ROASTING Blackpink’s “Ddu-du ddu-du” Outfits 🔥 (only slightly, dw)

ROASTING Blackpink’s “Ddu-du ddu-du” Outfits 🔥 (only slightly, dw)

this is actually the 23rd most terrible
thing that I will never forgive yg for hi, welcome! so the thing that I hear blinks
complain about the most other than me, is blackpink styling and notably Lisa’s
outfits, I’ve heard time and time again that Lisa has the worst outfits and to
that I say, I think you guys are the fake blinks and I think you guys should get
cancelled this time instead of me, in today’s video I’m going to be roasting
black pinks ddu-du ddu-du outfits disclaimer k-pop idols are not their
outfits and style is super subjective also if you are personally offended by
my body, then maybe you should take a look in the mirror because contrary to
what Twitter says about me, maybe you’re actually the clown! actually I’m gonna
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on Amino and watching my stories starting off with the first set of
outfits, now Jennie’s outfit is admittedly very out-there but her heels scare me
and this is the thing, this is the rare occasion that Blackpink actually, well
at least two members of blackpink are actually wearing high heels which makes
me question who the “so hot” black label remix was written for, because they say
and I quote, “we’e the only gang to run our game in high heels” where though? they
weren’t even wearing high heels in the performance of this, literally everyone
and their mother in second generation ran their games in high heels! I digress, half
the members have a sexier look and the other half have a more sporty look but
despite these differences in style, they still mesh together very well and I
appreciate that so let me point out a few interesting details for you guys, I
don’t know if you notice but Jisoo’s logo, which is tapeless by the way,
matches the blue in Jennie’s outfit and then Rosie’s pants have a slit on the
side that show some fishnets underneath and I think it’s a really cute detail
also Jennie and Lisa are wearing a similar undershirt, you’re also going to
notice that they aren’t always wearing just one earring and I got a lot of crap about
this in my Itzy “Icy” video because I said the one thing that holds all
the stages together is that they’re always wearing just one earring on the
same ear and everyone was like “well they have to because of their
mics” um okay, moving on to our second set of outfits these are probably the most
iconic outfits of “ddu-du ddu-du” though I know a lot of people have an issue with
Lisa’s gloves because they say it looks like gloves that you would use to wash
dishes, I have to disagree I think they add an interesting touch of color and an
interesting flair to the outfit, the outfit itself already has elements of
formal wear so we see these very sparkly shorts mixed with these very sparkly
boot and the sparkly-ness matches which I love, then we see a very loose blazer
mixed with a Michael Jackson shirt which is on the more casual side, so I think
the gloves bring together both of those elements by having an eccentric color
mixed with something that’s traditionally more worn on formal wear, and I think
that’s a great level of innovation and I think your fake blink if you think
otherwise, I’m kidding obviously Jennie’s outfit is really nice as well
I’ve said time and time again that it’s really hard to go wrong with a
completely white outfit and it plays around with different textures so we
have the sparkliness of her shirt and the fishnets that she’s wearing and it’s
just overall a very nice outfit then we have poor Jisoo who has in my opinion
the worst outfit, it kind of reminds me of a penguin and I love penguins there’s
nothing wrong with that but it’s not elevated to the same extent that the
rest of the outfits are and I think it’s mostly due to the fit of it because
obviously it is sequins and it’s nice I guess, but the fit of it kind of throws
me off and I think they could have done a lot more of a better job. then Rosie’s
outfit is kind of a mix of Jennie’s outfit and Jisoo’s outfit so like I
don’t really have anything to say about it, I think it’s a nice outfit. moving on
to the third set of outfits so I’m not the biggest fan of animal print done in
this way, I do have to agree that Rosé, Rose, Rosie! and Jisoo’s outfits are kind
of the worst ones Jennie of course looks amazing in her outfit, it’s one of the
best outfits and I do think Lisa’s outfit is nice as well it’s just nice in
a different way, so we have Jennie’s outfits who are generally more sexy and
they’re nice in that sexy type of way and then we have Lisa who has these more
sporty looking outfits and they’re nice in their own way, right and a fun detail
to notice is that Jenny actually has a little
gun accessory on her belt how fitting hey future me here so I’ve actually
changed my mind on these outfits I think they are quite iconic and they give me a
more modern and sexy twist on josie and the pussycats
and i actually think that Jisoo and Jennie have the best outfits, the simplicity of
Jisoo’s outfit is actually quite stunning and it has its own charms and I’m really
sorry for not recognizing the iconicness before, moving on to the fourth set
