Roasted Rack of Lamb Recipe : Ingredients for Roasting a Rack of Lamb

Roasted Rack of Lamb Recipe : Ingredients for Roasting a Rack of Lamb

Hi my name is Brandon Sarkis on behalf of
Expert Village, today I’m going to show you how to make a great holiday lamb rack with
roasted new potatoes. For todays holiday lamb recipe with the roasted potatoes the first
thing we’re going to need would be potatoes. I’ve got about two pounds of just new potatoes
here. We’ll leave them skin on and new potatoes if you don’t know are those little bitty red
potatoes you get at the grocery store, the ones that are about the size of small rubber
ball or a big gumball or something. So two pounds of those, we’re also going to get three
tablespoons of olive oil and we’re going to need some raw garlic cloves here, got about
six in here, six garlic cloves. We’re going to need some fresh rosemary, I brought the
whole bush to show you how to get it off the bush and use it properly. We’re going to need
salt and pepper as always. We’re going to need some mint jelly, we’re going to need
probably about two thirds of cup, actually I’m sorry, yeah about two third of a cup is
what this is. This is just the stuff you get at the grocery store, if you really wanted
I guess you could make your own but that seems kind of excessive. We’re also going to need
to get some Dijon mustard here, this is about a tablespoon here and this is just the stuff
you put on sandwiches. Also got some bread crumbs, about two thirds of a cup, these are
actually seasoned breadcrumbs, you can use plain ones if you wanted, you can use seasoned
it doesn’t really matter. I just wouldn’t use the Italian herb breadcrumbs you see at
the grocery store because that might make it taste kind of weird. Also obviously, last
but not least the rack of lamb here. We’ve got two racks, two racks is enough to feed,
depending on who you’re feeding and how you’re feeding with what else you’re feeding them,
this will feed in right between two and four people. If you’re serving it with a half a
rack for everybody, a half a rack being this, then you’re going to get two servings out
of this. If you’re splitting them, it just depends on how hungry they are and what else
you’re feeding them so that being said let’s go ahead and get moving and I’ll show you
what you need to make this recipe as far as equipment goes.

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  1. you have two halves of one rack. one rack has 8 ribs. feeds 4. unless you're engorging youre customers, or garnishing the plate with the money from youre wallet. this stuffs expensive.

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