a while ago and asked if I wanted to be in the game And of course I did Whenever anyone asks me to be in a game it’s like ‘HELL YES! why wouldn’t I want to be in a video game??’ It’s the fucking coolest shit ever! It doesn’t have my voice And they did express interest in maybe getting me to do some of the lines for the character, or not But, the way the game works, you’d have to do a lot of lines. So I dunno how that’s gonna work. But for now… We can play as Jack *laughs* Ok, awesome – I did one already, just to test it out and see how the game is like See if it was the same So now we’re moving on to… I defeated Marilyn Monroe Oh, it’s Marilyn Nomore instead of Marilyn Monroe Cos that’s a play on words, um ‘Kung Fu’s Coming to Dinner – Chop Sue E.’ Okay, I dunno who that is… *onscreen dialogue begins* Hey! Hold on now! Save it for the actual thing So I don’t know what you’re weaknesses are Jonah Hill’s humid undercarriage Okay, I have 10 seconds. uhhhhmmmmmm your so called career uh yea, why not so there’s a new thing called comebacks now And I dunno how they work because I didn’t actually use them. erm….. She’s insulting my plastic surgery what would my weakness be? Because everybody has a weakness Your so-called “carreer” was spotted Aw f*ck Is reminiscent of Don’t steal Jonah Hill’s humid undercarriage F*ck Aw sh*t Is reminiscent of an uninspired potty joke Insult central, take that! Bi*ch! Ummm Your so called career is reminiscent of an uninspired potty joke and a man bun. I know, I’m trying to get as much in as I can. Ahh, relies on motion capture. No… We’ll save that for your face. Your face is so ugly, it relies on motion capture.. Haha Okay, let’s see. What is going on with my arms? Hahaha My arms are the best! It shows you… Oh yes! Boooo! Boooo! It shows you how much it’s doing as it goes along now as well. Which is pretty cool. Ummm Your financial portfolio or your mom? Your financial portfolio I don’t know what she’s weak against. She has a lot of comeback though because I beat the sh*t out of her already. Your financial portfolio… Uhhhh was rebooted by J.J. Abrams That’s a good one. and A cross eyed villain had an affair with your mom and is a worse version of Kevin Smith’s enormous jorts Hahaha Okay, she’s done for this round. Aghh I could say more… Your financial portfolio was rebooted by and See are worse than Does that work, or do I get a penalty? Is worse than a lazy pop culture reference I’m trying to get as much as I can into one thing. What is going on? Yes That’s a f*cking roast and a half! 26, holy sh*t that’s pretty good so it doesn’t
sound like me yet but we might be able to get that going
in later updates of the game I don’t know I normally play this with Robin but
I wanted to show what the game was all about first oh sh*t you I wanted to show
what the actual new stuff in the game was before getting in and roasting Robin
a small bit. You sprinkled bonsai clippings …you were ruined by a stain-ridden
casting couch no that would have been Perfect! f*ck…
oh shit man I’m gonna lose this one you were ruined by… let’s just wait, I
can’t do anything for now .oh the states stain ridden casting couc- boo-boo everybody boo
boo Chop Suey, that would’ve been perfect for me you were ruined by Chinese throwing
stars you were ruined by a damsel in distress
this is a terrible one I don’t got anything I am the come back
last but your sidekick is a walking talkie happy meal – I don’t – okay but your
sidekick I know you’re second she did have a little tiger with Crouching Tiger
Hidden Dragon is that what you’re from uh makes the audience sick there we
f*cking go wait don’t don’t take aunt don’t take aunt
I need that aunt yes here we go we’re doing a massive one it’s a walking
talking Happy Meal toy Oh get f*cked. meditate on dies at the end
haha That’s a lot, that’s a good one (Accent) And for the last time… Okay… Grossed less than the Green Lantern, Oh No… your dad can’t afford
endless cheese your dad can’t afford another reboot oh this is good and ah, grossed less than
the green lantern? yes that makes sense Aw, the little kodamas in the background (Accented) Mentor… One damage, please, You may as well be tickling me
uh your mom was spotted at an after-party with the foreign bad guy and
here we go I got it I got it your dog sensually massages a one inch
punch now make like a cherry blossom and leave.. (leaf) ha ha ha ha
and got beauty secrets from an angry Reddit user I don’t even need this
you’re like two away from death I got this. Take that! Take that! Yes! How much did I get.. 18. Not bad What is going on? Woah, was that a comeback? did I win? that didn’t sound like I won.