of outfits these outfits honestly scream 2NE1 to me and I know people are gonna be
like ”oh my god you’re so problematic” but honestly like get off my channel if
you’ve made it this far into the video knowing fully well that you hate me and
you’re mad about it then I really don’t feel bad.. I actually love all of these
outfits I find that blackpink stylists manage to make them look like a cohesive
group even though there are so many different elements to their outfits that
could kind of separate them, there is always a color or a pattern or something
that ties them all together, my favorite element is actually Jisoo’s pink velvet
shirt mixed with this looser sparkly sleeve top, I die for it it is so
stunning, velvet is probably one of my favorite materials because it’s just so
soft and it looks stunning and it’s just so much better than denim! which brings us
to our fifth set of outfits which is the perfect example of yg doing JISOO
dirty, this is actually the 23rd most terrible thing but I will never forgive
yg for and they did it with a denim yeah her belt is just so bulky see the thing
is they did denim very well for Lisa and then they didn’t do denim for Rosie or
JennIE but for some reason, for some reason they wanted to do that poor girl
harm! Jennie looks like an angel and Lisa looks like an angel with a denim coat on
which I actually approve of like I approve of the way that they used this
denim and Rosie’s outfit is really nice too just a nice mixture of more frilly
elements mixed with more sporty elements as we’ve seen in other performances as
well but in white but it’s like they just- it’s like it’s like they went out of
their way to make Jisoo look bad and I’m not here for it and I don’t approve
of it and I don’t appreciate it and you guys know me you guys know that
I hate denim but I’m willing to look past this hate to tell you whether or
not an outfit is actually nice and Lisa’s outfit is actually nice even if there is
denim but no, I’m suing and not for the false copyright claims but because of
the horror that is this denim skirt that was so troubling, we need to move on to
the sixth set of outfits so this is the rare time where I think Jennie actually
has the worst outfit but despite this they still look very cohesive as a group
and surprisingly I’m just not a huge fan of Jennie’s shirt and legging combo which
is weird because I generally love nude and I love matchy-matchy outfits by
matchy-matchy I mean having the same color shirt or the same pattern shirt
with the same pattern pants it’s kind of like these black elements are throwing
me off but these elements are very much needed to add to the cohesiveness of the
group even Rosie’s outfit I think would look very nice without that black
curtain around her waist but without the black curtain she would stick out so
much more compared to the rest of the members, so by adding these black
elements were making the whole group cohesive and it does at the end, look
nicer collectively and I do want to point out that I actually do like Lisa’s
outfit I’m kind of a sucker for these looser fits and I do appreciate Jisoo’s
outfit as well I like the colors and I like the
interesting faces that she has on her shirt, moving on to our seventh set of
outfits these neon pink outfits are actually super iconic but I can’t help
but wonder why they made JISOO wear a different shade of pink
she is only wearing neon pink accessories and I think her outfit would
have looked so much better if she just wore a pink short jumpsuit with two leg
straps, I think the second leg strap would really add that oomph that she
deserves who knows, maybe my vendetta against yg
amplifies how I feel about Jisoo’s treatment within the dynamics of black
pink, Lisa’s outfit is honestly so iconic very stunning, very bossy like I would
totally let her run my parrot rescue if I had one! we’re down to the last two
sets of outfit these outfits are really fun and I appreciate them however again
I don’t mean to sound like a broken record but Jisoo’s outfit just looks a
little frumpy her skirt just isn’t the nicest and though I do like Lisa’s
outfit aside from the terrible tape job which you might not have noticed but
don’t worry that’s what I’m here for I’m here to point out things that you
otherwise would have never noticed or cared about in your life and then
completely ruin it for you but I think her outfit just makes her stand out a
bit too much Jennie’s outfit is so cute and I really love the pigtails and I think
that Rosie’s outfit is a more goth take on that style and I really love the leg
strap moving on to the last set of outfits these are admittedly not my
favorite outfits they all look like they’re going to the same party except
for Rosie and though her outfit is nice it just really it doesn’t match again
what I’m noticing is that just so needs more intricate details to her outfits I
find they give her very basic pieces and then they end it there, so yeah that’s
basically all I had to say about the outfits, don’t forget to subscribe to this
channel and click that bell to be notified and I will see you guys next
time bye also go watch my stories on Amin oh thank you

