ROASTING BTS “Go Go” + “Anpanman” Outfits 🔥 Exclusive Theory?

ROASTING BTS “Go Go” + “Anpanman” Outfits 🔥 Exclusive Theory?

it just looks like sh- not my cup of tea hi
welcome today’s video is super exciting because we are going to be roasting our
first ever boy group and it’s gonna be BTS because I’m already going to kpop
hell I might as well go down in flames I’m gonna be roasting their “go-go” outfits
as well as their “anpanman” outfits why? well because they’re quite similar but
actually there’s a storyline to the outfits I have a theory about the
outfits and I don’t have a theory about many bts related things cuz it hurts my
brain and I’m just not into that so let’s start with “gogo” actually I’m gonna
stop you right there to remind you to subscribe to this channel! click the
balls to be notified, like, comment + share these videos if you feel so inclined to thank you so much the first set of outfits we’re gonna look at are nothing
special in my opinion like there’s really nothing that stands out except
for the fact that j-hope has this bulky bag on which, why? um it has come to my
attention that j-hope actually is not wearing a bag in this performance this
is the screenshot I was looking at another thing I want to point out on J-hopes outfit is the obnoxious tape now oh oh oh throughout a lot of these outfits
there’s not gonna be that much tape so I’m gonna give myself the opportunity to
really relish in my distain for this tape it’s a nice shirt I like the
colours of this shirt I like the green mixed with the yellow however I would
have given this outfit of pass had this stylist put a yellow tape over now don’t
worry from now on I will not be mentioning every instance of tape but we
will at the end have a beautiful compilation with some fancy music of
every instance where tape is put over a logo a lot of you guys are confused
about why idols put tape on outfits I’m gonna make a whole video about that it’s
probably gonna be like a 47 minute upload of “why I am unstanning kpop” so
you’re gonna have to wait until then or you could just google it the thing is I do
appreciate the loose you know, comfortable clothing however I
do think it’s still important to elevate the outfits in a way that makes them not look too casual and I do agree that BTSs stylist did a great job at elevating these outfits to make them look both comfortable and casual
and fashionable for a music show so I appreciate that aspect moving on to the
next set of outfits, these colors are a lot more vibrant and there’s a lot more
odes to the 90s, now I don’t know much about the 90’s but I feel like I
could see this in like a 90’s sitcom I have to say my favorite outfit is V’s outfit
just the whole vibe of this outfit the fit of the pants and the fit of the
shirt is a look and the bucket hat too is really nice I also really liked Junkook’s outfit, the pants are very 90’s and I’m just thrown off a little bit by
the plaid but I’m willing I’m willing to look passed that because it still looks
very nice the one outfit that I’m not the biggest fan of is Suga’s outfit because it kind of messes with the cohesion with the rest of the group Suga
looks like he got stuck in like 2008 or something and it’s it’s throwing me off
just a little bit moving on I know I know I said I would not point out the
tape but I love to pick on j-hope he’s my bias but don’t tell anyone. what is
this? literally! HAH! I love the outfit I think it’s very obnoxious, I think it’s very
J-Hope, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean anything bad I’m very obnoxious it’s
fine but this tape though why? I don’t even know what brand this is. “this is ever that” “this is ever that” I don’t know what that says but it’s definitely
a nice outfit, I love the colors RM’s outfit is not my favorite however the
fact that he’s wearing those particular sunglasses pass, I give it a pass, outfit
10 out of 10, amazing, wonderful, great I aspire to be that cool in my lifetime so
I’m gonna call out jimin for wearing denim he just looks very out of place in my opinion because of the fit of his pants
his pants are a lot tighter than everyone else’s I don’t know, what do you
think? do you think it just kind of throws off the whole cohesion of everything? these next set of outfits are super fun just the salopettes are
throwing me off because they remind me of like a farmer type of look and
there’s nothing wrong with looking like a farmer but he looks different from the
rest of his members, the rest of his members look like they’re going to a very chic ski resort, he looks like he was gonna go to the ski resort but then last minute got called to like birth a cow, I don’t know this stage is also actually really fun as well because they had hearts
