Roasting a Marshmallow with a TOASTER 🍞

Roasting a Marshmallow with a TOASTER 🍞

Do you want to roast a marshmallow, but you
don’t have a campfire? Well, in this video, I’m going to show you
how to roast a marshmallow using a regular bread toaster. This turns out just like a marshmallow roasted
by the campfire and it’s super easy to do. You can roast your marshmallow indoors and
you don’t need a candle, microwave, stove, lighter, or anything. All you need is a toaster and a marshmallow. Just so you know, this is for entertainment
purposes only. Think of this as just a fun video and not
actually recommended to use a toaster this way. So first put your marshmallow on a stick or
something. I used a chopstick, but you can use the back
of a spoon or fork. This is optional, but I put a piece of bread
in the toaster. Then, set the toaster heat. Don’t put it on the highest level of heat
because your toast will burn. Now push down the lever. Hold your marshmallow above the toaster. Keep rotating the marshmallow as you roast. Make sure to hold it close to the toaster
slots because that’s where the most heat is. I’m using the heat from the toaster to roast
the marshmallow. Keep roasting until the toaster pops up. So, when you’re using a toaster, make sure
to clean out the crumbs in the toaster before you use it so it doesn’t catch on fire. Also, unplug the toaster when you’re not using
it. So my toaster popped up, and as you can see,
my marshmallow was not fully roasted. Since it wasn’t fully roasted, I decided to
roast it again. Make sure to take out your toast before you
pull down the lever, otherwise it’ll burn. Add another piece of bread if you want, but
the bread doesn’t really matter. I continued roasting until it was fully toasted. [music] Now, my marshmallow is done. Once I was done roasting my marshmallow, I
made it into a delicious s’more by using graham crackers and chocolate. [music] If you enjoyed this video, please click the like button down below. Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see
you next time! 🙂

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