100 thoughts on “ROASTING Blackpink’s “Ddu-du ddu-du” Outfits 🔥 (only slightly, dw)”

  1. i don’t understand all ur and other ppls hate/criticism on a lot of these recent kpop stage outfits lmao personally i really like most of them! 😛

  2. YG doesn't let Rosie have a range of clothes The stylist firickin hates her the stylist said that Rosie "wasn't special in any way"
    Like bech what like her outfits are so repetitive I love Rosie she doesn't deserve it

  3. The second set: All other members in animal print
    Jennie: none
    Someone: But why tho? O.o

    Pink outfit:
    Jisoo outfit: Same as the one in Mv but just in pink

  4. lmao denim skirt on jisoo was acutally cute but it shouldn’t have been a stage outfit ? this era was like half bad and half good with clothes and yg stylists be smoking some weird shit

  5. I am sick and tired of people calling Angelina fat like she's really not her body is beautiful and curvy calling her fat is similar to when that one photographer called jihyo fat in sixteen both statements are mean and untrue and at the end of the day IM BIGGER THAN BOTH OF THEM SO SHUT UP

  6. Roasting TWICE's Feel Special outfits please…

    I'm a ONCE and i would like to feel what the other fandoms feel when you roast our Idols' clothing 😂😂😂

    For research purposes… 😂😂😂 jk

    Whether you like, love, hate or despise their outfits, I'm still gonna be your subscriber…

  7. Well, the gloves outfit kinda makes me think of a chemistry teacher. I would love to have Lisa as my chemistry teacher!

  8. Lisa and Jisoos outfits are always very bad in general, and Rose's outfits are always the same. A loose pant with a crop top or a tight, small, dress. But the 4th set of outfits is soooooo good for all of them. Jisoos pink shirt is ICONIC and that skirt is so good. Jennies outfits are always good, except for the first one, I didn't like that cuz it just didn't go with the rest of the groups outfits for me. The sixth and seventh outfits were fire for me, all of them. Especially Lisa's 7th outfit is so iconic I swear. And yeah, jisoos outfits are almost always the worst, and jennies outfit in the second to last one is so cuteeeee. That's just my opinion, and I almost agreed with all of your opinions

  9. I think they overdue the fact that J is supposed to be the classically beautiful one….. like that doesn’t have to make her boring

  10. The only thing I like about YG is that he bases their outfits off of their personalities. Jennie has sexier outfits, Jisoo and elegant and simple outfits, Lisa has sporty hip hop outfits, and Rosè has cute and chic outfits.

  11. I don't think they meant literally that they are "the only gang to run this game in high heels" I get it more like we are the only girls who consider themselves successful in the industry. Idk.

    P. S. I really like your stuff and support most of what you're saying. You kinda bring a more analytical point of view, which I as a viewer highly appreciate. And I also think you're pretty cute. The kpop comunity, specifically the stans (most of them) need to get their heads outta their asses, cause it's 2019 and not 1789.

    Keep going girl 😜

  12. But people who think Blackpink have bad outfits have clearly never seen the poor groups who perform at the start of Music Bank and The Show. If anyone watched those groups from small companies with no name to the public, they would realise just how great Blackpink's worst styling is. I have never seen Blackpink wear ugly clothes. Ever. They always look stunning.

  13. Overall:
    Lisa: amazing outfits, fit her style, the best of the era imo
    Rosé: good, but kinda basic. I mean two of the outfits were IDENTICAL just in different colors
    Jennie: all looked good, some were kinda Odd but she owned them, i found them kind of repetitive actually tbh
    Jisoo: they weren’t all that bad, but they didn’t compliment her or really made her stand out in any way

  14. At 8:11 jisoo was wearing that shirt in the ddu du ddu du mv, and Lisa wore her suit in the mv as well, both having the pink concept. But Jennie and Rose didn't wear any strikingly pink outfits from the mv so the stylists just put together something for the two of them and just went along with Lisa and Jisoo with their already pink outfits. Yes, the stylists could've worked a bit harder for Lisa and Jisoo but i think they meant to do that because of how iconic both looks were in the mv

  15. Jisoo outfits are always a bit more reserved than the others just so that she can be marketed as a traditional/wholesome gal that you could take home to the parents at christmas

  16. I don't mind their outfits, my issue is that they almost never look like they are in the same group. There's no cohesion.