everywhere, on butts, on eyes, coming out of pouches and RM’s outfit as well is
really nice just black and yellow very simple, very ski resort chic which is part
of the theory that I will tell you once we get to the anpanman outfits I know I
know I lied to you in the intro and I don’t know how I will ever regain your trust again, but I’m gonna point out the tape on Jin’s outfit because *laughs dramatically* it just looks like sh- not my cup of tea this is just taking it too far, just get another
shirt. literally just get another shirt you don’t have to do this.
imagine how time-consuming that is to go and cut these little pieces of tape to cover the damn logos it just doesn’t look good *breathes* I said what I had to say okay there’s a lot of nice outfits here actually RM’s pants are blue velvet
pants I love blue velvet but I also like the color combination of J hopes outfit
I love the crispness of Jimin and Jungkook’s outfits like they’re just plain white
with some accents V’s outfit is cute it’s not necessarily my favorite but
it’s definitely cute for some reason he’s just not really giving me farmer
vibes… okay actually maybe just a little bit and again the color combination of
Jin and Suga’s outfits are really nice as well, the white even though the logos are covered in tape finally we’re moving on to anpanman
outfits! I don’t know if you noticed this but Jungkook’s outfit is kind of risky
he has shoulder slips which is is quite something these outfits are a bit more
dynamic and they have way more accessories and what I want to point out
is Jin’s pants, these ridiculously obnoxious but still very lovely metallic
pants, I think this is a look to be honest with you the next set of outfits
I’m gonna call “Fireman chic” I really like the cohesion of it all I like the
matchy-matchy-ness it’s pretty cool however I know I keep picking on j-hope
but it’s okay because he’s my bias just don’t tell anyone I just don’t like the
cuff of his pants they’re different sizes first of all sometimes there’s
just a limit on how much cuff you should have the next set of outfits are
quite fun as well. the one thing I don’t like is suga’s bags they’re just very
long and quite honestly a hazard for everyone around him I love the color
combinations I think these outfits are overall very nice however these next set
of outfits kind of tie into like the ski resort chic that we saw in “go go”
J-Hope definitely looks like he’s going to a ski resort he’s wearing a scarf and
like a belt and he just looks like he’s gonna go skiing V is even wearing some
type of knee pads, do you even wear kneepads when you ski? I don’t know let’s
pretend you do but again Jimin keeps standing out because he’s always wearing
tighter denim, why? is this part of the theory? I don’t know, I didn’t think of
that. but I’ll tell you my theory and you can tell me why you think Jimin is
always sending out Suga’s outfit is the epitome of my theory but please be
patient just wait for it and I also really like Jin’s coat we’re onto the
last outfits and then I can tell you my theory this is what I call like “traffic cone
chic” I actually really love every single one of these outfits particularly RM’s outfit which is just head-to-toe bright orange so keep this in mind as we’ve seen throughout these outfits there’s a lot
of different kind of belt materials a lot of reflective materials and traffic
cone materials we also have thermal blanket materials honestly materials you
would need in a rescue mission my theory in “gogo” they were going to a
ski resort the lyrics of gogo talked extensively about having no money yet
still wanting to know where the party at in BTS’ adventure to find said
party, their unreliable car broke down so they needed to be their own saviours
literally! and that’s why they are dressed like safety gear quite fitting
for the lyrics of anpanman, that was my literally theory I thought it would
take longer to explain it I guess not BTS Tape Compilation with Fancy Music luckily for you you stuck around to find
out I’m giving away BTSs persona album! okay so how do you win this album? first
of all you need to be subscribed to this channel then you need to go follow me on
Instagram and follow the steps below this picture and then I will be picking
a winner and also if you want to you can subscribe to my vlog channel, you don’t
have to but if you feel so inclined – if you want to see some videos outside
of these scandalous videos that I post here then that would be greatly
appreciated and I will announce the winner in a
month’s time see you guys next time bye

