Hello friends and not yet friends, Roasted red peppers are about 186% more delicious
than non-roasted red peppers so today I’m going to show you how I make them in the oven. First turn on your broiler on high and let
that heat up for a minute. While you do that, give your peppers a rinse
if you haven’t already and dry them off well before placing them on a baking sheet. I’m doing two today but you can fill up your
sheet with as many as you like. Then pop that under the broiler, leaving a
few inches of space between the peppers and the heating element. Roast for 3 to 5 minutes then check on them. The skin should turn black pretty quick. Turn them with tongs to cook the next side
and roast for another few minutes. Continue this until all the sides are pretty
black. Be super careful though because your oven will be very hot and the peppers may
spit and release steam unexpectedly. When they look as destroyed as this, remove
them and place in something that will trap the steam. Like a paper bag. Or a bowl with a plate on
top. Why didn’t I use a bowl and save the bag? Well, I hadn’t done the dishes. I’m a
terrible terrible person. What can I say. Just forget about it! –For a while to let
it cool down. When the peppers are cool enough to handle,
peel the skin away. It should come off pretty easily. Then viciously rip into the flesh and scoop
out the innards. I mean the seeds and white membranes. And
don’t be that vicious. Gently is probably better. And that’s it. Stick these in a jar and they’ll
keep a few days in the fridge. These peppers are so sweet and savory. They are amazing
blended into sauces and in sandwiches; I really hope you try them out. Thanks so much for watching this video. Please
give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and subscribe for more easy gosh darn tasty
vegan recipes each week. Bye for now!

38 thoughts on “ROASTED RED PEPPERS IN THE OVEN | Mary’s Test Kitchen”

  1. Yum! I've made these before and I love them, but they don't last too long in the fridge sadly and they went bad before I could finish them 🙁 you're right with a few days!

  2. yum! i like this with hatch peppers. i wanna take the sweet ones and layer them in the jar with garlic and roasted hatch or other mildly hot peppers and some fresh basil and oregano and pour ex-virgin olive oil on them… drools

  3. Finally been trying to find a good recipe for these as I always by jarred but wanted to start making

  4. Do you think you could follow the same process for mini bell peppers? Has anyone tried with them to figure out timings?

  5. you're amazing. I'm going to roast my gigantic jalapeños that I am growing this way. thanks for the inspiration. ♡♡♡

  6. Hi Mary, love your vids! Do you think this method will work the same on eggplants? Have you tried it? Love from Argentina!

  7. Can you make a vegan version of the Hong Kong dish 粟米班塊飯? It used to be my favourite food before turning vegan and it saddens me that i can't eat them anymore

  8. You make this look sooooo yummy!! I love your jokes and the opening "hello, friends and not yet friends" 😀

  9. Is it possible to keep these as preserves? I don't suppose you can make a video on how to sterilize jars and preserve?

  10. Just wanted to let you know, I woke up in a terrible mood. I barely got any sleep and have been stressed out, and after watching some of your videos, especially this one, I feel so much better. I love your personality!!

  11. Mary, Roasted peppers are great. I'll be having some for lunch today. I tend to slice them and season with salt, pepper, chopped up garlic, lemon juice and olive oil very tasty. A little trick before roasting cut them in half lengthwise and deseed before roasting it speeds things up a bit.

  12. I remember growing up, My Grandmother & my Mon, Use to , Stick a fork into the peppers & roast them over the Gas Stove Burner, till they were black, Then into a Brown paper bag, & Into a bowl with some chopped fresh Garlic, & some olive oil, Delicious, Thanks for sharing your Recipe, Brings back some good Memories etc.

  13. Excellent. Yes. thats all what it takes to make roasted red peppers….as compared to the other people's 20 mins videos to show the same. Saved me a lot of headache

  14. Best pepper video yet. Growing up with Italian parents. My mom would cut them in half so no turning and clean insides before cooking. Skin comes off easier when in half also .

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