  17. I love how in all your videos u tell people who body shake u to go f themselves which I love about u because you show how people should not care what others say.

  18. Okay, so I love that you mention 2ne1 in a lot of videos because 2ne1 really introduced me to kpop back in 2013(when I was really young) but blackpink really got me into K-pop in 2016. Like I appreciate that we finally get a kpop YouTuber that gives constructive criticism and started stanning in the second Gen

  19. Ugly and fat girls do sometimes like to be jealous of other people who are prettier than her..

    Blackpink in your area

  20. Are u running out of video ideas? why dont u make vids about ur faves and stop using Blackpink to earn some money and why dont u get a real job and stop being a wannabe smart gurl that keeps saying inappropriate stuff about the girls and using them for clout it makes me sick

  21. I don’t know why people dislike you so much lol you talk about stuff most ppl ignore. And man, Jisoo, Lisa and Rose tbh, they get the less noteable outfits whenever I watch live stages of Blackpink. I don’t really watch their performances anymore cause well their choreography’s get boring the 2nd time around.

  22. this bitch really has no shame for adding up to her “scandals” and using blacklink as clout and views. shut the fuck up you’re so obsessed with blacklink and blinks we-

  23. if any of you blinks actually support this dumb bitch you’re not a blink period, you support someone who not only throws the girl under the bus but has no shame and is instead proud of it.

  24. Lisa usually has some of my favorite outfits, actually lol. I feel like Rosé gets a lot of blah outfits, since they so frequently just stick her in a short, fitted dress and that’s it.

    Also, Jennie and Jisoo wear heels OR hidden wedges and insoles A LOT to make them a similar height to Lisa and Rosé.

  25. Ah, and Jisoo’s “logo” is taped over, because it isn’t a logo 😸 it isn’t the brand name, just a phase/word. So many idols wore that shirt in different colors around that time.

  26. 6th- Jennie’s outfit is a body suit not leggings and a top, and it’s actually a famou well known iconic brand she’s wearing and for a body suit they styled it perfectly. Not too much stuff going on. And Rosé’s “black curtain” actually adds more to her outfit, or it would just b a boring pink outfit and goes well w Jennie’s skirt.
    7th- Jisoo’s outfit is actually the best for me and her off baby pink tight dress is way better than having an all neon pink. Jisoo’s outfit was the key for this one, because without her baby pink, the group wouldn’t balance out and would all just look like a bunch of neon pink gummies jumping around. And Lisa’s outfit is actually the worst. Like srsly?? A tight formal top w/ a SUPER LOOSE BAGGY bottoms w chunky neon pink high top sneakers ?? The stylist is asking her to die at this point.
    8th- Lisa’s top is actually a skirt and the stylist improvised and made it into a top which is freaking cool.

    In conclusion: BP’s stylist/style on stage is very different from others and they’re very experimental and are TRENDSETTERS. Blackpink are called fashion icons for a reason.

  27. In conclusion: BP’s stylist/style on stage is very different from others and they’re very experimental and are TRENDSETTERS. Blackpink are called fashion icons for a reason.

  28. I gotta say a few things

    1.) Am I the only one who loves all of Lisa's outfits? Specially the green gloves?
    2.) Isnt the penguin outfit the same outfit jennie wore for ktl?
    3.) Angelina: aND IF YOU DONT LIKE IT YOURE THE REAL FA- ad about fried chicken starts going on me: dies
    4.) Angelina: I'm suing! Me: like SME? Def like SME.
    5.) Angelina this is the 23rd reason why I hate yg. Me: is 2ne1 the 2ne1st reason? Ba dum tss*

    K, im out. XD great video!

  29. Why do we have to judge their outfits,their talents slays.btw we all know they are fashion queens.hit a like if u think it is right.

  30. "Those outfits scream 2NE1" u dumb? because it's a YG Fashion trademark ur dumb. you just need views so you can put food on your table eeeew

  31. why would you "roast" blackpink's outfit when all you wear is that ugly black sweater smh
    fat ass needs to pay her bills blackpink charity queens

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