Roasting Chiles | Mexican Horror Story S2 | mitú

Roasting Chiles | Mexican Horror Story S2 | mitú

(laughs) – (coughs) Is something burning? (dramatic music) (coughing) Oh Miguel. – Don’t help me. (coughs) Save yourself. – Miguel, no please don’t leave me. I’ll come back for you. I’ll come back. (dramatic music) (coughing) (radio static) – Captain, it’s too intense. (radio chatter) (panting) (dramatic orchestral music) !usted es tan exagerado! !Ay! – But, I… (woman sighs) (suspenseful music)

27 thoughts on “Roasting Chiles | Mexican Horror Story S2 | mitú”

  1. Make a video about family exaggerating on tattoos. They always think that getting a tattoo makes you a pandillero.

  2. Now that my sister and her baby live with us my mom no asa chiles. That’s he only reason why she doesn’t lol

  3. my mom (she's thai, but she needs her roasted chilies) did this once early in the morning and I woke up in a coughing fit. like no one needs to be roasting chilies at 6am.

  4. I must have some serious abuela genes because I don't shed a damn tear when my tias are roasting the chiles either that or I have no soul. You decide.

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