6 thoughts on “Roaster School Online – Ep #7 – Roasting Resolutions for 2017”

  1. hi Joe and Dave i am watching your videos, I have more understanding after watching and its helping me get better in big way, keep up with the good work. regards from india

  2. I watched your video with some skepticism as I have seen so many videos with nonsence and lore instead of fact with usless information. I have roasted coffee since 1975 on many machines. Royal, Jabez Burns, Probat, Diedrich, Barte, Ambex, Topper, Loring to name a few. Yes they are all different and all produce a different end product. Good Job!!

  3. It is so true when you speak about tasting your coffee for the consumer! I used to order a Double Dirty Chai…some coffee with Chai tastes like detergent. So, I knew not to order from that particular establishment, if I was looking for a coffee tea experience.

  4. Joe and Dave thanks for the great videos, I know I'm a few yrs behind but we're just starting out in the world.

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