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  2. Had a really bad day today (college is killing me) and just saw that you uploaded a new video. Just wanted to say thank you, your channel is so amazing ❤️❤️

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  4. I feel like they look amazing but it's just quite extra but they looked amazing live though I really don't get about the tape I don't even know half of the brand's the wear because it's prob some hidden kpop idols brand 😂😂😂 LY 😘 I CANT EVEN TRAFFIC CONE 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I CANT EVEN RESCUE MISSION 😂😂😂 THE STORY YOU MADE IS BEAUTIFUL

    Also fireman chic is a LOOOOOOOOKK damn. Honestly they could be dressed in garbage bags and I would still be like “yess baby straight outta vogue”

  6. Rip bts apanman and gogo outfits
    Their outfits for me looks cute and adorable, it certainly matched the mood and style of the song soo yaaa…

  7. “Jhope is my bias “. ARMYS: 😨😰 WHO LET JHOPE OUT??!?? * lmao I’m actually jelouse every army is jelouse he is our little baby so we don’t let anybody bias him lmao

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  9. "Fireman chic"

    One, someone should make yoh a kpop stylist because I love the naming of the outfits. Two, why did my multifandom trash can bun instantly think of nct 127…lol dare I say, this is what fire truck era aspired to be but we got the sims meets hot topic outfits

  10. The tape you see in performances is used for censorship . Every kpop idol or group that perform on korean broadcast stations such as KBS Music Bank, Music Core, Show Champion, Inkigayo, The Show etc., have sponsored outfits that means the fashion brand paid for the idols to wear them or allow such group to model it during their promotion period OR the company is just hella rich and can afford it. So, JHope wearing a shirt with a tape across it means he wasn't paid to endorse or model the shirt and bighit simply is rich enough to afford better stage outfits. It's common. This can cause problems because the fashion brand didnt give them permission and leads to copyright so they tape it up to avoid that. Almost like how kpop lyric videos are banned from the actual companies. We dont have permission to take work people have created to use professionally or personally. So I think criticizing the outfits bc of "tape" is unnecessary. Rather than nitpicking something that cannot be avoided, focus on the concept and theme and how it can be weird at first and doesnt quite add up to the concept of their song or if it adds to the atmosphere or complements the color scheme or how it doesnt (Suga's neon yellow and black fit Angelina brought up). The tape is intentional, it's ubiquitous on korean comeback stages.

  11. lol i actually dont mind any of their outfits for go go or anpanman other than suga at 3:00 lol, also the jhope shirt is actually "this never that" i dont know what it means or why but yeah

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  13. Okay so, my theory for why Jimin is the only in tight jeans: He has great legs. That's it. Mystery solved. And let's be real, he can do splits in skinny jeans so if theres one person who isn't bothered by the tight fabric it's him.
    And tbh I never really notice the tapes? Like I know they're there in theory but I'm just so unbothered to the point of not even noticing them. But then again, I'm not a very attentive person whoops

  14. Gogo es la música fav de mi hermano de 4 años… Y que tú digas que RM parezca "cono de tráfico" queda en nada que él (hermano) diga "EL CHICO DE LA BASURAAAA " JAJAJAJAJAJAJA😂
    honestamente nunca me fije en las cintas I love you girl 💕

  15. i think that kpop idols probably put tape on their clothes so the fancams or other cameras recording them don't get copyrighted by uploading it

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  19. Wow. I honestly don’t agree with any of things. I agree it’s YOUR theory. But i just don’t agree. Honestly i think the stylist covered the names, maybe bc copyright so they don’t get sued? I’m not hating but i just don’t agree. And it’s kinda funny how u roast them but u say u have a bias. That’s all

  20. i can see anpanman outfits as an upgrade version of go go outfits and personally, i prefer anpanman outfits.
    this style is not my favorite but still it looks very fun!

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