16 thoughts on “Roasted Trout & Veggies Recipe – Heghineh Cooking Show”

  1. YES! Finally a fish recipe again! Was longing for one for such a long time. Thank you.
    And, you look extra elegant in this video. Beautiful earrings. You should go out for dinner with your husband in the evening. You are so pretty 😊😍

  2. It seems to me that it is bad food-science to say foil is poisonous. Aluminum foil is food safe and is meant to be cooked with, especially heavy foil.

  3. Looks so good! Heghine Jan, I've seen parchment paper packs that you can put veggies or fish in and close it, it looks like an envelope. I've seen medium size ones but I'm sure there will be big ones as well for bigger dishes. Hope that helps.

  4. Hexine jan instagramov tesel ei, anhamber spasum ei tesanyutin.Im nman dzkaseri hamar sa iskakan ton er:)Gunayin hamadrutyan masin xoseln avelord e:) I dep ddumn arandzin xoroveci mi artakarg ban er stacvel. Krkin u krkin chem zlanum asel, vor Duq arandznahatuk mard eq, dzer shnorhqn u [email protected] anspar lini Hexine jan, aynqan ban eq mez tvel, vor angnahateli e.Lav exeq, sirum em Dzez:)

  5. Dear Heghine, Im subscribed to your second channel too and I am blessed with having you in my life! Im watching every video and everytime I learn something new and useful from you! Thank you!❤️

  6. Love it when your son called . I replay the same way.. I say haa? And then just ignore him lol my son is 13 so there is no point of immediate answers

  7. Glad you are using parchment paper. Thank you. You could put a little oil on the veggies too. It helps the veggies fragrance the fish.

  8. Aluminium foil has never been proven to be toxic and although it is true that aluminium gets into the food when cooking with it, the quantities are very low and deemed safe.
    All the talk about the aluminium being toxic stems from research that showed that people with Alzheimer have high aluminium concentrations in the brain. But no one was able to link directly aluminium to Alzheimer.
    So feel free to use aluminium… All these people talking about it being toxic don't know what they are talking about…

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