F*ck it, Jack gets the smiling face you’ve received golden parrots. I don’t
know what that is okay we did that one get a two times combo, don’t let your
pride get below 15 ah okay wait I want to go back then for a second and see the
characters so that was her, that’s chop suey and this and then I think I
remember seeing a picture that made it look like it was Deadpool or something I
don’t know but jack is ready Jack is ready to take the f*cking gold and who
are we going to.. good the bad and your mama. dirty Potter, oh I got this I got
this. I didn’t see what the f*cking You’re hired.. hey! It’s high noon.. Are you supposed to be Harry? Dirty Harry Potter? okay, the sheriff…
we’re going to get ready to draw, um… the sheriff was full of tasteless racist
jokes and good he was the ghost the whole time
ah there’s a Walter White poster here that’s cool you f*cking ready for this
dirty Harry Potter? I got my pistol ready to whip. ok yeah and let’s go. Bam bam bam bam bam bam! Not bad, not a bad start-a-roo. Here we go! It’s not high noon. well yeah
we’re family, most family members resemble each other right I’m trying to
figure out hunter you have your last movie maybe he’s maybe he’ll get upset
about his last movie some hipster indie film went to rehab because your last
movie is a perfect metaphor for I don’t know we’ll figure out something I got this watch me do. a perfect metaphor for
rubber swords I may not got this f*ck I have nothing else okay we’re done
we’re doing there’s no tea sipping this time no no oh this one’s gonna hurt
uh, he even used his combo Is that going to be a good
one because you’re dirty Harry Potter Or not… Masculinity? Well, what has that got to do with
masculinity? okay your sister here we f*cking go here we go huh huh kind of
resembles.. sh*t I should have been picked flunked out of college Oh your sidekick okay
okay what but flunked out of Community College
here we fricking go Nice. Take this, Dirty. Yeah! Bam bam bam bam bam! Ok. You almost got me that time, I’m gonna stick it to you now um your face okay okay as a worse mug shot than Nick Nolte. Take that! Nick Nolte’s not that bad
come on I remember okay I don’t know what to do
should we just ended at this I have nothing else
yes let’s just end what do you got Dirty Harry your character stars in your
on-screen romance That’s a good thing, it’s called acting Okay, not bad, not bad, seven is good. sevens all right um effeminately sips tea yes yes he’s weak
to masculinity we got this quick talk okay but your sister no yes I got this
one okay right for this this is a good one
here we go but your sister turns out to be a
desperate cashgrab oh f*ck yeah dude I hope you’re ready for this phone an
ambulance right now because it’s going to f*ck you up you’re even gonna be able to
walk after this one let’s do it let’s do it give them given the old obstacle
therms worked with your last movie and just doesn’t get any glue well weak
sauce can your face if feminine was fifty your sister turns
out to be a desperate cash grab oh look yeah 24 oh that hurt my feelings
okay um your character should we use a comeback how do they work
I don’t know your character went to rehab because of not shit a snarky
insult Fajo we saved it got it insult master comeback but hey I’m just a guy
in spandex am I I’m not it spandex ha ha ha I got your face in there again though
oh please do a little your dog ah and he’s a carbon copy of
the dog’s droppings Oh 35 hurt yeah because of a snarky and here we go I’m
just a guy in spandex here we f*cking go Oh Jack that wasn’t going that wasn’t a
good one oh no um your adopted kids that’ll get him your adopted kids are a
poor excuse for your last movie does that work
consensus no sh*t um and wait till you hear the origin story I’m getting like
the Deadpool thing I’m getting like the superhero
your friends’ll portfolio that’s fine with me I’m knockoff Rolex Oh go back to
the saloon you’re adopted too poor excuse for your last movie and wait till
you hear the origin story f*ck yeah take that bi*ch I broke his glasses! I’m okay with this I’m okay with that
that’s fine you come back earned what do they get win with no more than
eight insole exchanges hurt your co-stars pride by Envy 2501 insults I
almost got that okay why are you gonna leave this episode of Oh sir here this
is really fun I’m glad the anxiety updated and there’s new stuff going on
oh it’s still kind of the same basic premise and allotted itself is pretty
similar to what it was but I don’t know Hilarious roasting doing a lot of videos about my
characters and games recently which I’m super excited about I love it a lot of
stuff a lot of these are things that I talked about before how is there’s been
going on in the background and I just haven’t been able to talk about them so
and I’d rather them just trying to be a surprise and then just turn out and be
like hey here’s a video of the game that I was in kind of or a game that I took
part in or had some sort of involvement in somehow and then just kind of drop it
on you and then y’all could see it for yourselves which is really excited about
and I hope to do a whole lot more games and help out a bunch more developers
because these are simple things that you see the game you think they’re cool and
then you do a YouTube video on it then you don’t know if the developers are
actually going to like it then it turns out they put you in the game which is
super flattering and I’m really glad that they like the video is enough for
just the channel enough to want to do that so thank you to developers not only
of this game for doing that but of a knee game for doing that it’s it’s a
really cool experience and I never thought doing YouTube videos would ever
lead to stuff like that so I’m very very proud of that I’m very proud of the
channel for where it’s calm and all the stuff against to be part of but did it
ask me maybe of doing some voices in this I see if I actually have the time
to do it or what is actually involved in it I would love to because right now it
doesn’t sound like me but it could and then that’d be hilarious if I if my
voice is in the game as well well anyway thank you guys so much
watching this episode if you liked it punch that like button in the face, like a boss! And, high fives all around… Thank you guys And I will see all you dudes… in the next video! How did I manage to pull out my headphones and knock this off the back all at once?

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