Roast Yourself Challenge! (Diss Track)

Roast Yourself Challenge! (Diss Track)

Hey guys it’s me again so lately i’ve been noticing that there is a lot of youtubers making roast videos Like five months ago I was probably one of the few youtube channels to like publicly insult somebody but I’m really sorry for that and it’ll stop but I’m still making disstracks and make these full on roast and diss track videos but lately I’ve been realising like, you know, PewDiePie the biggest YouTuber has been roasting people and FaZe clan has been like dropping diss tracks on people and literally like a lot of people are doing it like I’m not saying that I started it or like people are copying me I’m just trying to say i’m not the only one any more, if a hater wants to be like “rice gums a bully” well then like ok i guess we’re all bullies then like literally there’s this youtuber named casey neistat and he’s like this vlogger or whatever but he’s like really professional and like he like bleeps out all of his curse words and stuff and you would never think he would roast somebody but he was just roasting in his last video man what do you do how weird here NYPD with the dignity man there’s the lengthiest car I’ve ever seen look at this thing we’re doing awaits okay this particular dear NYPD what were you thinking when you bought these things how is anyone supposed to respect a police force that drives around in little go-karts look at the commune little car! , RG- this dude has has no chill and actually one of my favorite youtubers uh nigahiga made a video addressing all this roasting stuff and it matches like tweeting like snide little passive-aggressive remarks they’re literally calling each other out there making dedicated vlogs to like talk crap about each other I’ve even seen some youtubers make up wraps about each other like it’s some kind of rap battle,* RG- I wonder who he’s talking about anyways in the video he like, ended up roasting himself in like at the end of he was like challenging other youtubers to do the same thing and you know just roast themselves and I was like you know what this is something prior that I would do so this is the roast yourself challenge exdeath fond of you are not cool and you cannot wrap when I see your videos I never laugh look at your hair boy, it’s Ella trash man dirty you should take a bath dude that shit was weakest fuck what do you mean why were you going easy on yourself oh I mean it’s just like it’s kind of hard to roast me cuz like there’s not much things you can roast about like you know I’m kind of perfect oh boy if you don’t get yo yo chill *sigh* look I’m going to show you how it’s done xpath former bua bua nigahiga y’all never be as big anyway you get lose it making fun of you do a bootleg nigahiga he’ll ever be as big only way you get yours is making fun of kids who are you trying to take it easy but I’m not gonna let it slide it’ll be roasted all these i’ma show you what it’s live ma’am then you only get a few using other people’s name and you said my dick was small but you know that you’re the same do you need the foyer knows why it always sounds stuffy and you think that girls like you they just want you for your money oh you make me cry every time I see you dance I remember third grade you got scared and Peed your Pants :O, what’s up with your hair man you look like Danny Phantom sorry but I lied what is told you is whats handsome making fun of people’s necks but have you seen your own and school you where the loser every lunch you SAT alone eyebrows hella bushy a yo nose is how a wide when Gabby showed issue you came my room and cried you always cream peak every time we playing halo I agree with Jacob you look like a sweet potato you were bullying nigahiga yo and never be as big only way you can use is making fun of kept you up who like nigahiga yell never buzz bigs only way you get likes is making fun of kids so as of today I have officially quitted roasting it’s just I’ve always thought it was fun and games and I’ve always been the roaster I’ve never been roasted and how afro gum just made me felt I just never want to feel that way again and my Papa told me treat people how you want to be treated and I just don’t want to feel that way again but yeah guys I’m gonna take a little break from this roasting stuff and I hope you guys understand and i’ll see you guys next time rice come has a small dick, *sick beat*, but yeah guys it’s gonna wrap it up i’m obviously not quitting roasting anytime soon but actually at the end of niggas video he like called out like five other youtubers to you know do the same challenge so I’m gonna call out Jacob Satorious is keen star dolan twins nadeshot and Donald Trump make your roast vid or whatever makes you guys go tell them thank you so much for watching again do not forget to click that like button and comment I read every single comment almost at two mil. subscribers which I don’t even know how, but still keep doing what you’re doing tell your friends whatever you’re doing tell your mother make 10,000 account I’m just don’t do that but thank you so much for all the support and I’ll see you guys next time

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  1. But you're not a Bootleg nigahiga because Ryan is nice to everybody and makes content based on his own senses of humor and morality.

  2. AFRO GUM 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. First of all I'ma beat yo ass for sayin the n word.second of all u dum as hell .third tell me where you I can pull up on you.fourth of all stop trynna act black wit yo Asian ass ,I love chicken cum,eye slant lookin ass

  4. Selling replays for 1 like. 1 like is a donation to bring back rice gum after that savage diss 2:36

  5. The fact he mentioned Donald Trump 😂😂😂😂

    3 years after, and this is still one of my fav roast yourself diss tracks,

  6. The backpack kid created the floss but ricegum did the floss it in 2016. So who is the real owner of the floss?

  7. lol just thinking about it, this dude started getting some subscribers during the time Donald Trump was being elected… fuck👻

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