87 thoughts on “Roast of Bruce Willis – I See Old People”

  1. I been waiting for a CC Roast since Rob Lowe's roast was over. Bring on the funny…..#BruceWillisRoast

  2. I bet $100 that the majority of the people on the dais are unfunny celebs and not stand up comedians! CC roasts suck dog dicks!

  3. Jeff Ross is on again! Then I'm not watching again, cause he is a hack. F Jeff Ross, God he sucks.

  4. YES FINALLY ANOTHER ROAST! Comedy Central needs to crank more of these out faster and put them all on DVD. These roasts are always funny. Have Daniel Tosh be a roaster this time.

  5. If Kevin Smith is not roasting the star of a thrilling masterpiece Color of Night then fuck Comedy Central and fuck that Hudson Hawk guy.

  6. I see a Trump Supporter, thank God.
    Looking forward to giving comedians a chance to be funny, again – one night only.

    MAGA 2020

  7. No way we are getting a roast of Bruce… I can’t see this at all as sensitive as he is about his bald head… he’s definitely punching someone out before the nights through, maybe not even 15 minutes in

  8. Looking forward to this roast, although I'm guessing most everyone will be making jokes about Ashton Kutcher fucking Demi, etc. And for the love of God don't have that c*nt Anne Coulter on, she ruined the roast of Lowe, and was only on there to promote her stupid book, and because it was 2 months before election. Needed to #vent about that bitch. Otherwise hyped about the roast.

  9. Joseph Gordon Levitt is gonna be the roastmaster, Cybill Shepard, Edward Norton, Lil Rel Howery, Nikki Glaser, Kevin Pollak, Dom Irrera, Jeff Ross, Dennis Rodman and Martha Stewart are the roasters.

  10. Was not expecting this! Been too long since the last roast, I’m surprised not more people are lining up.

  11. Every asshole would not survive Martha Stewart that is why a lot of dicks have a restraining order against her. I would have said penises but not every man has one.

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