Roast of Justin Bieber – Natasha Leggero – Justin’s Fans – Uncensored

Roast of Justin Bieber – Natasha Leggero – Justin’s Fans – Uncensored

Justin Bieber, everybody. [cheers and applause] Seems like only yesterday
you were discovered on YouTube. Time flies when you’re
a piece of shit. No, Justin’s fans
are called “Beliebers,” because these days,
it’s considered politically incorrect
to use the term “retards.”

73 thoughts on “Roast of Justin Bieber – Natasha Leggero – Justin’s Fans – Uncensored”

  1. You gotta watch the Martha Stewart part, she killed it at the end with the reference she made.  I have always wanted Justin to let himself get roasted, it's the only way to redeem yourself these days.  It worked well for Flava and a bunch of washed up celebs.

  2. I don't see why everybody hates on him celebrities like her and Charlie Sheen and thousands of other people did the same things that he did and maybe even worse for instants Mike Tyson rape a girl everybody still loves him and nobody makes fun of him they just make fun of those who are better than them aka Justin

  3. the fact that justin beaver in reality has nothing to mock about makes this funnier.  to you untermemchens,  and me too  i am a untermenchen as well.  jb i s a rich goodlookhing kid with an estate and carreer and assets and brand name of his own.

  4. And all the fans that Heard this and think its assulting DAMN IT GROW UP
    Im a belieber and it was funny its called A JOKE

  5. She was DEFINITELY the best on that roast HANDS DOWN!! Had me ROLLIN like no one else did!! She is awesome an gangsta!! Lmfao

  6. Too bad Natasha can only chew SpaghettiO's now since she sucked so many  you know?
       her Pearl Harbor veteran joke was nasty as her va-jay-J ?

  7. You know… I see why feminists go crazy about some things. I am a guy btw. I noticed that on all the videos with hot girls, guys always say, "I want to fuck her." And everyone likes and agrees. When I see women say that about men, half the comments are "Iww." I just started realizing this. BTW. I WANT TO FUCK HER

  8. Was that it? 30 seconds of 2 obvious slams like wtf! martha stewart did WAY! better than her & was more FLIM(backwards)active.

  9. she roasted us ? retards? that whore, im kidding  everyone is  funny XD XD except her -_- she wasn't that funny.

  10. holy shit thats where thry got the sMple for left brains P.O.S (peice of shit)
    listed to that song numerous times to think it was her…….. HA

  11. Can anybody tell me what song is playing after kevin introduces her and she is taking the podium? It only plays for ten seconds and i can't even find a clip showing it on here. You can hear it when you are actually watching the whole roast. Anybody??

  12. She called herself a piece of shit? If she says it seems like yesterday, and then says time flies when you're a piece of shit, then she just said she is a piece of shit.

  13. Give him a chance to roast her
    I bet she'll cry
    Just because he is controlling himself doesn't mean he will bear everything

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