Roaster Stories: Rusty Nails Coffee Roasters | European Coffee Trip x IKAWA

Roaster Stories: Rusty Nails Coffee Roasters | European Coffee Trip x IKAWA

(scooping sounds) – [Rene] I went out
there with the roasting. I was like, yeah, let’s give it a try. (beans pouring) And I found a perfect partner for it, (coffee beans being ground) Peter, and I was crazy enough and he was stupid enough to believe me, that we can do that. From that point on, you know? Like, this is the story. (upbeat music gets louder and fades out) My name is Rene Kralovic, and my job is being head of roastery, which name is Rusty Nails Coffee Roasters. That is based in Brno, in Czech Republic. Rusty Nails, yeah, everybody is asking about it. It is based on a tattoo that I had on my right hand. Yeah, then when we were
deciding to do a roastery, and first thing that
popped up in my mind was like ‘Rusty Nails’. So yeah, that’s pretty magic. Roasting for me, not only the process but whole like business model has all the parts that I need. I have the creative part, and then I have production, evaluation and these kinds of things. So for me it is a combination of those things that I like, you know? Kind of like perfect balance of each. The first year roasting
you literally new nothing and you just read bunch
of home roasting forums and coffee roasters
companion book, you know? And these were the kinda of
like essentials, you know? So you, you went and you tasted and you tried to like
train your sensory skills and like move from that point on but when I started I was really lacking, you know, like the clarity in notes and stuff like this, And I remember that, that change a lot. I cannot imagine like tasting those roasts that I did this day. That would be like blah… awful. But if I was starting today, I would encourage like the person to first go have some
experience, you know? Like learn from somebody
that knows his stuff, (slurps loudly) So I would call them milestones. Like for me personally there was the first time that I went to Oslo and I had a chance to go to Tim Wendelboe’s coffee shop and had the special cup of Muteka, it’s a Kenyan coffee. That changed the the
way I wanted to roast. So that was like really special and that kinda liked shaped
us in the first years when we found our own signature. Huge, huge push was when
we sign the new space and when we bought a bigger roastery because it gave us the possibilities. You know, we were tied
to like something small and we were at the peak of capacity and it was something that opened us up. In terms of roasting I used to be roasting
loads during the night because then I can also
work during the day. So it means like I start at 1:00 a.m. and roast til like 7:00
– 8:00 a.m., you know? Then do the packing for the team and do the shipping, and then its afternoon, have some lunch then we can go like to some samples of what’s available, you know? Like from the new crooks. And, yeah, well finish during the evening then you do some work on your computer and always something extra, yeah. And then you finish late, late, late night and then you go two hours
sleep and you go again. (indistinct remark) (laughs) The plans for Rusty Nails the first one is to finish up the roastery to the point that we will love it and we’ll be satisfied the
way it looks and works. We have couple of projects that is like really tied one to Rusty is Typika, which is our new brand and this is idea to have
like multiple coffee shops on different locations not
only in Czech Republic. When we were starting with
SKOG, like four years ago we were the hipster guys, you know? And it was edgy and stuff like that but we are no longer 26, we are 30 plus and we see the world in a different way, and we approach it in a different manner. It’s completely natural
now to open a coffee shop and to have specialty coffee in there because like the market grows but I also think that this
getting more saturated with the roasters,
everybody wants to roast. What I think we will see that this will go for quite some time and then the market will be fed up and you know like some of the parts will start falling apart, or some of the players
will die off, eventually. And it’s just to the point, how good is your business model? Because that’s also important part. So one or two words for each of our projects that we have. SKØG is definitely ‘heart’
and ‘hard work’ combined, Rusty, ‘sleepless nights’
and ‘a huge push’, and Typika that’s, that’s ‘vision’. (music continues to play)

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  1. Hi guys just i am very intersting coffee roasting so doing résearch i Got your vidéos so i want know what i need To learn To start this business.
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